Google loses 16% of its user share; Bing gains!

Almost all Softies proudly beam that they are ‘BING’ guys. And by BING, they mean ‘Best Is Not Good’. They get into an argument if one says BING is only a search engine. For its also a decision engine. And frankly, Bing has got a lovely user interface – unlike the usual white background of Google. However, the Google Doodle sets itself apart from all the rest. 

BING, though being relatively new when compared to the search giant GOOGLE, is making inroads into the latter’s share and Microsoft is a proud owner now!

According to Compete, from May 2010 to May 2011, Google lost 16% of its user share, declining from 73.9% to 63.6%. At the same time, Microsoft-powered BING surprisingly jumped from 9.75 to 17%, an incredible 75% increase in user share. Other search engines namely Yahoo, Ask and AOL grew but slightly, showing that most of Bing’s gain has been at the expense of Google.

The number of search queries on each site also showed a gain for Microsoft, according to Compete. Google’s query volume fell to 9.5 million in May, compared with 10.8 million a year ago, a 12.4 percent loss. The number of queries for Microsoft rose to 2.5 million last month from 1.4 million last May, an increase of 78 percent.

Looking at the number of actual Web site visitors, Google drew 138 million people to its site in May, compared with 162 million in May 2010, a drop of almost 15 percent. In contrast, Microsoft saw its visitors climb to 93 million last month, compared with 61 million in May of last year, a jump of 53 percent.

The above statistics reveal the increasing popularity of Bing, the search engine from Microsoft. Though it might be quite difficult for Google loyalists to switch over to Bing but when it comes to results and statistics, Bing does manage to impress us. However Google remains firmly on top of the search engine market and is not going to relinquish that position anytime soon.

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