Giveaway : Snagit 10 Screen Capture Software


  1. Oh ! Snagit is a very cool software i used the trail version and to be honest i used the hacked version too any way i like to have a licensed version ,thank you for this chance .

  2. SNAGIT is awesome …If I win this Giveaway I will use SNAGIT to capture a time lapse video of my desktop. It’s easy, you have to use the timer mode in SNAGIT and then create a movie using Windows Movie maker or Techsmith Camtasia Studio.

  3. here is the i intend to do if i receive snagit license key
    1. this awesome soft possible to make watermark so i can create my own logo for my IP protection.
    2. it is including very precise capture technology so whatever region i wanna to caputer it is possible according to my mind.
    3. the most interest things is snagit include so many images. user friendly and i think so that snagit is the best among the caputring software…i really impress for snagit so i would like to enter it. pls count me in
    i’ve already subscribed windows club.

  4. If I’m going to win the license I’ll take a screenshot of and use the pic as my profile picture on FB and Twitter*.

    *at least for one week.

  5. Ah it has been too long since I won something Like Snagit!I have a lot of images on Internet that could sure use Snagit.
    And well,the updated Magnifier,will definitely gonna come handy for the Up,Close and Personal look.

  6. Wow, i have never ever ever won any giveaways, ask my family and friends. In fact when i was about 4 and entered the easter egg competition at my school with, in my eyes, an award winning Hedgehog egg, i thought i’d win for sure, unfortunately, someone else got their parents to pretty much do it for them and made a huge palace 🙁 so alas i lost!

    To win Snaggit 10, would be a great moment in my life, well you know what i mean, It seems to be a really cool piece of software, i have once used its predecessor, Snaggit 9 for a few weeks on a trial, and found that one of the most useful programs i have ever used.

    Personally, i would use this to take screenshots of information and images of my computer for upload to my website or in help files i make for my friends. I have only just started my website and it is going to be a personal one for know to help everyone in my school but as soon as ik make more help and how to articles, i’m gonna show it to the world.

    I would be Honoured, NAY, Priveleged to get a license for Snaggit 10. Please, after writing more than i can in an English Exam, and after literally getting on my knees while typing, may i have a license.

    Thankyou for reading this webmaster and i hope that you will consider me for a license,



  7. Thanks for the giveaway. Please include me in the draw.

    I could really use a Snagit license to help me accomplish many daily tasks. Some of them are as follows:-

    – capture charts, visuals, graphics or logos for incorporation into PowerPoint presentations.

    – capture on screen data and import for editing in MS Excel.

    – capture screenshot of important key points in Webinar presentation slides.

    – capture screenshot of PC error messages for troubleshooting purposes.

    – create how to videos and tutorials for blogs or forums.

    – capture screenshot of online store purchases or bidding items on ebay, etc.

    – edit and organise photos.


  8. I will use this to capture and store all the pages that actually prove I got something right. Probably won’t be many but at least on those very rare occasions I will be able to send people the proof and maybe, just maybe someone somewhere will think I know what I am talking about for a change..

  9. “most interesting, unique, humorous or witty comments will be chosen”

    Don’t you think that is a little demanding? What happens if I have a phobia about being interesting? What about if I just happen to be that “Average Joe” sitting behind his desk in the movies before the building blows up?! What if comedy is against my religion?!? I think that this website needs to stop discriminating against the average, interesting-phobic, anti-humor, people named Joe! /sarcasm

    I think I got all of the requirements in there. 😉

  10. Hmm..what will I do with the license?

    I think I will replace another pirated capture software :p with a genuine one :p

  11. With words like snag and fly it sounds more like fishing! Is a great program for catching… screen shots.

  12. It’s finally freaking great to come clean after using pirate software with a legit one! 😉

    See mommy!! How easy and simple Snagit 10 is?? I can use SnagIt all by myself! So proud of me mommy?? 😉

    SnagIt or lose it forever!! 😉

  13. Not trying to be funny or humorous but I am computer ignorant. Every time I try to install or run a new software I always have error messages pop up.I then have to Google to find out how to take a screen shot so I can find a support forum to send them to so that they can tell me what I did wrong. This would be a great help for me.

  14. I have absolutely no interest or desire to own Snagit. In fact I don’t understand why anyone would consider this program useful.

  15. I can not give up is one of the software, I think the best of its kind,successful hosting of the graphics software , now use v7.25 because I like snagit,(v7.25) watermark is a useful feature in this version,
    Thanks for this great campaign
    I hope I win
    Good luck to everyone

    my twit:

  16. what a great giveaway. my primary use would be used in a music environment. i am a jazz piano player and i also teach advanced students. snagit would be great for grabbing a few bars of music and be able to annotate explanations quickly. i understand it grabs video and i would like to try grabbing something from a midi file that i am playing so the student could see the notation and hear the difference in the phrasing. i’m not sure whether i can do this but would like to try. confused yet!!! any other uses of this program for would have nothing to do with fishing… thanks….harris

  17. Relatives and friends make much worthwhile,
    Life would be sweet,
    if they knew how to handle
    a simple computer file.

    While ghost images assist, and reboots work too,
    If Snagit made pictures of help appeared,
    Communications would be eased,
    and free time would be cleared.

    As is well known,
    a drawing, a figure, a screen shot or more,
    Clears doubts from the mind,
    and allows solving to the core.

    While words are good,
    and options exist,
    A free version now,
    would help good relations persist!

  18. Snag-It was wonderful on the top secret government computers i worked on. I was always asked… how’d you do that??? I’d say SNAG-IT! They would look at me like im a f***ing rocket scientist!!!

  19. congratulations TWC..wonderful give away….!!! please,don’t count me in…i just wanted to wish good luck for All participants & all the best for TWC..cheers…!!!

  20. Nice Giveaways.
    The 1st time I used Snag-It, by mistake I clicked on the scroll capture features,it then automatic scolled down to capture 2 pages of photos & I didn’t know what to do.
    Actually this is one of the good features of Snag-It build.
    I use to post photos in Forum & Snag-It would act for my good assistant.
    Hopefully can win 1 license of Snag-It then.
    Thanks & Regards

  21. I would use this software when I’m working on a project and I want to create video recording of my screen how I done certin things.


  22. I posted your contest on another site dedicated to Photo Enthusiasts because it is such a useful program for anyone putting together ProShow videos. As a fan of Snagit, I`d LOVE to Grabit and then Dragit, to Flagit for every day use.

  23. Hi, thanks for this nice giveaway.
    *creating tutorial with pictures is easy using Snag it!
    *capturing & cropping photo and uploading it to social network made easy with Snag it!(specially hot & sexy girls)

  24. Snag it is the way to screenshot and more, no one can say No to it and everyone wants a Snag of it. Thanks for this contest.

  25. If I win a free Snag-It serial number, I will do absolutely nothing cool, innovative or amusing, but use it at work to capture portions of mechanical drawings, Web pages and emails to insert into emails and PowerPoint decks to enliven and draw attention to my communications to snag funding, induce partial comprehension and stave off managerial somnolence. I currently use a limited applet and the Crop feature from page saves in Paint Shop Pro — very keystroke-intensive. Snag-It would save me time that I can use to watch bitTorrent Kurosawa flicks with my index finger poised on the Boss Key.

  26. As an active member of a rural volunteer fire department, I take pictures when we are called to fires or vehicle accidents. I later show these pictures at department meetings so we can review the call and identify areas where we could do things better through training.

    With Snagit10 I could identify certain areas of concern on the pictures and also have screen shots from websites that have training courses on them that cover each area.

    I would be able to identify problems and provide training in one easy consistent step instead of the chopped up way we have to bounce around now.

  27. This is very good website in it field. i using the some articles in translate tamil language. thanks for ur work Royal Salute

  28. May not be witty, but I like most the Advance capture features & also captures output to Word/Excel/PT. You will be professional when using the the Snag-It. Anxiously have a try of new SnagIt 10.
    Wish me luck to win a license of SnagIt 10.
    Best Regards

  29. What makes Snag It more powerful from the Windows’ built-in Print Screen or Snipping Tool functionality is that it’s fully automable through VBScript which makes it a powerful solution for end users to automatically take periodic snapshots quickly and whenever you want. If you are a developer, the whole functionality is exposed through COM.

  30. This is a really nice Giveaway.
    Some time ago I have had a look at Snag-It, but was too stingy to buy a license.

    I would use it to present some math solutions for
    students that are created by Math software like Maple. With Snag-It it would be possible to add comments to the worksheets and highlight some of the important points. Using active regions one might also invite the students to explore the worksheet more closely.

    Hopefully can win 1 license of Snag-It then.
    Thanks & Regards

  31. i’ll use it to speed results of my internet service provider to send them a copy of my speed results while complaining about slow connection. they have their own speed tester. thanks

  32. One of the best screen-shot software around. It does everything required of it and more. Take a screen-shot of a subject\project, then protect it by adding a watermark before uploading to the internet. Watermark can be placed anywhere on\in it and at varying degrees of transparency. Catch just a small portion of desktop or full desktop, it makes no difference.

  33. I would love to win SnagIT 10. So please count me in for the contest.
    I think I have something witty for you:

    A man was living on an island for many years, since his ship sunk.
    One day a woman washed up on the island also.
    They talked for many hours. Many days went by.
    Then she asked him what he did when he got horny.
    He said “I go into the island, and onto a field. There is a big tree with a hole in it. Then I kick the tree and do it”.
    The woman said “I see, but how about using a real woman?”.
    The man liked the idea, and she lay down on the ground and spread her legs.
    Then man kicked her in the crotch, and the woman howled and screamed “why on earth did you do that for ?”.
    The man said “I had to scare the squirrels out first”.


  34. i keep trying new things with my windows like modifying registry and changing windows settings due to which i often land in a situation with some functions of windows disabled. so wanted to record how i mess up with windows actually for which i actually need camtasia studio but since there is no giveaway for camtasia studio so i would stick with Snagit till Camtasia Studio is available for free.
    Thanks for the giveaway ( and please try to organise a giveaway for camtasia studio)!!!!

  35. Thanks The Windows Club for this great giveaway. Your condition to win this giveaway is itself humorous. We need to comment in interesting/unique/humorous/witty manner to win a license of Snagit?

    My favorite features:
    1. Updated Magnifier
    2. Formatted Text Capture
    3. Page Curl Effect
    4. Rotating Text

    My Usage:
    To capture whatever I can from my friend’s girlfriend computer. I want to go after one of her friend. I will record her desktop in movie form and will see what I have possibilities.

    OK! That was a joke. I will use it constructively and positively. I have heard of it and read its review at,2817,2364307,00.asp.

    Hope I will be one of the five winners. To increase my chances of winning, I have twitted it here:


  36. Wow! Snagit 10 Rocks, baby!
    Screen-Capturing, Editing and more
    at the Highest Quality!
    Snagit 10 is the King, baby; the King.
    If you find a better program than Snagit 10,
    I will kill myself!!!

  37. SnagIT is very great and I would use it for my website and will add “The Windows Club” to my blogroll.

  38. This utility is excelent…
    It help when we have to print some importante article or image and very much

  39. Well i dont know yet what i will do with it, but i am sure it will definitely come in handy in college, or other work…

  40. I’m a photographer with the software the college classes where I learn
    I also take a photo editor on my blog

  41. SNAGIT it must be a software, If i Win this giveaway,
    i will not give it to others… 😀

  42. Snagit is best Capture software at any cost.
    Naturally I would love to win a copy,
    And replace an older version that I lost
    Gosh, I sure hope it is not on a floppy.

    I would also would like to say,
    Thanks to TheWindowsClub for the Giveaway!

  43. hi , honestly its useful for university [graphic design]……….in my case; i like vector functions of editor and scroll capture of web pages……im user of snagit since 2004

  44. Hi,

    Nice Giveaway. Snagit looks like it fits the bill for me. I don’t know how many times where a good screen capture could have saved me a lot writing.


  45. Hi TWC,

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    This is my 4th attempt this year to win a Snagit 10 license. All previous attempts resulted into Null..Still i’m not giving up, neither going for a cracked version..

    I’m working and being a tester by profession my work involves making lots of documentation/tutorials/guides for end users for the products I work for. Winning Snagit 10 would help me a lot in my professional work, as it has many features like All-in-One Capture, Magnifier, extensive availability of Markup tools, Auto-storing to directory, Tagging pics, Video Capture, ability to save to over 23 formats which will make my prepared documents/tutorials more reader friendly, easy to understand, meaningful & distinct from my co-workers.

    I currently use 2 freewares, but none of them provide the essential features available in Snagit 10. I have already used trial version of Snagit 10 for 30days and am waiting to get my system formatted from IT department to be able to use it again for another 30 days…as my company would not buy it and I’m not in a position to buy it myself.

    I’m already subscribed to your blog using the same email as in my comment here and am also following you on twitter. My twitter page is:

    Apart from using in my professional work, I would also be using it for my personal work.

    It would be of great help to me if I could win myself Snagit 10 license.

    Leaving rest on God, I would like to enter this giveaway.


  46. Thanks to giving a chance for users like us to have a good application ( it seem like good and hope so).

    Using it i will do Tuto whit it and learn more of what is possible to do. Maybe capture post in the forum to resd it later!

    ps: I’m not good in english, hope it’s understandable!

  47. Snagit 10 is the best Screen Capture Software on market (a lot of features (combine images, spotlight and magnify, page curl effect), comfortable handling). I often have to make sceenshots, so it would be very useful for me.
    I have to agree with Marcus, I am not good in english, too (I am from germany).
    Good luck to everyone.
    Best regards

  48. Only joke I can think about is

    Q)) Why did the potato blush?
    A)) Because it saw the salad ‘DRESSING”

    Please consider me for this giveaway .e

  49. This is great software with many function. Using IP webcam and snagit, I will take a snapshot who’s sleeping. And post it in my Facebook and tagged all my officemate. haha!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  50. Day by day
    Night by night
    Kiss by kiss
    Touch by touch
    Step by step
    I fall in love
    A love so incomprehensible
    So vivid
    So unique
    So wild, that not even the reign of God could control
    A passion so deep
    A need so necessary
    A want so strong
    The universe would not handle
    I love you today
    I’ll love you tomorrow
    I’ll love you forever
    Snagit, you’re everything for me

  51. Wow, I’m a big fan of Snagit and currently use an older version of this software. Even so, the software is very versatile, user-friendly, and can make anyone — even those with little graphics and editing experience — look like a pro! It’s amazing how quickly you can take snapshots and transform them into something very professional with just a few clicks. I use the snapshots in presentations and papers and I ALWAYS get asked the question: “How did you do that?!” and, of course, I tell them “Snagit” — it’s my secret weapon!

    Thanks again for offering such a quality piece of software! As they say in New England, this is wicked good software! Good luck to all!

  52. namespace TheWindowsClub
    using System;
    using System.Collections;
    class SnagIt10Giveaway
    // Store all comments and respective authors in a sorted list
    private SortedList authorsAndComments = new SortedList();

    public SnagIt10Giveaway()
    // Get all comments and respective authors and store in authorsAndComments SortedList

    // Method to select a winner
    public string SelectAWinner()
    foreach (DictionaryEntry de in this.authorsAndComments)
    if (TheMostInterestingOrUniqueOrHumorousOrWittyComment((string)de.Value))
    return (string)de.Key;

    private bool TheMostInterestingOrUniqueOrHumorousOrWittyComment(string comment)
    if(comment == interesting || comment == unique || comment == humorous || comment == witty)
    return true;
    return false;

    class TheWindowsClubGiveaway
    static void Main()
    string winnerName=””;
    SnagIt10Giveaway SI10G = new SnagIt10Giveaway();
    winnerName = SI10G.SelectAWinner();
    Console.WriteLine(“Winner is {0}”, winnerName);

    Output: Winner is Johnsson

  53. Great program so far! I think for me it will be very usefull in the CAD area for easily copying data across multiple platforms. Its not that windows won’t do it, it just that sometimes in the html, and other mixed formats it chokes. So far this has done a much better job.

  54. Why would anyone on earth want this software?

    Simply because Snagit is a unique screen capturing software and a must have utility for tutorial making purposes.

    I like the torn look…of the captures :),an effect added when using the editor.
    The page curl effect looks pretty cool too.

    And by the looks of it,there’s much more left to be explored (and enjoyed) in this new Snagit10!
    In short:a major update to all previous versions.

  55. what I intend to do with this license.

    Well, I am not a pro (I must admit)
    I am not able to fully utilize all the features too.
    But I can show the world that SnagIT is a tool for you too. I use it from casual capture of the screen. Things that I browse in the internet. Pictures that I want to keep. Sequence of events on the screen that I want to remember. I simply love SnagIT.

    Well, I have tried a number of giveaway to get SnagIT. But it always hit a Snag. (without the IT)
    I am entertaining SnagIT but it seems to always Snake away from my grip.
    Should I take a nap then? NO … it always nag at me to go for one.
    Hope that this time, I can have a Snack with SnagIT in my hand. : )


    PS: Thanks Windows Club for organising this event. Must commend that some of the readers are talented. Well Windows Club Got Talents!!! Also thanks to TechSmith. Very generous of them


  56. What does SnagIt stand for?
    Sophisticated New All-in-one approach of Generating Illustrations that are Top class.

    How can Einstein’s Energy-Mass equivalence i.e., E=MC2 be applied to SnagIt?
    E = Energy spent in creating an illustration defined in terms of efficiency. Energy is inversely proportional to Efficiency. High efficiency consumes less energy or consumption of high energy means being less efficient.
    M = Mass of each illustration defined in terms of complexity. Lightweight illustrations are less complex whereas heavy illustrations are highly complex.
    C = Constant number of features available in SnagIt.
    Applying the above definitions, Efficiency in creating an illustration is directly proportional to the Mass of the illustration. In SnagIt 10 one has to expend little energy to create complex illustration because the features available make one highly efficient in creating the illustration.

  57. Can someone please tell me….will Snagit take a shot of my wife in the shower?

    If it does that I definitely don’t want it!!

    Just kidding!! I know it won’t really do that. Does just about everything else though….excellent software!!

  58. I want snagit because ‘giants sing at a sting in tags.’ Figure out this little puzzle and win a prize!

  59. One thing I do is help out my folks in India and others troubleshoot computer problems and it would make my job a little easy in troubleshooting computer problems if I have SnagIt 10 to actually show them in pictures how to fix a problem. After all a picture is worth a thousand words.

  60. I would use Snagit to capture images from the live feed of the BP oil leak and efforts to control it. When the oil is not covering the screen the ocean view one mile down is incredibly beautiful.

    At one point the Fox news stream went back to the control room where one could see all the different live monitors the broadcast engineers were viewing. Anything they typed or “moused” went out in the video stream giving an inside look at live video production.

  61. Hi,
    Thanks for a nice giveaway..
    Due to some driver issue in my compaq system,I am unable to use the default windows “PrtScrn” button from day one..
    Now, I am only able to capture webpages with the help of the “Screengrab” addon in firefox…but not able to capture desktop screenshots…
    Please do the needful…
    Thanks in advance..

  62. This was a tough one to judge!

    The comments had to be interesting, unique, humorous or witty! Based on this the following get the license.

    Guy Imbert
    Daniel (Comment dtd June 3rd, 2010 at 8:39 PM)

    Congrats! Please check your Inbox and Junk box tomorrow for the license.

  63. When there is an interestin web broadcast from India or other places with time difference, I want to capture it using SnagIT. It is supposed to be a good program. I want all the members from my family to use it.