Gmelius: Browser extension for a better and cleaner Gmail Inbox

Are you using Gmail? I agree that its interface is very simple to understand. Still it has several inessential features like ads, chat statuses, chat search box, people widget, scroll bars and footer, etc. Do you want to get rid of these things? Gmelius is a browser extension which has designed to give a cleaner look to your Gmail Inbox. Ads within your Gmail Inbox can be annoying as you can’t eliminate them on your own. Gmelius removes these annoying ads from your Gmail Inbox without any difficulty.


Gmelius customizes Gmail’s interface to your liking and strips away the ads and customizes the inbox to your liking.

Once you install this browser extension, you will get a new opt-in ‘Search + Share’ button on the navigation bar. Showing and hiding the Gmail header panel is just a click away. Gmail provides you the ‘People Widget’ in your emails. If you don’t find it useful, you can simply disable it and gain some extra space.

Gmelius can transform the Google logo in to a clickable option that will take you back to your Inbox. The native Gmail navigation icons look a bit confusing sometimes. By using Gmelius you can easily colorize those navigation icons.

We often receive an email with a catchy font size and text color. Gmelius will obtain its default font, text size and color based on your Gmail theme. By default an email which has an attachment gets indicated as a paperclip icon. Gmelius contains more than 40 type dependent attachment icons with a standard .doc .pdf .xls format.

If you need some more space in your Inbox, you can simply discard the diverse elements such as chat statuses, chat search box and footer.

Get Gmelius extension : Google Chrome | Firefox | Opera

P.S Always save your Gmelius settings when you check / uncheck different options.

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