Google Plus Privacy and Security Settings

Google Plus, the social networking platform launched back in 2011 has now become the No. 2 social network worldwide. After some major ups and downs, Google+ is now one of the best social networking platforms to make social circles, share your updates, pictures and much more.

Social networking websites are actually the best modes to connect to the people worldwide, but it is equally important to keep your account safe and secure with the privacy settings. This post will show you how to set your privacy settings in Google+ and protect your information in a better way.

Google Plus Privacy Settings

Your Visibility on the Web

Your Google Plus profile is visible to anyone on the web unless you set your Google Plus privacy settings. You can set which of your profile fields are searchable and visible on the web. With these settings you can choose what information in your profile you want to share with specific individuals, to circles or to everyone.

google plus public profile

To edit the settings, open Settings > Profile & Privacy > Edit visibility on profile, and do the needful. Check out the screenshots to know how to edit visibility on profile. google+ privacy settings

google plus privacy

edit visibility on G+

privacy settings in G+

Your Google+ Circles

When you share anything on your Google+ profile, you are actually sharing it with all your circles, except the one you’re following. You can easily customize your privacy settings and set which of your circles can view your posts, profile or anything you share. To do so open Your Circle > Customize and do the privacy

Google + Circles are the best way to organize your contacts and friends. You can create your circles with different names like- family, batch mates, colleagues, acquaintances, freelance writers etc. and share your information with the circle you want to.

Edit the visibility of your Google Plus profile items

You can adjust the privacy settings for each of your profile items in Google Plus. By selecting ‘Custom’ menu in the dropdown, you can configure your privacy settings for every item. You can also select the specific circles which you want to see your profile items.

With each of these profile items you can see a small globe icon which allows you to edit the visibility of that item.

privacy settings

You can adjust the privacy settings for each of your profile items in Google Plus like your story, work, education, places, basic information, contact information, links and apps.

security settings in G+

When you are done with your security and privacy settings in Google Plus, you can view your profile as public or any particular user would see it. google plus profile

How to block someone in Google Plus

Apart from these privacy settings you can also block any particular user if you want, same as we have in Facebook. To block a user, just go to that user’s profile and click on the ‘Settings’ button on the right side of your browser., and use the Report/Block button.block friends in Google +

All these settings mentioned above allow you to adjust the privacy in your Google + profile. Go here to check out some Google Plus Login, Sign Up and Sign In Security Tips. Also take a look at the Google Privacy Checkup Tool too.

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