Useful Google Now Voice Commands you should know

Google has been frequently updating it’s voice assistant application Google Now. Most of us are familiar with Apple’s Siri, but even Google Now is on par with Siri. The latest update supports many voice commands. Just say OK Google or tap on the mic and start saying the commands, and it gives you amazing results. In this article, I will take you through a few useful Google Now Voice Commands which you can use in your daily life.

Google Now Voice Commands

Normally, we text and make calls many times in a day. For this, you need to open the messenger or Hangouts app to send messages. These actions need some steps to be followed. But you can use Google Now to send or make a call with just a small command. Apart from this, you can even use Google Now carry out basic searches – to know about weather conditions, do small mathematics, currency conversions, et. Let us see some of them.

Basic Search

You can use Google Now to carry out general search like “Who is the founder of Microsoft?” or “Stock price of Microsoft” and many more such basic searches.

Google Now voice commands

Send Hangout Message

Google Now also allows you to send normal message from your messenger app and Hangout message from your Hangouts app. You just need to use different voice commands for both. To send Hangout message use the voice command as “Send Hangout message to [person name] [message]”. If you say the command without the message, it asks the text you want to send.

Hangout message

Send normal text message and make a call

To send a normal message, just say “Text [person name] [text message]”. If you do not say the message, it asks you to what message you want to send. To make a call say “Call [contact name]”.

Message and Call

Open any application

You can post status to Facebook, tweet using Twitter and take a picture by just saying a command. “Open Facebook”, “Take Picture” and “Post To Twitter [Tweet]” are some examples.

open application

Information about travel and directions

You can use Google Now Voice Commands to get directions to a place, find distance between two places, find nearby restaurants and more. Some example commands are “Get directions to Santa Monica”, “Map of Andhra Pradesh”, “Show me nearby restaurants” and more.

travel and directions

Solve Math and Unit Conversions

Google Now helps you to solve basic Mathematics lie solving the square root, multiplication and many more. You can even perform unit conversions quickly and easily.

Math and Unit Conversions

Find Time, Set Reminder and Take Notes

Using Google Now you can know the present time in any location, set alarm and reminders. You can even take quick notes using Google Now Voice Commands.

set alarm and reminder

Weather and Flight Information

Google Now gives you the weather information of particular place and you can stay updated with the flight information with just few easy commands. Say “Do I need an Umbrella tomorrow”, “What’s the weather in New York”, “Flight Status of 557” and more.

flight and weather information

Browse the web

Just simple commands like “open [website name]”, “browse to [website name]” and “go to [website name]” opens the respective website in the browser.

Browse the web

Entertainment and Sports

Google Now allows you to launch the YouTube Video song using the command. You can even find the information regarding sports like who won the last match between the specified two teams and other information. Say commands like “Listen to Hotel California by Eagles”, “YouTube how to play caroms”, “Who won the last match between Real Madrid and Barcelona” and more.

entertainment and sports

Some more Fun Stuff

Try using Google Now Commands like “Capacity of Sydney Cricket Ground”, “say how are you in German”, “Logo of Windows” and so on.

Fun Stuff

To know what all the commands available are, just tap on the mic and say “OK Google”.  This lists all the available commands.

These are some of the most useful Google Now Voice Commands. If you know of any more such, please do share with us through comments.

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