Google Docs introduces new features – Auto Linking, Page size and Smart Quotes

Google Docs lets you create and share your work online and access your documents from anywhere. It has introduced three new features. It has got a new auto-linking feature, added new page sizes to the existing ones and it also now lets you permanently remove the curly quotes from the preferences menu.

The auto linking feature is quite interesting and reduces your work of hyperlinking. The auto linking feature is something like when you type something that documents recognizes as a link, it will become a link automatically. Try typing “”, “,” or an email address to try it out. You can just undo it by pressing ctrl+z. If you want it to disable it permanently, then try it from preferences in Tools menu.

The next feature which they have introduced is, Page Sizes. They have added some new page sizes to the existing ones.So if you’ve been craving an Executive sized page (7.25” x 10.5”), you’re in luck. You can find these page options by going File > Page Setup and choose a size from there.

For those who don’t like curly quotes (smart-quotes) you can now permanently disable them from the same preferences dialog.

Got something to say ? What do you think about this new features in Google Docs, are they useful to you ?

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