Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365 – A comparison

With both Office 365 and Google Apps now being available, it is natural that users would want to compare the features of both before taking a decision which one is best suitable for their needs. Office 365 is Microsoft’s Office suite in the cloud, and more. It includes desktop and Web software. On the other hand, Google Apps is purely cloud-based. Microsoft Office 365 is meant to be used with a locally installed version of Microsoft Office 2010, whereas to use Google Apps one has to be browsing the internet.


Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps Comparison

Here’s is few of the features of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps which will help you to decide which is right for your organization.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps are very different products. Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-services system that combines hosted versions of Lync Server, SharePoint Server and Exchange Server. Microsoft office productivity software is extremely good for office use but Google has tried to challenge Microsoft with Google Docs.

Both Office 365 and Google Apps promise to manage the back-end tasks of many businesses. These will provide a cloud service; which will free a company and get many of the things done in an easier manner without employing a tech expert.

Storage capacity:

The basic Office 365 plans provide a storage capacity of 25GB of e-mails, attachment file sizes are limited to 35MB and Office documents are stored with a limit of 2GB in SharePoint Online. Google Apps for Business provides a storage capacity of 1GB per user for documents, 25GB per user for e-mail and e-mail attachment sizes are limited to 25MB.


Office 365 price starts at $6 for user per month for small organizations and for large organization the pricing ranges from $10-27 per user per month. More on Office 365 pricing. Google Apps for Business costs either $5 for users per month or $50 a year per user.  It’s free for non-profit organizations like schools, colleges, and universities.


Users from outside the organization can access Office 365 documents from SharePoint Online files – Windows Live Skydrive enables for more flexible sharing. Google Apps have an ability to share files with anyone with a Google account and supports multiple collaborators.

Browser Compatibility:

Office 365 and Google Docs are Web-based platforms and works from any of the Web browser. Microsoft Office 365 excels in Internet Explorer whereas Google Docs excels in Chrome browser.

File operation:

The vast majority of the world uses Microsoft Office for file operation rather than Google Docs. When it comes with file formatting issues Google creates a slight frustration and requires an unnecessary effort to fix.


The features of Office Web Apps in Office 365 are same as Google Docs. However Microsoft’s key features are easier and work more spontaneously; a comfortable fit for users to work with, rather than Google Docs. Office 365 includes Excel, PowerPoint, Word processing and OneNote. You might want to check out our detailed Office 365 review and compare Microsoft Word Web vs Google Docs also this video comparing Microsoft Office Web Apps and Google Apps.

If you think I have missed out on something, please do share.

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