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Google Books – Everything you need to know!

Hi folks, I am back again with a new review of another great Google service. In the previous article of this series I discussed about Google Blog Search and Google Alerts, in this article I am going to discuss about Google Books previously called as Google Print and Google Book Search.

As with most of other Google projects & services it is also in Beta phase. Google Books was introduced 6 years ago, back in October 2004 at Frankfurt Book fair and Google’s Library Project, also now known as Google Book Search, was announced in December 2004. We can say it like as the biggest online encyclopedia of Books ever created for humans. you can get any kind of information about any book and it is also a great way to promote your books for free.

Google Books is best place to search for books of your interest and read excerpts from them. The searching of books is as easy as doing a web search. You can either directly enter a book name in search bar or you can browse by categories. There are billions of scanned books in Google Books database. You can also search Magazines using Advance search options.

Here are some common features available in Google Books:

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Using your Google Account you can even create and manage personal bookshelves, share books with friends, and see what they are reading. Google Books is the best companion for book lovers.

Have you ever think that from where Google get these books? Currently, Google is running two programs to connect readers with books: the Partner Program and the Library Project.

Useful Links: Google Books | Google Library Project | Give Feedback.

Readers comments and views are most welcome. Stay tuned folks, to learn more about another Google Product.