Giveaway : ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010


  1. Hy I used Zone Alarm in the past and I have a new PC now and didn’t install any Firewall Program yet. 🙂 Thx

  2. Would like this program as it would protect me from any attacks and at the same time keep my system safe.Thanks in advance

  3. I’ve read and heard comments that this is a good firewall program. I sure would love to have this one.

  4. I have installed the Free Variant from ZoneAlarm and i would be very happy, if i can have a Pro License.
    Sry for my bad English, i´m a German Fan from your Site 😉

  5. I use Windows Firewall and would like to try another type of firewall. Would also be interesting if it works on physical and virtual machines.

  6. I have used Zone Alarm for years, installed the free version on every computer I have ever worked on and recommended the free and full version to people by phone in tech support and at home to friends that use me as their “tech guy”.

    I have never been able to purchase the Pro Version for myself and would love to try it on our three home computers.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  7. Nice giveaway. I would like a license but isn’t ZoneAlarm a subscription-based firewall now? After 1 year, it will “expire”?

  8. I used Zone Alarm years ago, don’t know why I didn’t install it on my current pc.
    This might be the time to get back in !

  9. I’ve been using ZoneAlarm Free for many years and I always considered this as good firewall software. I’d glad if I could upgrade it to Pro version.

  10. one of my friends say this software is very powerful, it was time I also tried, may I lucky to get one license

  11. The Windows Club ALWAYS has the best & most useful giveaways and ZoneAlarm is another example. I have read about ZoneAlarm and would be pleased to WIN a free copy of the PRO series.

  12. this would be a great help in protecting my daughters computer. it would be safe for her to surf the web.

  13. Have been a user of Zone Alarm (free) for several years. Would like to have a license for Zone Alarm Pro to add more front-end protection to my computer system. Have always believed in Zone Alarm as a good firewall, but never thought I could afford the luxury to purchase Zone Alarm Pro. Would truly appreciate receiving a license from TWC & TWCOptimus.

  14. ZoneAlarm Pro is a powerful firewall software that not protects your computer from hackers ( is that mean that it doesnt protect? )

  15. I was one of the early beta testers when ZoneAlarm was being developed and would love to try their latest product. I used the free version for years and the pro version a couple of years ago. Haven’t been able to lately for financial reasons.

  16. I’ve been using the standard versionof this program and it’s been really good, easy to set up and manage, the Pro version I would imagine will enhance the protection already have on this software.

  17. HJave been looking for an affordab le firewall seing my limited budget, would very much like to to have Zone alarm seeing since begining of year had to reinstall system 3 times already due to intrusions not protected by my AV.

  18. Another nice giveaway from TWC and Optimus..
    No doubt its a great program with nice features..
    Moreover, i’m getting frequent network attacks by helkern worm which i believe to resist by it’s Stealth mode feature..
    So, would like to win a license.

  19. I would like a copy of zone alarm pro because I am unhappy with my McAffe firewall…I don’t trust them anymore after their recent push update caused such widespread system crashes worldwide. I want something I have heard recommended, and zone alarm certainly comes highly recommended web wide.

  20. nice giveaway dear…
    i have the license .. just came to congrats you for the giveaway.. TWC periodic giveaway keeps me surfing this forum continuously.. keep it up.. and all the for the other who needs the key..

  21. My computer is acting strange. I spmetimes see names I do not recognize in MY Network with major rights and priviliges.

  22. In the days of yore, when Windows XP ruled the land and all was fair and just, a protection agency named Norton came into the king’s castle, offering him protection and policing duties in exchange for their not so modest fees. Now, the Kingdom of XP was a fair place, and was prospering. BUT, under the complacent eyes of Norton, the place filled into a literal hellhole, with spyware and adware running free. Thew worst part is that Norton recognized these threats and refused to return the kingdom to its former glory. Only you can save this kingdom, with your magic key to unlock the chosen one! It’s time to see the fall of the evil Norton, and the RISE of a new nation. The nation of ZoneAlarm.

  23. I would like this because I have never won anything from any computer software/hardware company and my Wife sez I wont this time either.

  24. I am now using COMODO Firewall free version. I would like to convert to the more well known paid version of ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall.

  25. I was very impressed with free version of Zone alarm
    I would prefer pro if I am lucky.Thanks

  26. Because for me its easy to use and configure and this is one of my favorite FW, but never have a chance to use the Pro version, thanks TWC for this giveaway.

  27. i have avira free as an excellent antivirus but i don’t have a good firewall to supplement it. also, in these days you can never be too safe from scams and phishing. so i would really like this.

  28. This program (Zone Alarm Pro) would greatly enhance my computers’ security. I use multiple programs for security at the moment and this has the drawbacks of having to keep track of all these programs separately. With a suit like this I would have everything in one place and be able to see at a glance that all was OK. As the initials of the programs says I would be able to “ZAP” the nasties from one location as well as ensuring my anonymity whilst on line.

  29. I received this license in the recent division on the second site.Please… you to unplug me from this division is not fair … my applications.Thank you.

  30. Thanks TheWindowsClub for giveaway.
    I want this firewall because it will protect me against those internet nasties (ping, hacking/invastion, network ip scanning, phishing) and will stealth my computer. Free version doesn’t offer much. Count me in for ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall.

  31. ZoneAlarm Pro has been a Legendary Firewall!
    I have used the Free version.
    I hope I win the Pro one.
    Thank you for this Offer!!!

  32. i badly need because my internet security is not good my pc was always attacked by viruses that makes my pc slow and some of my files have errors.

  33. I have been useing ZoneAlarm Free for years,and would realy like to try the pro version.
    Realy hope I win a license!

  34. I’ve used ZoneAlarm and its one of the best firewall solutions out there. Count me in too.

  35. I have been using ZoneAlarm free version for the last 2 years. It is definitely the best but lacks HIPS. I would like to try the pro version.
    Please count me in too.

  36. I am using ZoneAlarm free and when getting ZoneAlarm Pro, then my system will be more protected ,this is very good for me.


  37. Thanks for this awesome Giveaway. ZoneAlarm Pro is great and one of the best firewall programs. I have been using ZoneAlarm Free for a long time and would like to try the pro version to extend the protection of my computer.
    So please count me in your Giveaway.Hope I’ll win one of these licenses.
    Thanks in advance.

  38. I have no other security on my network than windows firewall i need this software to secure my wireless connection for my home desktop or on the go netbook i will make sure that all my friends know if i win a prized version of Zone Alarm Pro.

  39. I have used ZA for years and would love to have a license, I have too many computers to pay for and if I had ZA on my living room one i wouldn’t have to fix it now:)

  40. I like testing new software and Zone Alarm is one which I always wanted to have. I recently had to help a elderly person who wanted to safeguard his computer from being misused by his children at home, so I suggested him zone alarm. If I have this for free I surely can demonstrate how to use it and refer this software for use. Thanks.

  41. I’ve used the free version of zone alarm firewall off and on for years. It’s one firewall i’ve always come back too.

  42. I would like to avail the pro version of ZoneAlarm since I haven’t installed any firewall software for my system yet; and as far as I have heard ZoneAlarm Pro is definitely the best firewall software in the market. Would consider myself lucky if I receive a license. I have used ZoneAlarm Free earlier and was happy with the performance. The Pro version will certainly make things much better.

  43. I am using ZoneAlarm free and I am satisfied with it.I will be glad if I get Pro version of ZoneAlarm.

  44. I am using ZoneAlarm free and I am satisfied with it.I will be glad if I get Pro version of ZoneAlarm.


  45. I used Zonealarm free on my old windows 98 pc. I would really like to see and test what the full program has in store for my new windows 7

  46. It will be great if I use ZoneAlarm Pro on my PC.I will be more secure, hence feel good.
    Nice giveaway.


  47. ZoneAlarm Free is easy to use and has no complexity in configuration.
    I will be very happy if I will get its Pro version.


  48. I am using ZoneAlarm free for a long time.I will be very happy ,if I am getting a chance for testing ZoneAlarm Pro.


  49. Zone alarm free is good and I think ZoneAlarm Pro will be best for my PC.
    I want to use it.


  50. I am very glad with Zone alarm free .
    I feel lucky if i get the chance to use it.

    Thanks a lot for this giveaway.

  51. Hi
    Great giveaway. I have been a user of Zone Alarm (free) for several years and would like to win a license of Zone Alarm Pro. So please count me in your giveaway. Hope luck is on my side. Thanks in advance.

  52. Hi, I also have used the free version which was quite good, but the Pro was always out of range financially. However, I now have a XP system I dont intend to upgrade to Win7 and want to run Zone Alarm on it.Should it perform well, with limited intrusions, I will happily recommend it to others.

  53. Thanks TheWindowsClub for this giveaway.
    I would like to win a license of Zone Alarm Pro, one of the best firewalls. Please count me in your giveaway.

  54. Congrats folks! Please check your Inbox / Junk box for the licenses – they have been sent.

    Mike Daniel
    Guy In Victoria
    jeffrey john imutan
    Morten Bjørnerud

    Thank you all for participating and thank you optimus for sponsoring this ZA giveaway 🙂

    … Stay tuned for our SnagIt giveaway … 😉