Have fun with Google Hangouts hidden animated emojis

Some of you may be using Google Hangouts for chat and video calls. You can use it as a chat box or you can make a video call to your contacts easily with just a click. There are few hidden animated emojis and emoticons of Google Hangouts that can help you pep up the conversation. I will take you through them.

Google Hangouts hidden emoji & emoticons

Just few keywords and animated emojis come to life. You can see emojis moving on your Google Hangouts chat box and it is really interesting to watch them. There are laughing, jumping and many such emojis! Place those keywords individually or anywhere in the sentence, an the animated emoji matching the keyword pops up. Let us see few of them.


Just a single word with 4 sets of “ha”, gives you the animated emoji which pops up and keeps laughing. Use “Hahahaha” anywhere in the sentence and it replaces the text with the matching emoji.

Hahahaha emoji

“Happy Birthday”

Want to wish anyone uniquely. Use animated emoji of Google Hangouts for that. Type “Happy birthday” in the chat and you see cake or emoji with a hat – but both represent the event of birthday.

Happy Birthday emoji

“Happy New Year”

Want to wish New Year greetings in an interesting way? Type “Happy new year” in Google Hangouts and you can see and emoji with a duck pop up.

Happy new year emoji


Type “Hehehehe” in that chat box and a chuckling emoji pops up on the left side of the chat box. This looks pretty interesting.

Hehehehe emoji


Whenever you find something LOL in your chat box and want to reply to that uniquely, type “LMAO” in the chat box. An animated emoji of a fox clown and duck pops up.

lmao emoji


Type “ROFL” in the chat box and see the duck and fox returns again. This may produce other alternative animated emoji sometimes, but we would be satisfied with any of the two emojis.

rofl emoji

“Woohoo”, “Woot” and “Yay!!”

When you want to share your excitement with someone, just type “Woot!” in the chat and you can see the excited yellow emoji pop up. It is the same with “Woohoo” and “Yay!!”

excited emoji


Got fed up using the same background for the chat box? Change the background color of your chat by just typing “/bikeshed”.

bikeshed emoji


By typing this, you can see that a tiny mob moves across the chat box. This can be used, when one of your friends makes inappropriate comparisons.

pitchforks emoji


I just see that a small dinosaur comes and makes an appearance in the chat, when you type it. I do not know what exactly it is and where to use it.

shydino emoji


Type “/ponies” in the chat box and you see that a single pony running fast in the chat box.

ponies emoji


If you want to make herd of ponies come running in the chat box, then type “/ponystreams” and hit enter. Type “/ponystreams” again to remove them from the chat box.

ponystreams emoji

These are some of the hidden animated emojis of Google Hangouts. If you have anything to add to the list, please do share with us through comments.

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  1. Luana L

    If you press the keys up up down down left right left right b a enter your screen will turn into a nature background but only you can see it.

  2. How to get back the old version of gmail emoji??? they were so elegant , brightly coloured and were animated instead of the clunky clumsy looking faded things they have now!

  3. tyedye man

    if I type ”
    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hih ih ih ii hi hi hi hi hi hih ihi hi hi hi hi hi hiih ih ih ii i hih h h ih i hih ih i hi”, it will show a random emoji, why?

  4. aika chan

    even if u type … lolololololololololol u get the laughing emoji

  5. Chemica Griffin

    Im happy with this!!

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