Google loses 16% of its user share; Bing gains!


  1. Obviously Microsoft did their research when developing Bing, the look is the antithesis of Google. I remember reading articles about how was so ingenious and simple, now it looks outdated and can be hard on my eyes.

  2. Its good news and Microsoft must include new features like auto-search like Google’s Instant search! And also the search suggestions must be improved than present. And integration into many more gadgets, social sites and browsers(making bing search as default factory setting in firefox and Opera) will steady the improvement!

  3. @TechPakora – Bing doesn’t need to “beat” Google. They just need to compete well with Google. Remember, for every 1% of search market share = $1 billion income. (something that the division Bing is in, needs! lol)

  4. It’s a shame that Bing is still in beta in a lot of countries. Compare the Dutch and US Bing, major difference between those two .

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