Google Reader Alternatives & Replacement – Desktop & Online RSS Readers


  1. I’m using Newsify on my iPhone which is based on Google Reader. I don’t like Google and how they collect our personal information and the only service I’m using is Google Reader.

    Newsify shows RSS feeds in a very stylish newspaper style, letting me focus on important news and headlines without getting bored. Hope they use another online RSS reader, so that I can stay connected with Newsify instead of other boring readers.

  2. Newsify doesn’t have any desktop version (, and I usually use my phone to read my RSS feeds.

    but on my laptop, I have GreatNews, which is, according to my test results, faster than other RSS readers such as FeedDemon and Feedly. I may run it once or twice per month, though.

    In my opinion, reading news feeds on mobile devices is a more convenient and faster way to stay up to date and learn new things.

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