Giveaway: novaPDF, a PDF creator for Windows


  1. I want novapdf bcos other freewares , openoffice and even ms office 2007 pdf print functionality cant match that provided by novapdf.

  2. Thanks for this offer …
    Please count me in this offer ..
    It would be helpful in preparing documents in pdf rather than converting to it .

  3. Unlike other programs, novaPDF allows the creation of active links in PDFs and my current PDF creator is much slower. Please sign me up for the drawing. Really hope I win a license.

  4. Dear windows club.

    I need novaPDF, because it allows me to save any page to pdf-format and print it later (without having a printer permanently attached to my notebook).

    Thank you.

  5. Novapdf is a good pdf creator. It does not depend on external programs like ghostscript. It is light weight and produces quality pdf files. I have to work with pdf files constantly and would be great if I get a license. Thank you, windowsclub.

  6. i have started my business, at present i am using the nova lite edition which dose not have the above said functionility ,we have to deal with a lot a data ,documents invoice and printing , after reading this i hope this would help me stay organised and efficent , so i would definitely like to wina a copy of ths nova pro edition

    thank you

  7. As I use PDF files for transporting docs between computers, both for safety and easiness in opening in other PC’s. This avoids the need of possibly having to install extra doc type readers.

  8. I also would wish to win this giveaway !
    Thanks ! I have lot of files of word which can be easily converted to pdfs and easily distributed !

  9. NovaPdf can Define different profiles and each with its own printing settings, It is also good that the printing profiles can be exported into different installations, handy for direct use

  10. Nice product! I also tried NitroPDF and Adobe…for me the best is novaPDF beacuse settings are very clear and simple. Tnx

  11. Please consider me for this giveaway. I want one so that i could make pdf files and convert some of the others into searchable files and merge pdf files.regards.

  12. I compose a lot of graphic works, and I only use free versions to save or print to PDF. I wish to be able to utilize fully functional software, but such are still way out of my reach. Winning a free license of the highly reputable novaPDF would help me a lot.

    Thank you!

  13. novaPDF provides a bunch of features especially links in PDF files which aren’t available in other similar products while providing high quality PDFs. Its a great product to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Two promotions in one day from TWC, very nice!
    I have tried v6 & novaPDF is now v7
    Great software serving it´s purpose very well.

    Thanks TWC,novaPDF

  15. Making pdf from emails directly is an interesting feature, that solves the problem copy past to MS, customizable output resolution and quality settings is important to save ink

  16. many reson i need a software like this

    1. very easy to use

    2. i can not afford to buy one as of now

    3. most of my work resolves around documents,bills,printouts

    4. my main job is to search in pdf

    all theese will be fullfilled with the novapdf so hope i win one so it would help a lot

    thank you

  17. Never heard of it, but sure am interested in it. I have used primopdf, but now this program has my interest tweaked a little, so what the heck maybe I can win it and make the wife happy with a easier to use PDF creator program!

  18. NovaPDF definitely looks like a winner. I seem to be constantly trying to trim down pages from long pdfs, or wanting to put some together.

  19. I just reinstall windows, although I’d like to win a license novaPDF.
    to read and create PDF files from my document to regroup and read them easily (like a book)
    count me in please

  20. In my current job I have used Adobe Acrobat for several years creating and editing PDF documents as a power user and providing support. I would like to create PDF documents at home but the freeware versions out there are not too good. Adobe Acrobat has the features I want but is too expensive to purchase just to create a PDF document. This novaPDF looks like a very advanced PDF creator and would be very suitable for my needs.

    Thanks for allowing me to enter this contest. Looking forward to hear from you.

  21. Prob missed the give away, But firured I’d post anyway. Seems like at this point it should be a standard feature ( I know it is in Office 2007), but can’t handle that upgrade just for pdf feature. Thanks for this great site, made my switch from XP to Win7 a breeze. I have learned alot here. Thanks, and thanks for the give aways

  22. I’m a long time user of the Firefox novaPDF extension, and I love it. I would like to have the giveway version if possible.


  23. i have the free version of the nova it would be great if i could get the pro version now so please count me thank you very much

  24. I work as an administrative assistant in the transportation industry & handle a number of different documents every day. After reading about the versatility of novaPDF, having a copy of the software would be a great help in the efficient distribution of many of those doc’s without the investment of other similar & more costly programs. Thank You.

  25. I would like to get the license because I work with several files and is much easier to lead them / give someone in the pdf format.

  26. i deal with numerous type of documents ,bills invoice, dispach notes.orders,log notes.reminder notes ,discharge notes and many unnamed documents your article has thrown alight on my ignorance in digital/electronic media i hope this kind of software will help in a orderly and well maintained situatuion so would like to get a license so that it would give me some first hand experince in gaining knowledge in electronic records and would help in making decision in buying software

  27. i think this software is really needed to me sorry i dont know to express in words but i want it very much so please

  28. I create legal documents at work all day and would like a really reliable pdf solution – I am using bull zip at the moment – a license would be great!