Download Google Play Music Desktop Player for Windows 10/8/7


  1. Insanity!
    1) re: “you need an Android mobile to get it running”
    No you don’t. You need a login & a web browser. That’s it.
    2) Play Music doesn’t require you to use (install, maintain) a Desktop Application (like it was the 90s!) As it runs ‘in/from the web’.

    You can use browser plugins & mobile apps (Android, iOS) too.

    Why would anyone want to have to use a desktop app?

  2. Hello Steve. yes you are right. someone doesn’t need Android mobile to play any music and only gmail account can open the Play Music website in any browser. Talking about the desktop app, there are many times and reasons I do not like to keep a tab/window just for a thing like listening to music and instead I want a music player. I am sure there are many people like me.

  3. Hi,
    Re: “there are many times and reasons I do not like to keep a tab/window just for a thing like listening to music”

    Name some?

    I don’t understand the attraction of installing & maintaining a desktop app (like we did in the 90s) when the version in the browser is the latest/greatest & maintained for us.
    I can switch device/OS at will & all my preferences & history are there.

  4. I think you mean ‘not an official app’ instead of ‘not an unofficial app’

  5. “…….you need an Android mobile to get it running. Even though, there is a Chrome extension that helps people play music through the browser via Google Play Music; some people do not like to use a browser to play music.”

    Wow! I can’t think of a less accurate statement. Google Play Music has had a web interface from day one. A Chrome extension has not only NOT been required, it’s actually pointless. I’ve never used a Chrome extension and I can’t imagine what benefit I would gain from one.

    I couldn’t read past that part. Just bad.

    Not great journalism. In fact, not journalism at all. To each his own, I guess.

  6. Sorry for all the inconvenience and thank you for pointing out the mistakes. We have made some changes.

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