Gobbler: Backup, Transfer, Organize your music projects on the cloud

If you are a musician, a member of a band or DJ or if you simply own a music café, we have a nice tool reviewed for you, called Gobbler. Gobbler is basically a backup, transfer and organizing tool for all your music projects. It automatically backs up you all audio projects and save them on cloud. Initially, with a new account you get a free 5GB of disk space which can be further upgraded to paid plans such as 50GB or more.

When you’ve downloaded and installed Gobbler, you will be asked to login or sign up. You can simply create a new account from there or you can sign up from their website.

When you are successfully logged into your account, you can see the Gobbler main window. From here you can manage your music projects and you can back up, restore your projects and you can even e-mail them.

To get started, from the very left pane of the program, you can select the drive which contains your music projects and click on the Scan button.

When the scanning is finished, all your Music Projects will be listed there, and you can back up them all by following these steps:

  1. Click on the project you want to back up.
  2. In the details pane, there will be a button saying “Backup”. Click on that button and your music project would be successfully backed up on cloud.

To see your all backed up projects you can click on the “Backed up Projects” from the left pane and you will be shown all your backed up project files. These files are accessible from any PC, where Gobbler is installed.

One more interesting feature of Gobbler is that it allows sending emails to other Gobbler users. For e.g. lets say I am a Gobbler user and if you too are one. If I want to send you a file, what I simply need to do is enter your e-mail account associated with Gobbler and I can send you any type of file with no size limit. The best part here is that I can also download the file I sent to you in any of the previous mails.

To conclude, I would like to suggest this free service to you to back up you music projects. Your music is precious to you and you don not want it lost by some stroke of bad luck. Backing up data reduces risk if the hard disk of a computer crashes and the data is unrecoverable.

You can click here to download Gobbler for Windows. Do remember that you will have to sign up.

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