Giveaway: WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for Windows

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for Windows is a software which can convert all popular HD video formats, like HD TS, HD MTS, HD M2TS, HD MKV, HD MPEG, HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MPG, HD MP4, HD MOV, HD ASF, HD MOD, etc.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe builds 160 video codec and 50 audio codec, a perfect multi-functional combination of HD Video Converter, DVD Burner and Website Video Downloader.

Without any third-party codec, it can support Multi-track HD video M2TS, MKV, AVCHD, HDTV BDAV and MPEG-TS video movies.

It also supports converting all the High Definition and HD-Camcorder videos, to both portable and console players, such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Zune, PDA, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Zen, etc,.

Supporting Multi-CPU and Hyper Threading, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe offers up to 5x – 15x real time video converting speed.

The latest version of WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is specially designed for football fans, offering a handy solution to download live video from World Cup 2010 live streaming website and video sharing sites like YouTube, then convert to PC, iPad, iPhone, or burn to DVD, etc, just for personal collection.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe costs $29.95 but 10 licenses are being offered FREE to TWC readers and 10 license to TWC Forum members here.

To win a license, simply put in a request and state what you plan to do with this license. The offer will close in 4 days.

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  1. SilverGoldi

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best program i found ever it can convert the videos of my cam in hd avi with great quality ….. It is an handy tool i am using its v3.1 which is offered by winx freely in limited time….
    Yesterday offered the latest world cup 2010 edition but unfortunately i missed it ……
    & its good work happy andy u posted it , i hope i can win the license Thanks

  2. ErnieK

    I ahve been doing video editing for a few years now and have always been on the lookout for a decent video converter. Now that HD is becoming more popular a really good HD converter is an essential. I have looked at a couple of programs (using trial versions) but have never found one that does a wide range of formats to suit my needs\requirements That is until I downloaded and tried WinX HD.

    It does everything you could possibly want and more.

  3. Rene

    OMG OMG OMG…i need this Software…i use the ollder Version and have no money to upgrade…

    I hope i win a License so i can install the new one…

    Awesome …

    Greetings from germany

  4. paul

    I used it alot-converting media to my portable devices, iphone, psp- when GOTD give it away last december, but lost it due to reinstallment of windows. I missed yesterday’s giveaway at GOTD, but hopefully this will be my chance at getting a license.

  5. Suscribome

    Please send me a licence. I have tried a simpler WinX video converter product. Although it was fine, it missed the option for “copying to DVD”. I’d also like to test “To Sony” option in this version.
    Kind regards.

  6. Paul Gorski

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe would be great for converting video files to work on my Zune. The Zune software does not work with many formats.

  7. pankaj

    for better quality of videos conversion this software is best and due to unique feature of winX HD Video convertor Deluxe to convert all format videos its… best

  8. Carmelo

    I’d really LOVE to have a free licence!
    I tried some of the previous versions of this software, and I think the “DVD” option would make great an already fantastic tool!

  9. I have the hardest time getting videos form my Sony Handycqam in MT2S converted properly in general and especially for uploads to youtube. This seems like it would be what I need. I want to be able to post more live video from concerts on youtube.

  10. Carlos

    This is the perfect software to all conversion videos related, looking this one long time ago, now that is free, I would love to have one please.

  11. Harerton Dourado


    I want to win a license in order to convert the videos I record through my DVB-T receptor.


  12. John Hampshire

    I am a freelance technology and football (what you call soccer!) writer trying to build a business in the countryside of Tasmania in Australia. The one thing we do have: high-speed cable broadband. The one thing I don’t have: the time to watch everything I should, so I badly need the ability to download then carry match video to help me keep up.

  13. Wesley

    I have tried to edit my videos taken with family and friends. Trying to get a playable format which is compatible with most DVD, BlueRay, or HD players is not available with with all software unless you pay for additional plugins. I would love the ability to create HD videos ready for iPod or HD DVD players to share with family and friends abroad or online.

  14. Jeffrey John Imutan

    can i please request for a license? i love watching movies on my iphone and havent tried putting HD movies in it. thanks

  15. shadowww

    will convert all my song videos to 3GP format & watch it on my Mobile phone….
    pls give me d key……

  16. Andrew Graham

    I would really love to have a copy of this program. I have recently become fascinated with video and audio quality along with the growing HD environment. I have a brand new Viewsonic projector setup with 5.1 speaker. I enjoy many visual/audio hobbies including VJing, but the odd videos used (I would love a good quality web-video downloader) to make an original set of visuals often lets the quality down. I would be able to convert all the High Definition and HD-Camcorder videos I have with easy. Also mixing quality audio is a big need Thanks for any consideration for a free copy of this software. I look forward to an email : D

    Andrew G

  17. Oudkerk Pool Rudolf

    Sometimes I have a video which I cannot convert and I am be sure with WinX HD Video convertor de luxe for windows it will be possible.

  18. Panayotis

    Please, count me in.
    Thank you for your Offer.
    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for Windows
    is a very useful Tool!!!

  19. hboy

    Thanks for the giveaway. I do a lot of home videos and this would really be a nice piece of software to have.

  20. SpudGie

    I need this giveaway to convert my avi files for viewing on my ipod touch.

  21. Abhishek

    This will be great for converting bulky HD videos which most other alternatives are unable to process.

  22. FROSS

    I heard well about its performance. I hope i will win license Thanks

  23. Dhiraj Sinha

    An irresistible giveaway indeed!!
    Definitely count me in.
    I would use this tool to download clips from youtube,convert them to 3gp format and upload it to my phone.

  24. Rose Cartrer

    I downloaded and tried out the trial version.Converting video clips to Microsoft Zune optimized format was really effortless.So one license coming my way would be highly appreciated.

  25. Luchriste

    Please count me in for the giveaway.
    I use to download songs & video & hope can get a more reliable formats converter software to operate.

    Thanks & Regards

  26. GT

    Hi, i’m be using to convert my camcoder recorded videos.

    Mr G.T.

  27. Len Steele


    Now that I have a ‘high end’ computer it would be great to utilize it to the fullest. Having WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe will go a long way to putting my current and future video collection in high-quality usable video formats.

    Thanks for your consideration…

  28. Hi!

    John Hampshire
    Andrew Graham
    Rose Cartrer
    Len Steele
    Dhiraj Sinha
    Harerton Dourado

    Pls check your Inbox / Junk folder for the license later today.