Giveaway: Prayaya V3 – Portable Virtual Operating System


  1. Anand,
    You must be a mind reader, because I was just doing some research on this product. I’m using MojoPac and was looking for another product to replace my MojoPac. RingCube stop selling and supporting MojoPac but has a free one on the MojoPac website. Now I been using MojoPac for three years and I think it’s a great product. However, not having support for a product doesn’t fan well with me so I need a replacement for my MojoPac. If this product is as good as MojoPac then they have a fan boy for life :). Here’s my tweet:

  2. Hi, you know what .. i like the idea and i care about IT security stuff, hope i will be awinner πŸ˜€ ummmm
    and i share it of course at facebook and Twitter .. but oops i shared it with friends u cannot see it in public..

  3. Hi, great site my NO 1 on my favorite’s bar! put me in on this thanks.
    You guys and all the info and help you give are the best!
    Giveaway: Prayaya V3 – Portable Virtual Operating System –

  4. Seems like a great piece, i’ve been looking for something like this for a while, the last one i found was not compatible with anything other than Windows XP so i hope this one can fair a lot better πŸ˜€

    Here’s my Tweet, always happy to promote the site πŸ™‚ :!/Conn_Platt/status/25865359203

    Thanks again for the chance to win such a great piece of software

  5. Prayaya V3 , There are much mix and match commenting on software. However, it gives better support to 32 bit and work good on kernel. Like to read more on it.

  6. Yet again TWC has come up with a really fantastic giveaway.

    The ability to create a virtual operating system on my hard disk or any removable storage device could be a good way to ensure security whilst out and about. You can get Virtual OS programs on the net but one that allows you to created onto an external drive is hard to find or beat.

    Create an V.O.S onto an external drive and away from main OS would ensure safety whilst traveling and connecting to the Internet, or if it is on the main hard drive, this would give instant access to files not in the created Virtual System with safety as well. Fire it up use as required and when finished simply close down without saving and a clean system is maintained.

  7. thanks.
    Looks interesting. Appreciate if you could count me, as I’m neither havin g facebook nor twitter profiles.

  8. Thanks TWC for great giveaway πŸ™‚ I have received my license. I am now creating an account to register at Prayaya site. It will be very useful for me as university computers are often loaded with malwares. Once again, Thanks you very much.


  9. πŸ™‚
    Always keep a copy of the freshly created (Portable) Prayaya Virtual Operating System (just in case ,for easy restore).