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All photo enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice! Google has made Nik Collection desktop suite available for free. The advanced Desktop photo editing software – Google Nik was acquired by Google about four years ago in an effort to get one popular mobile app, Snapseed. The app, if you remember offered some of the very basic tools like applying Instagram-style filters to your photographs.

Google Nik Collection photo editing software

Google Nik available as a free download

Alongside the acquisition, Google managed to grab several other desktop applications which it bundled collectively into a photo editing suite called Nik Collection. The suite had a price tag of $ 149 (still cheaper in comparison to the full-fledged versions of of other software like Photoshop).

So, what made Google reverse its stance. Well, the devil lies in the details which Google, at this stage is not willing to divulge.

Any respite for the buyers of the program? Yes, Google in a blog post mentions that any user who purchased the full-price version this year, is eligible for an automatic refund. This means users who purchased the software soon after the Google’s acquisition cannot claim any compensation, sad!

All the seven powerful plug-ins used in creating the photos will also be available for free. Going by the description on the official page, the latest Nik Collection includes:

  1. Analog Efex Pro – Offers the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses.
  2. Color Efex Pro – Houses a comprehensive set of filters for color correction, retouching, and creative effects.
  3. Silver Efex Pro – One of THE best colour to b&w converters and editors out there
  4. Viveza – Allows adjusting the color and tone of your images to suit your preferences
  5. Dfine – One of the best noise reduction tools available today
  6. HDR Efex Pro, and
  7. Sharpener Pro.

While the tool has a lot to offer even in the free version, it would be interesting to note if updates would keep on coming and the applications maintain a level of sophistication more than just a set of one-click filters.

Google Nik Collection is not available anymore.

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    Great! But it’s a massive download at 429 meg!

  2. Does it run on Chrome OS?

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