Google app for Windows 10 updated: Review

Many folks might not know this, but there is an official Google app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and it was recently updated to support Windows 10. The app was designed to bring Windows fans into the world of Google, but how well that works is still up in the air.

Google app for Windows 10

Google app for Windows 10

We haven’t tested the previous version of the app, so we have no idea what it was like compared to this version. From what we have heard, the new Google app comes with a sleeker and cleaner design, much like many other Google made services.

Here’s the thing with the Google app for Windows 10, it is nothing but a launcher. Once fired up, users will come across a list of Google services such as YouTube, Blogger, Drive, Google+ and more. Clicking on any of these services will not launch an app, but instead, the browser will pop up, and the user will be brought to the official web page.

This is because Google has failed to support the Windows app platform in any meaningful way since the launch of Windows 8. Want an official YouTube or Drive app? You’re out of luck, friend. Google will force you to open the web browser, or to download a third-party app.

Voice Search:

Searching by voice has long been a huge feature of Google, though not a very good one. The feature can be found here, and from our testing, it works. For those who might not want to use voice search, we suggest clicking on the black arrow at the top right side of the app to locate the settings area.

The settings area allows for the ability to turn off voice search along with making it possible to open links in the default web browser.

It is also possible to change the language, though we expect that it should automatically choose to show content in your mother tongue so there shouldn’t be a need, unless you’re using someone else’s computer.

Overall, we do not see the necessity of the Google app because all it does is link back to Google services on the web via the web browser. Wouldn’t it be easier to have these services bookmarked? We think so, so the Google app is as worthless as they come.

What Google needs to do is create native apps for the Windows platform, because what the company is doing here, is a disgrace to the fans who use Windows computers.

Download the Google app for Windows 10 from the Windows Store right here.

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