Google AdSense to introduce larger Ad Formats?

There may be good news for Bloggers, website owners, publishers and advertisers alike. Looks like Google appears to be getting ready to introduce more large-sized Ad Formats, in its Google AdSense program. This sure to give more options to the AdSense users as well as the Google AdWords advertisers!  

Apart from its existing inventory, it also plans to shortly introduce 960×250, 728×300, 300×600 pixel size ads, to all.

Online advertising is booming! Display ads are Big. They’re gonna be Huge. This industry is growing and innovating at an unprecedented pace, and is poised to create opportunities for advertisers never before possible.

Google is therefore planning to make it easier to create, buy, and measure display ads.

The Google AdSense program empowers online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content and helps monetize their blogs.

This money goes towards meeting the website designing, development, hosting and other charges.

Advertising has become a part of today’s life – online or offline. Thanks to the ads they carry, our newspapers are so cheap! Just in case you didn’t know, the cost we pay for each newspaper, doesn’t even cover the newsprint cost. Walk on the streets and one is accosted with billboards and street furniture at vantage points, all wanting to grab attention. Sit in front of the TV and … sigh … its commercials all the way!

In my opinion, if it weren’t for Google AdSense, IDGTechNetwork, Kontera and other blog monetisation alternatives, the internet would not exist the way it does today. We would not have seen such a blog explosion! Information is available free, thanks to the support which high-traffic websites & blogs get from such monetization programs.

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