5 useful Google and Gmail Add-ons for Firefox

Firefox is a great web browser with tons of add-on support. If you are an avid Firefox user and want to increase your productivity while using Gmail in Firefox, here are some useful Gmail Add-ons for Firefox, which you can use in different situations.

Google and Gmail Add-ons for Firefox

1] Gmail Notifier

gmail add-ons for firefox

Gmail Notifier notifies Firefox users about new email right from the system tray. Sometime, we open Gmail in a tab and then forget to look for new email due to loads of other works. This particular extension will let you check each and every email from he System Tray as well as from the Firefox add-on bar. No ‘Restart’ is required. Just install this add-on and sign in to this. The most beautiful thing is you can use multiple Gmail accounts at a time. It is also possible to get notifications for a particular Label. Download it here.

2] Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps

Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps

This is another awesome Firefox add-on for Gmail. If you use multiple Google services and you are totally messed up, Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps can help you save your time. This specific add-on will consolidate all Google services under one roof, so that you can get things faster. Although, it has paid editions, yet the free version is also not bad. You can integrate almost all Google services including Finance, Groups, News, Sites, Tasks, Drive, etc. here. Apart from them, it is also possible to integrate some third-party services including Digg Reader, Instapaper, Evernote, Feedly etc. Go download it here.

3] Integrated Google Calendar

Integarted Google Calendar

Google Calendar is certainly a great service that helps users to schedule everything for meetings, events, birthday and all. At the same time, Google Calendar is somehow integrated with Gmail, but not accessible in Gmail. Nevertheless, Integrated Google Calendar add-on for Firefox will help you to integrate Google Calendar with Gmail. A new button will be added in the add-on bar and you would be able to access your Google Calendar right from there. Download it here.

4] GDrive Panel

GDrive Panel for Firefox

GDrive refers to Google Drive and this add-on will help you to use Google Drive without opening drive.google.com. Just like the above-mentioned add-on, GDrive Panel will help you to access your Google Drive account within the Gmail UI. A completely new panel will be opened by clicking on the respective button and after that, you would be able to do everything inside the window. It is available here.

5] Markdown Here

Markdown here

This is one of the best Firefox add-ons for Gmail, that helps users add styling to the email. That means, if you are writing a few lines of code and want to highlight it, simply use Markdown Here to do so. You can style your email as per your requirements. Just write your email in the Compose Email box with proper markup. Then right click on your email and click on Markdown Toggle. That’s it! Now your context will be designed with Markdown Here styling. Download it here.

There are some other very useful Firefox add-ons for Gmail as well.  You can use Gmelius to clean up your inbox and Boomerang for scheduling your email. Check them out too.

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