Giveaway: Thinix Touch, a Touchscreen UI Platform for Windows 7


  1. firstly i was not sure what to think when i saw this, so decided to take a testdrive, humm.. nice idea & i kept on playing with it, i can see various situations,environments for it’s usefulness.

    if i won the program i would configurate thinix touch to be used on our family shared pc,
    i’ve managed to configurate it to an likable level with ease, i think my kids would enjoy this alot & the elderly to, me :\

    thanks twc for the post & review.

    & here’s a tweet:

  2. thanks for this giveaway..
    i ddon’t have any touch phone or any touch screen device.. foe me this sort of software will give a chance to feel the magic of touch screen..
    it would be really a true xperience to have those sort of thing…
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  3. I have a touch screen laptop. I would like to have it, since not much software have the need of touch screen function.. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  4. I would really love to have one of these licenses because as A original computer nerd(i.e. my first computer was a green screen non-mac, with no mouse, that could only play solitaire) I have always loved being able to play with the new apps. and hardware constantly coming out. But seeing as how my family has never had extra money I rarely get to try them “brand new” and this would be an amazing experience to an otherwise, currently dismal life. Thanks

  5. Hi TWC,

    Thanks for this opportunity. I went to the site for Thinix Touch and read abt this software. It is great software and would increase my productivity to a great extent.

    It will be great if I win. Please count me in.

    I’m already subscribed using the same email as in my comment here. I have tweeted it here:

    Thanks, Grr

  6. Tried it. I’m convinced that after playing with this you will come back to good old tablet pen with tablet input panel and occasional touch – that is of course, if your real goal is productivity rather than WOW.

  7. I’m having a netbook which give me so much headache because the touchscreen function does not live up to my expectation but this app provide me the ease to work with my netbook efficiently and all I need to do is edit the setting a bit ^^. The interface is easy and fun to look at as a netbook screen is extremely small, where my mom always complain the icon is too small to look at. Thanks Thinix and TheWindowsClub for proiding license on this gem, hope to win the license :p.


  8. Hi WTC,

    This is a great giveaway for those people like me who doesnt have the luxury to afford touchscreen gadgets. I would love to experience and feel this in my old laptop.- Thats if im lucky enough.. I hope so.. ;p

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  9. I have a Acer Touch Screen computer and would like to win 😉
    So count my in for the giveaway.

    I share this link to my Hyvesprofile.

  10. Hi, First, tnx for useful blog site.

    Thinix Touch, seem to be very useful for me. At first, as an aesthetic lover, it’s can make my HTPC much prettier. Second, for my nephews, and other less experienced guest, it’s can provide a quick access to needed Multimedia function and location on the HTPC.


  11. Congrats ! Your licenses are bein mailed to you. Pls check your Inbox as well as Junk folder.

    peep grohl

    Thinix has mailed me saying that they “will also give the 5 winners fresh licenses for the final version as well. They will just need to uninstall RC2 and install the final version. RC2 and the Final version will use different licensing so the RC2 license won’t work on the Final version but they can license the RC2 version for now”.

  12. Actually, I’m not really satisfied with your information regarding this touch screen display. But it’s my first step to know what exactly the platform of that device.