Giveaway SLOW-PCfighter: Optimize your Slow PC for better performance


  1. Superb program, really useful for everybody. It helps to keep Ps in a wonderful state. I must say, I don’t much Windows, But , I believe this perfect software,will help me to clean my Pc from registry errors, Thank you!

  2. Thanks Anand for another great giveaway. Please count me in. I want this software to fight against frequent slowdowns on my personal computer.

  3. Heard about this software long time ago. and have used this soft as trial. It would be great if I can have the license. Thanks

  4. im a computer engineer and i like to try optimization programs and compare between them, and see which one of them is better, i wish that i win a copy to try this program

  5. great give-away every should have a program such as this. slow pcs due to useless programs and such need to be address on a monthly basis at the very least

  6. Because I don’t understand the whole registry thing, this sounds like the perfect answer to someone who feels their computer is slowing down. I would welcome a Free license. thanks Windows Club you are the greatest.

  7. Would most definitely welcome a free license. I have a new Lenovo laptop and it works well but I lack the technical knowledge to edit the settings manually to optimize performance. People tell me it works slow and can be faster but there are so many programs on the market – it is too confusing which one to pick. Thank you in advance.

  8. the trial version demonstrate that it has a fast scan. Plus takes a backup and rolleback is easy. To overcome some reg difficulties left by some reg cleaners β€’SLOW-PCfighter will do this better.

  9. Because I have a desktop computer that has a Intel Celereon Processor, 20GB hard drive, and 248mb of ram. I need all the help I can get. This baby has been working for me for 7 years now. I hope to continue this venture with my ol reliable.

  10. I am always in need for a windows tweaking software, and this seems to do the trick, so Please count Me in!

  11. I need a program such as SLOW-PCfighter! in my corner in the never ending struggle to keep my machine lean mean and quick.

  12. I need a program that will speed up my computer. I have to many programs and its starting to slow down.

  13. Download the trial after seeing this here. Gave it a go and it simply seems to do what it says on the tin. Would like it to be a keeper so would love a license.

  14. Since I’m old as air, I have same the problems as everyone trying to keep my old laptop working in “tip Top” shape, could really use the software, thats easy to use.

  15. Hi,
    I hope a win one license as Slow Pc Fighter,is a very good software,fast scan and easy to use,plus a backup rolback is very usefull.
    thank’s for the giveaway.

  16. I think this software would really help my computer which has lots of problems at the moment and lots of errors. I would really appreciate this licence so i can try it out as new software is quite expensive to buy.

  17. Hi, my computer became slower and i’ll appreciate the help of a tool such this. Please count me in. Best regards

  18. I am new to computing. Can use all the help available. Looks like a great app, would love to give it a try. Count me in. Thanks

  19. I am having more of an issue with slow start up of software, namely Internet Explorer load times. I tweaked windows and never find a registry cleaner worthy to find and removes delinquent links. I did a scan with this trial program and was amazed what has been found. Other programs do not find as many errors as this program. Vista registry seems to collect junk in the and keep it. SLOW-PCfighter! would be the program I will use to correct issues with my OS and PC. Anand, Thanks for telling us about this product!

  20. It takes an eternity for my Pc to boot up. I do not know how to make it boot up faster. I upgraded my vista to Win 7 and I think this is why it is so slow. I would really like to have a program that would speed up my computer.

  21. I am always looking for decent, reliable software to enhance my computer use.

    With SlowPCfighter the abillity of reversing the “repair” is a great boon. A lot of these programs do not allow you to undo the “repair” and can cause more trouble than before use. With SlowPCfighter this would\will be something less to worry about.

  22. i really like to try this software……my pc is pretty slow…….1 gb ram and 1.8ghz cpu……..and i cant afford higher range cpu’s…….m fully dependent on system utility softwares…….i never won any giveways from “windows club”……….so please count me in…….thanx!

  23. Antivirus,antispyware and effective cleaning tools:all in a single,comprehensive app! It would be too hard to ask for anything more than that.


  24. I like to experiment with different softwares by installing them in my pc. After few days my HDD and registry is cluttered and as a result it becomes very slow. I dont get much time to format my pc and it stays like that only. So to overcome these situations i like to try this software. Hope to get a license. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Thanks for this giveaway sir.I ant to win Slow pc fighter because i have a very old machine a i need utility software to maintain it.I have also used free softwares but i really want to try a licensed version program and see how does it feels.
    Hope i win one.

    Best Regards,

  26. I am new at this and believe this would Help me in running my Laptop the proper way.
    Thank you.

  27. I would love to be one of the winners of this software from the spamfighter folks. My computer seems to slow to a crawl at times, and I can’t figure out why.

  28. I need this this software simply because my PC (Win 7 Home Premium 32bit) is slow. Hopefully this software wuld help my PC run faster. Thank you

  29. Ever since installing Windows Vista Home Premium on my HP Pavilion (AMD Dual Core) system is really slow. Even with 4G or RAM! I’ve reduced (as much as possible) my start up programs. Purchased Boot Racer to help me time my start ups, and purchased other software to help me determine what else I could do to speed up my boot time. These include System Mechanic, Max Registry Cleaner, Registry Patrol, and Memory Improve Master. Have tried other FREE software to help but all to no avail.

    So if there is a way to try another reputable software package without spending even more money, I’d certainly love to try it.

    Thank you,


  30. Hello,
    Thankingyou for the givingaway. I am wanting to speeding my slow XP system which is old. I can gets my system back in shape.

    Please count me for one license.

    Mr. G.T.

  31. Hi,
    I find that SpamFighter is an excellent software, SPF is from the same publisher and I expect it to be efficient in speeding up my old XP PC.

  32. Wow, lots of responses… well it took me so long because I have a SLOOOOW system and a really teeny tiny wallet… please help me!


  33. I know this was wrong but I put Windows 7 on a Celeron. Win7 is great however computer runs slooooooow! I need that program!!

  34. I would like to win a license as a tool that I can use on my computers and keep up with speed. With so much trash out, I spend lots of time cleaning my computers. I would review and recommended to all my customers and friends.

  35. Thanks for the giveaway Anand.
    I want to win for my brother who has a Pentium-3 laptop, which takes more than 20 minutes to boot…and 5 minutes for IE to open…

    Please count me in.


  36. i barely win giveaways but this is the time when i will summon all the luck in the world to win a license for this superb software… please… leeme have it..

  37. Put this pc together with a new motherboard and some other bits and bobs that i have salvaged from other pcs. And it is Sloooooow, it would be easier to use pencil and paper than use it for spread sheet work.

    Thanks for all your help


  38. The Software would be a great reminder to keep clean to assist in the PC’s performance. Would LOVE to win a licence. Mark

  39. I would like to have a copy of this software. My machine is older and slow enough all by itself but when you add what my girlfriend and her son do on it as far as online games and surveys, etc… Well, let’s just say that my old beast seems like it wants to scream or maybe just shut itself down forever.

    Thanks is advance if I’m lucky enough to be chosen πŸ™‚

  40. Congrats πŸ™‚

    malkhaz iosava
    Daniel Ho
    James Cuppy
    Mohamed Rafi
    Mike Daniel
    Floyd F. Thomas III

    I will mail you the licenses this weekend. Please add “thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com” to your safe list.

  41. I am always travelling and seem to collect lots of junk that slows down my laptop so i would be pleased to reccomend to my collegues anything that does as this promised

  42. holy cow thank you windows club! Now I really love this site. I didn’t even know I won until I saw my email. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

  43. hello i commend u for enlightening us on new apps on windows 7 platforms. i have just discovered SLOW-PC FIGHTER on this site and i have also learned from the same that you’re giving out a free license to a few lucky ones, well am placing a request to receive one. Good day
    musomesa, Kampala ,Uganda

  44. I’ve tried the rest now try the best, others declare there out in front, but there’s know one ahead of us, give it a try then please buy, your computer will be glad, that know longer your owner will be sad, with a faster pc have I, to a slower pc byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  45. Boy if anyone could use this I could, constanly “cleaning my PC to keep it running smoothly. I’ve named it FORD, Fix, Or, Repair,Daily