Giveaway: WinRAR, a powerful archive manager


  1. Every morning one of the first things I do is visit the Windows Club but once again I am excluded from this draw as I don’t go to any so called social networking sites, and I am proud to say I have never had the inclination to do so. I keep it touch with my friends face to face, by e-mail and telephone.

    So it looks like the WC runs a policy of discrimination against those of us who actually know all of the people we talk to.

  2. Hello TWC,
    I would like to convey my sincere thanks for this truly awesome giveaway.WinRaR 3.93 is not only popular and powerful but also the best archive manager I have ever seen.I especially like it’s password protection encryption feature and wide variety of different archive formats.What’s more it even checks for bad header files and repairs it and supports both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.Once again congratulations on your Anniversary and Thanks you.

    Here my Tweet:


  3. Hey ! thanks for winrar giveaway & congratulations for ur anniversary , winrar is most sophisticated and easy software ,far ahead of others in performance ,hope if i get one ,i tweeted about this giveaway among all my followers as

  4. Yes Sir, this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Hurry before my free trial expires.

  5. This is a prize possession. Great giveaway.
    I have been trying to lay my hand on one of it.
    Retweet under “illuminators”
    Facebook dnlilluminators
    Thanks TWC

  6. Well I must be in the dark ages…. I don’t Tweet, I don’t Facebook, I don’t Bebo, or any of the others.

    But what I do is I look for things that will make my life easier and faster. Giving me more time to get on with life.

    Anyway another great giveaway.

  7. WinRAR is something I can use on my computer. It would be truly nice to receive a copy from TWC during the Anniversary GiveAway. My TWC username is subgrampus; my TWCF username is subgrampus. Keep the good technical operating system information coming to us TWC.

  8. yes.. now i have a chance to get it free..

    reaaly need it.. dont want to use pirated verison…

    will tweet it

  9. Hi there,
    In my opinion Winrar is a “must have” utility for any system.So obviously I have installed it on my laptop in evaluation mode.This giveaway presents a terrific opportunity for me to use Winrar in registered mode.So do count me in the giveaway please.Keeping my fingers crossed and eagerly awaiting the results…
    P.S. I have already subscribed to the email feeds and following you on twitter.I have also tweeted this post at:

  10. morning ! Even from belgium , you have support ! and U really wants a free program like winrar .I hope to be a lucky one
    greatings, henrivo

  11. You deserve A BIG THANK YOU for sharing this great giveaway.WinRAR is a great tool. I read a lot about it but has not won any from every giveaways. I believe I’ll win it this time from you.

    Here is my tweet:


  12. Heay even i am in too for this AWESUM GIVEAWAY…………
    as i am fed-up clicking continue everytym i open a rar file coz of unregistered product…….so i m in need of such a giveaway..

    So plz do count me in for this one…………

    Harmesh Rohira

  13. Hope i will also win this 1 too, cause winrar is the essential software for windows user

  14. Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

    Brendon Calle
    james madigan

    I am forwarding your mail id’s to the company who will then forward you the licenses.

    You may be required to give your full name and address to them, if they ask for it.

  15. I have received a mail from WinRAR:

    Thanks for organizing the giveaway and forwarding me the winners. I will need the winner’s full name and address for the license (WinRAR license is personalized, and their contact info is only for registration purposes). Could you please contact the winners and ask for their full name and address?

    Please see the mail I have sent to all the winners and reply accordingly. Do check your Junk box too!

  16. I sent my email with my name and address, but haven’t heard back yet. Have you heard anything from WinRAR? Can’t wait to get the license ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I have received details from 9 but am waiting to hear from one person. If I don’t receive from him by tonight, I will forward the details of the nine only. Sorry about the delay.

  18. I had sent mail to all requesting them to send me the details. 9 have sent the required details. I have not received details from james madigan.

    I have now forwarded the details to WinRAR. You can expect the licenses in a couple of days from the company.

  19. We received the license. Thank you very much for the powerful archiver WinRAR giveaway!!

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