Google Helpouts: An excellent platform to seek and share expertise

Quite recently Google launched Helpouts, an online platform wherein you can share as well as seek knowledge or expertise on any subject through a one-to-one video call. In other words, Google Helpouts is Google’s idea of providing help on real-time basis, through live videos. So now if someone is stuck with a math problem, wants to learn guitar or cooking, Google Helpouts is the way to go. Now, as we follow the mantra of “Let’s Google it”, I’m sure a new mantra “Let’s go Helpouts” will catch up soon. And this holds not only for problem-seekers but also for problem-solvers because as effective and useful it’s going to be for former, Google Helpouts is indeed a great platform for the latter who are experts in their field of choice, be it related to education & careers, music & art or healthcare.

Google Helpouts review

Let’s delve deeper into the world of Google Helpouts and find out more.

How does Helpouts work?

Google puts in a lot of effort to make our lives easier and Google Search has proved it from time to time. Therefore, to get the most out of Helpouts, it’s really essential to understand its concept before you start putting your effort and money into it.

First and foremost you need to find a Helpouts teacher who has the expertise in solving your given problem. The teachers you contact can schedule a given time for the lesson or give instant classes, depending on their availability. When you launch Helpouts, there is a list of categories you can choose from, which comprises of umpteen numbers of the current offered classes with their rates and availability. And yes, some of them are for free too!

Helpouts also allows you to ask questions about the course you’re interested in by sending your provider a message. Your session will be given through a video chat, one-to-one with your teacher. And if you aren’t satisfied with the class, you can ask for a refund as well, though it isn’t guaranteed but worth a shot.


Essential points to know about Helpouts

Before starting off with Helpouts, both teachers and students must keep in mind the following key factors:

  • To avail the service of Google Helpouts, the consumer must be at least 13 years old and if you are under 18 years of age, your parent or guardian’s permission will be required.
  • The Providers or teachers must be at last 18 years old.
  • Providers have the authority to reschedule and change the cost of a session before you make a purchase.
  • After purchasing a session, if you wish to reschedule or cancel it, only the provider is entitled to take a call on that.
  • Both consumer and provider can opt in to receive a recorded copy of their session, which is also recorded by Google for Quality purposes. Although, you can also opt out of this point but if reported abuse, Google will eventually start recording it anyway.
  • Google can possibly look at the recorded sessions, messages exchanged and other private information shared between both parties and with Google.
  • Providers are entitled to respect the privacy of their consumers and can use the information shared by them only for purposes specified by the consumer.

How is Helpouts ideal for Teachers?

Helpouts is an ideal platform for Teachers to render their services. If we look at it, each one of us is a teacher in one way or the other, in their own area of expertise. Teaching a recipe, a song, a Shakespearean play, a new language, how to repair your keyboard, how to format a computer, so on and so forth, all can be solved with a click of a button and boom, your problem solver is right there to pull you out of that misery.

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I strongly feel that with the advent of new methods of e-learning, Google Helpouts takes teaching to a whole another level by creating new arenas of opportunities for teachers and problem solvers and with increased convenience for people who want to learn and those who love to impart wisdom and most importantly, earn from it.

Google Helpouts video

So, have you checked out Google Helpouts yet? If you love teaching and have that stride of problem-solving in you, this is the best platform you could’ve ever asked for! You may go and check it out here.

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