Giveaway: Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 Desktop Edition


  1. The one thing I like about ?
    All the usefull information and downloads … I gues that would be two ?

    The one thing we need to improve upon .
    I think would be site navigation , I think too much opens in seperate windows , even when you stay within the site .

    I have come to really like the recent Symantec products and feel this would compliment my current configuration and would really like to win this .

    Thanks in advance .

  2. what i like in TWC the good stuff they give to us like giveaways , win7 tip&tricks , security warnings and of course make us up to date with the tech news
    what i want to be in TWC more articles about security news and info security , and thank your for this awesome chance ,best regards .

  3. The thing that i like about the windows club is that it is honest opinion given through experiance in every article made by it, the detail and thought put into every last article, i used to visit the other site, windows vista club as that gave me many fixes in plain english and all of it was easy to follow and read.

    The one thing to improve on would probably be the layout of the site. i don’t really like when i come to the site and suddenly a big toolbar takes up a third of the website on both sides and then the article post are very small in the middle, i think that the toolbar that asks how old are you because we’re curious what age group comes to the site i think takes up too much space, much need space at that to fit in all the awesome articles.

    I have been an ongoing user of symantec’s products for years, every year i have bought and upgraded Norton internet security and utilities and know now that they are really getting their acts together and providing better tools then they ever did.

    It would be great if i could get this,



  4. OMG this is a solid backup app. The one thing I like about The Windows Club is that not just the usual daily pieces of news covered, but rare interesting other topics and downloads too. One thing I’d like to see improved is some automated way to view active and currently discussed forum posts.

  5. Like: Great content and contests. The software (UWT FTW!) is even better though.

    Dislike: Ads in the middle of articles… There is a whole ton of white over there. 🙂

  6. Hi I like specially your news and download section! It’s very useful and the news are always interesting!
    Perhaps creating groups under these two features (Network, Desktop,…) would be useful?! Thx for the chance and good luck for everybody 🙂

  7. This is my favotire website in terms of looking latest news and information about software, and OS, one thing I would love to see more in detail is more secrets revealed on the windows 7 OS, more deeper information that could make the OS perform faster and more reliable.

  8. There are any useful tips on windows 7, what’s more, there are some wonderful giveaways sometimes.

    As to the thing you need to improve, it depands. I don’t want any news or comment on smartphones.
    May be,there can be more useful free softwares for windows. It’s only my opinion.

  9. the one thing tht i like abut window club abut the giveways.
    and i want window club more articles on security of the computer

  10. wow..great give away….TWC is the best..please,don’t count me in..i just wanted to congratulate for this wonderful give give away…good luck for all TWC fans…

  11. Hi , i am a big fan of TheWindowsClub because u guys provide us all information about latest trends of software world . I like most about you that you organises giveaways frequently giving best pieces of softwares in the market as well as we gets our frequent dose of technology related issues and their solutions on this website ,thats why we like to follow and support u . I follow TWC via twitter ,email and rss feeds to keep myself updated all the time. Few things on which you can improve are 1) please shift advertisements to side of the webpages if u dont want to remove them (who wants an dancing lady ad in between when you are reading an serious issue 2) please arrange all topics according to their categories , so that finding them again would be easier 3) No irrelevant toolbars and sidebars please , it demotivates the followers. Hope i win thanks in advance

  12. The one thing i like about the windows club is if you have a problem with windows you will probably find the fix for it on this site.I would also like to see giveaways of practice exams for IT certification.

  13. is a great site for windows 7 users. great resources and tips for newbies like me. i like the giveaways and hope to see more.

  14. 1. What I like the most is attending can share decent computer experience/opinion/knowledge with each others.

    2. I suggest that to separate the[Windows Security] Forum with another sub-forum only to dicusss or remove antivirus/inflected files in computer system.

  15. What I like best are the great “how-to” Win7 tips since they help me be more productive and be a better problem solver.

    The only thing I’d do, which is a small thing, is to highlight the feedburner subscription service a little more by either moving it to where the flag is or directly under the search box. I think people miss it where it is (I did) and it’s the best way to keep people informed of the new posts. I know my visits increased dramatically once I found the box and subscribed.

  16. The forum section is great which provides valuable information and promotes insightful discussions among members.

    On the forum sections, maybe you can add a tweet or share button so members can post to facebook or twitter as well.

  17. I like TWC’s Giveaway and Tips on windows post and its forum too.
    I think TWC need to improved its security related post.

  18. What I like about The Windows Club is that you offer giveaways but by directing people to the offer by reading about that offer the reader can decide if its something they really need or should pass on.
    Thus giving the reader new knowledge of what out there and minimizing unnecessary entries for a product they won’t find useful.

    I think one thing that I’d do to improve the forum is to add a suggestion section so that forum members can leave feedback they feel would improve the forum as well as things they find unnecessary and then the moderators could consider those suggestions thus improving the forum.
    BTW, thank you for the lovely offer and if I win it would be really helpful as backup with recovery is always great to have in a moment of disaster as we all tend to slack on backup in a time we shouldn’t. Good luck to everyone!
    Hugs Tylicia aka Silk40dd

  19. # One thing you like about
    one that I like about windowsclub is giveaway, giveaway hence the reason the existence of our windows users are given the opportunity to use good software with legally, in this way certainly windowsclub has helped reduce levels of piracy, I really like it
    # One thing We need to improve upon:
    for the future may need to add an article about windowsclub tips and tricks while browsing on the internet so that Windows users more secure when seeking information on the Internet


  20. hello, greatings from belgium
    I like to have the progra&m because I trust Symantec and I trust the Windows Club !
    I do a lot what you recommanded !
    I hope to be by the lucky ones who winnthis nice program ! Bye

  21. sadly, the’s biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. You’ve got a LOT of very useful information here — in fact, this has become one of my favorite sites — but trying to find it again is, uh, challenging.

    Fix the organization of your site and it would be the best. Guess this sounds more critical than I intended, but … you asked.

  22. Hi Anand,

    You are doing a great job in making us aware of many things of Windows that many of us don’t know…

    Thanks for starting a wonderful website “TheWindowsClub”…

    I wish that your website become more popular in the upcoming days..

    The thing that makes me to visit your website daily is all because of the curiosity in knowing more about what the Microsoft people are doing to survive in this competitive world.

    The thing that would make this website even more better is by adding “archive tab, recently published section and featured post section” and re-naming the downloads section to utilities section and also moving the giveaways to seperate giveaways category.


  23. what i like from The Windows Club is the design of the website, very eye friendly website design.

    and about the thing that you need to improve is reduce the open new tab on every link.


  24. One thing I like about
    I like your giveaways and your informations about software I’ve never heard of it before.

    One thing we need to improve upon:
    More tips and tricks in your security section to be more safe while browsing and downloading.

    So count me in your giveaway. Hope luck is on my side to win one of these licenses.
    Thanks in advance.

  25. I like the listing of tricks, features and utilities

    I dislike the multitude of adverts and the diffuculty in finding the download link (when applicable)

  26. Thanks TheWindowsClub for this giveaway. I want to participate (and win too!).
    1. One thing you like about
    Frequently updated information about everything (Windows, Google, Help, IT industry major event etc). I visit your site thrice a day and always find something new to read. Giveaways related posts are my favorite information. I also follow your twitter.

    2. One thing we need to improve upon.
    Add rich text tools (or at least simple tools) and editing options (might be time limited editing) in comments, if possible.

    To increase my chance of winning, I have twitted here:
    Hope I will win this great software for my SOHO business

  27. Thanks for the contest
    1) I like the multidiscipline feature
    2) Improve some online fixing/testing pc

  28. 1.I came across TheWindowClub not by giveaways but the Fix IE Utility by Raghu. Certainly I like giveaways &; also the software news / information from your site.

    2. Hope can have more freewares (system repair/fix) to be introduced in the near future.

    Please count me in for the Symantec software contest.
    Thanks & Regards

  29. sorry ,my en is not very good so i keep it short
    i like windows club very much because it give us these good apps and so many good tips

    and i would like to see a change in the look of the website

  30. Hi TWC,

    Sincere thanks for bringing this opportunity to win Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Desktop Edition. I would like to participate in this giveaway. Please count me in. My comments for winning the license are below:

    1. One thing you like about

    I visit few blogs every day, and some others occasionally. 1 of the things that differentiates TWC from other blogs is as follows:

    1. The content here is rich – articles or tricks posted here are not available everywhere. TWC is a one-stop-shop!!

    2. Content is useful in true terms – other blogs would just post anything & everything to have readers find new post on their blog. I never came across such useless stuff being posted on TWC. Hence when I get daily-email from TWC, i go through the posted stuff. Believe me there would always be one or the other thing of my interest/use.

    3. Good mix of articles – Though TWC is theoretically a Windows club, practically it does contains a variety of articles being posted, which includes windows, current important news, updates on spywares/malwares, new technologies, important stuff for Mac users, future products like Chrome OS, new virtualization from Microsoft, new laptops/notebook launches, facebook security updates, and many others. (the list is long). Hence it makes TWC different and of interest to wide variety of readers.

    4. Giveaways – The number & quality of giveaways here is better than the other blogs. Take example of this giveaway of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery – there is 0.00000000000001% chance that any other blog could have this kind of giveaway.

    5. Giveaway Rules – last but definitely not the least. It is hard & impossible to find the variety of rules other than TWC. Almost every other blog says, but not TWC. It is good to know what matters to TWC is not mere publicity, but they read & check the content of each comment/reply for the giveaway to decide the winner. Latest example being SnagIt10 giveaway. Also most of the giveaways are open to one & all with absolute no compulsion of newsletter subscribing, twitter following etc – which makes TWC stand different from others and a daily visit.

    2. One thing we need to improve upon.

    I would appreciate if for every giveaway posted here, TWC could post their own review, so that participants could get a first hand knowledge about the application/product being given away. this is not a must, but as I said above “TWC is a one-stop-shop”, i would personally like not to leave TWC page and get all the information here itself.

    Once again thanks for bringing us this great giveaway.

    Thanks, Grr

  31. 1) 1 thing I liked about The Windows Club
    -Unique, portable, free and small size customizing application such as Windows Theme Installer, Windows 7 start button changer and windows 7 folder background changer which I personally found very useful and save me a lot of hassle. I’m not a usual The Windows Club reader but whenever I’m trying to tweak my customization and needed some help, I will always be redirected back to here and It really help me out very much.

    2) 1 thing to improve on
    The design of The Windows Club is what always pulled me away as casual reader. I’m really keen with eye candy site but at the same time easy to navigate. The design/look of The Windows Club seems a bit too dull to me but quite easy to use. It would really be nice to have a more techie and customizable look in the future, I’m sure it will greatly capture new reader.

  32. Hi TWC
    I like to enter your contest.
    Here are my answers:
    1. I like the small concise tips.
    2. in general, more for windows xp. And more contests.
    Thank you

  33. Hi, I’m already subscribing to you and daily visti this place. I like reading the trciks here as it help in my work. Your givingaway also many good to save my cash on buying. I liked it.

    What i’m not liking is some times some adverticements i’m cliking this place give me warning from my antivirus. I’m not good, but I close the page.

    I’m happy to participate for Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 Desktop Edition and thanking you.

    Mr G.T.

  34. Thanks for this nice giveaway …

    1 ) Very comprehensive coverage of all latest news and info on windows a true all in one place to look for
    2) the forum is not that too responsive …give better boost to the forum

  35. Hi,
    what i like in TWC the good stuff they give to us like giveaways , win7 tip&tricks , security warnings and of course make us up to date with the tech news,ecc……
    More tips and tricks for windows xp,more contests for system repair/fix for all windows.

  36. Congrats


    Please check your Inbox / Junk folder tomorrow for the license.

    All the suggestions were excellent and I am really grateful to ALL of you for the feedback.