Best Google Maps alternatives for everyday use

Google Maps is one of the best map services that you can find on the web. However, if you want to try something new then there are some good Google Maps alternatives for every day use. Today we will take a look at them.

Best alternatives to Google Maps

Here are some best Google Maps alternatives:

  1. Bing Maps
  2. Here WeGo
  3. Sygic Maps
  4. OpenStreetMap
  5. Waze
  6. Rand McNally
  7. MapQuest.

1] Bing Maps

Best Google Maps alternatives

BingMaps is probably the best Google Maps alternative, and this comes to you from Microsoft. Hence, you can expect a very good user experience from this map service. It doesn’t matter whether you want to find a route to go from one place to another or check whether there is any coffee shop or hotels etc. around a place. Like Google Maps, you can find all those things with proper details. However, you might not be able to get as many results as Google Maps provides. If you select a route, you can find the current traffic conditions as well, which is a much-needed feature of every map app or service.

2] Here WeGo

HereWeGo is yet another map service that can use to find different routes to go from one place to another. In other words, this is possible to find roads with public transport support, for personal car, taxi, bicycle, etc. There is an option called Places, which will let you find different places including hotels, restaurants, petrol pump, coffee shop, business towers, and more others. The Traffic section lets you find the traffic condition of any particular place. If you select a location in the map, you can find which roads are most congested, which roads have light traffic and so on.

3] Sygic Maps

Like other standard maps, you can find various options while choosing a route. For example, you can choose, which form of transport you want to use and more. The best thing is you can find different routes for the different mode of transport. Although this might not be available for every location, there is a chance of getting this in most of the locations. However, SygicMaps takes more time than other maps to load. That might be a drawback if you are in a hurry. This allows you to find hotels, but there is no other option to find ATM, fuel station, hospital, or anything else.

4] OpenStreetMap

You might not like the user interface, but it comes with some handy features. For example, you can choose a location and share that with someone, or you can embed a map on a webpage, save a map in various standard image formats and so on. Apart from that, you can change the map layer, i.e., Standard, Cycle Map, Transport Map, and Humanitarian. Talking about finding a route, you can choose a different form of transport, e.g., car, bicycle, walk, etc. If you want to find the address of any location, OpenStreetMap can help you a lot. You can click on any building on the map, and it will show you the address. In most the times, this app shows the correct address.

5] Waze Map

If you need a very basic map service, Waze can help you. WazeMap offers a very basic user interface that has only one option. You can find the route from one place to another, and that is all. In simple words, this is for them, who do not want to find any hotel or ATM or anything else and instead, they just want to find a route to go somewhere. Although it shows more than one routes to reach somewhere, it doesn’t offer any option to get a route for a particular mode of transport like a car or bicycle or walk or any other. However, you will be able to choose the faster route, the longest route and so on.

6] Rand McNally

RandMcNally is useful if you are in the USA, since it might not find all the places in other regions. It shows most of the popular places on the map, and therefore, you will be able to find almost anything. However, there is no specific option to find only a hotel or restaurant, or a gas station. The drawback of this tool is you can find route only for cars, as it doesn’t have the option to choose the mode of transport. However, once you start driving with Rand McNally, you would not have to stop to check the route since it offers probably the most detailed route.

7] MapQuest

MapQuest is something like Rand McNally as it is useful only when you are in the USA. Although that doesn’t mean you cannot use it is India or any other region, but if you do, you will find it not up to the mark. However, US citizens can find a route from any location to another location. It offers routes fo Cae and Walking only. It is possible to find hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, coffee shops, grocery stores, gas station and so on. Although it doesn’t have an offline mode, it can allow you to print the map of any location if you want.

These are some of the best Google Maps alternatives that you can use.

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  1. ReadandShare

    Second vote for HereWeGo. Used to be owned by Nokia. Great alternative to Google – if you don’t care for Google knowing every friggin’ place you went (or searched for).

  2. Przemo Szymik

    You wrote it in US perspective.
    Outside US (or in East Europe) the BingMap and Here Map are outdated more than Google Maps.
    Road network in Google maps is updated about 1 months after building new expressway, and more than 2-3 months after building less important road.
    Bing and Here do it about 1 or 2 years later (yes – “year” is not mistake).
    The only updated maps are OpenStreetMap and Waze.


  3. Wilfredo Rosario Ortiz

    I was forced to disable Google Maps since it opens up by itself every time I make a call. Google after many years this bug has been around and still they haven’t been able to figure out a solution. Its just embarrassing for them at this point really. At least its good to know there are many good alternatives.

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