Google Drive keeps crashing continuously on Windows PC

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  1. If I got that right, you recommend to use Java: “…the installed browsers, Java and Google Drive for Windows is updated to their latest versions …”? Java is a huge security issue and only those who REALLY need it should download the software. But that are 5 out of 100 users, so the majority of users should have a securer OS without it.

  2. Do yourselves a favor and uninstall Drive. Just use it online. A business owner I know lost their entire life’s work to ransomware that can easily tunnel thru the Drive software and infect everything. Then you have to restore previous versions of all your files one by one or pray a decryptor comes out.

  3. Backup & Synch seems to work well for me, but
    a) it seems to stop synching/ backuo as soon as Windows starts screen saver. That is, the icon looks as if the s/w is working, but when I click on it, it does not seem to have advanced, i.e. even after a long time it seems to be on the same files synching.
    Am I doing something wrong?

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