Giveaway: Microsoft Office 2010 licenses


  1. Wow..wonderful give away….you are great TWC..good luck for all indian TWC fans..i’m not from india…nevermind…wish u all the best,friends…!!!

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    I am tired of old (dead) interface of Office 2003. The best feature of Office 2010 is new Ribbon UI, which is customizable too. I want to switch to it. I love the way the commands are grouped in sections and tabs. Moreover, I want to convert all my documents in docx format (virus had corrupted my doc files previously). I have also heard of protected mode/view or something like that which is supposed to protect me while opening untrusted documents. Please count me in. I am a Masters student. I hope I will win one license. Will be thankful for it.
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  3. Done the first two steps. The current favorite feature in Office 2010 is Speak which is hidden by default actually. With Speak, you can just let the Computer read out for you. Really helpful when you are busy with something else…

  4. First of all, excellent giveaway!
    The one feature I liked the most is integration of Office 2010 with Windows Live. I mean it makes the task much easier as everything can be done out of a single interface instead of switching between different programs. Its really good for bloggers and people who need to share documents and stuff.
    I’m already following TheWindowsClub on twitter and my tweet handle is: abkTech
    Thanks to Microsoft & The Windows Club for this great giveaway!

  5. Its time for me to upgrade, with the newer GUI that is visually beautiful and features like native pdf support, better security, the time is ripe to use 2010 and personally it would be great to use outlook 2010 and use powerpoint as last office i bought was office xp in late 2001!

  6. Very nice giveaway… Much appreciated..
    The feature i like most about office 10 is it’s nice and simple ‘buttoned’ UI and improved security.. As i’m a student and much interested in IT sector, this will be very useful for me..
    Pls consider me for the giveaway…

  7. Hello TWC!
    Yes this truly a great and a awesome giveaway.I would definitely would like to win Microsoft Office 2010 Home and student license for 1)Office 2010 has built in Screenshot Capture for taking extensive screenshots for my projects.2)Office 2010 Has A Protected Mode While Opening Documents From The Internet that won’t allow editing the document unless I enable editing of the document.3)Broadcast Presentations To my Clients.4)Recording Slideshows As Videos.5)New Animations & Slide Transitions is my personal favorite and lastly 6)The new Ribbon which allows us to prefer table of all Office 2003 menu and toolbar commands and their locations on the Ribbon in the 2007 Office system also opening one of the Microsoft Office Excel mapping workbooks,which we can browse, customize, print, and save on our computer. Instructions on the first tab of each workbook provide tips for customizing, finding, and printing the lists.
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    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. 🙂


  8. The most awsome feature that i want to use in Office 2010, is the Excel’s Slicer for PivotTable.
    This feature will increase the productivity of the people that use PivotTables.
    Can you imagine the possibility to sort sort the data from a pivot table using 2 or more criterias?

  9. For me, it would have to be simultaneous editing. I do part-time editing of fiction, and at times have resorted to desktop sharing. Being able to work on edits live, sharing discussion at the same time, in a more natural way will be a big help. I’m hoping it works as smoothly as it’s been advertised to.

  10. HI, Please put me in for all the give aways. My son has just started his own business and he really needs some of this stuff. He is on a tight budget. He is using his money he saved while on his 3rd tour in Iraq to open his new company business. By the way his business is in Tallahassee FL opening in july. It is called GOIN POSTAL
    thanks, all

  11. necessarily need to use a commercial company is legally licensed. Office, not a computer without software. Today is the best type of MS office software. To avoid compatibility issues, so the best ms office 2010. Thanks for the campaign

  12. I am most looking forward to having OneNote to help me organize my projects better without having to rely on a disconnected collection of bookmarks and notes snipets and screenshots that I can never seem to keep organized. I understand OneNote will now be pretty standard with all editions and I’m pretty jazzed about a new tool that can make a real difference.

  13. Hi , first of all let me tell u that ms office is an best way to increase ur productivity and help in your projects , best of all it is most simplest office due to its new ribbon interface which makes it easier to locate and apply any effects and customise the documents,files easily ,hope i win , thanks in advance ,following ur every move on twitter as @pantherchd as well as by email feeds

  14. MS office is always the best choice for working with documents, presentations. V2010 is looking more promising.
    First of all, I like the new Ribbon Interface, it make things more concrete and attractive.
    The easy to get Backstage View is also quite handy.
    The paste preview feature is extremely useful when you are creating a document.
    It has added a new photo editing tools within it which is quite helpful.
    There has been a few good additions like new styles and some new feature which makes 2010 an extraordinary version of office.
    I really need the license.

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  15. We can do either of the above (Twitter OR Facebook OR RSS) to win right? I’m following TheWindowsClub on Twitter. This is the best giveaway so far. Office 2010 is much improved over 2007-Backstage View, customizable ribbon, smooth PowerPoint transitions. My favorite feature is the speed that all the Office apps in 2010 load with. Compared to 2007 or 2003, nearly all of the apps start up almost instantly and are very responsive after startup. Plus, I use Office with several third party addins and the splash screens in 2010 show information about any loaded addins so if a particular addin is causing any Office program to load slowly, I can simply disable that addin. This troubleshooting feature is so useful in 2010.

  16. Hi,
    First of all thank you for providing such a giveaway. I’m a fan of Microsoft Office and I would love to own an original copy of the same.

  17. I have subscribed to the Feedburner feed by email. My favourite feature of Office 2010 lies in Word 2010: Document Map in Word now lets you drag and drop the titles/headings inside it to directly rearrange parts of the document! How cool is that!

  18. MS office is the best software for working with documents,
    I have to deal with lots of Excel and Word document and I love its Ribbon Interface from Office 2007 – 2010 because it help me for work more quickly and easily.
    The paste preview feature is also very attractive.
    Its Backstage View is also improved in compare to 2007

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    and I also subscribe via email

  19. Great giveaway, good luck people, i bet Office 2010 would be a great companion for Windows 7.

  20. hello!
    greatings from belgium ! As you now, we are a poor people, ,lol , and y hope to be lucky ! bye

  21. Hi,my twitter is here:
    Office 2010 is much improved, customizable ribbon, smooth PowerPoint transitions. My favorite feature is the speed that all the Office apps in 2010 load with. Compared to 2007 or 2003, nearly all of the apps start up almost instantly and are very responsive after startup.Document Map in Word now lets you drag and drop the titles/headings inside it to directly rearrange parts of the document.I use Office with several third party addins and the splash screens in 2010 show information about any loaded addins so if a particular addin is causing any Office program to load slowly, I can simply disable that addin. This troubleshooting feature is so useful in 2010.
    I hope a win this giveaway!

  22. Hii,

    First of all,Thanks for providing such a nice give away to my country,I expect this will continue in the future too.

    I tweeted and and liked in facebook also.

    In office 2010, I like too features very much,

    I like the features like directly connecting to social network sites like linkedin..

  23. microsoft office 2010 in my opinion better than Microsoft Office products before, the features I like is when we want to print, we do not need to see the preview again because there was a direct preview sheet when we pressed the print command, the other advantage is a faster loading, I two keungulan think this is my favorite, and of course there are many other advantages that I mentioned here have not had time, I hope I can get a license to complete office applications on my 64 bit laptop, thank

  24. i like in ms office the start up process of ms word excel and outlook means when we double click on it will show a ms
    plz count me also

  25. Wow many blogs seem to be running this giveaway (Indians are got to be lucky!!) exclusively for Indians…..
    So I ahve been using Office 2010 trial through technet and I am very satisfied with the new version..
    One major overhaul has been in Powerpoint which has added support for videos in slideshows and streaming through youtube.. Video editing facilities is an added bonus..
    This is my favourite feature of MS Office 2010..

    Please count me in for the giveaway …

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    noted this in forum :

    the most important feature is ” the screen shots” in menu bar option in MS PPT which we can directly SNIP, insert and modify(cut and paste) any thing FROM WEB PAGE or desktop,whichever is in background.. the web pages importance is too good,.. and after that use of ” picture tool” ,will come in which we can change brightness and pic style will also change”
    this can help in taking “reference,quotes and pic of important things directly” coz, before it we have to save pic,then cut, and then adjust,, this reduces the effort and is pretty fast,,
    thank you dear for this giveaway..

  27. pelo que tenho observado o office 2010 traz uma interface mais amigável que o seu antecessor, o office 2007… Um visual mais leve, mais estabilidade, além de ter algumas ferramentas adicionais… A barra de ferramentas oferece botões de acesso direto, facilitando o trabalho do usuário… Certamente este novo produto deverá cair no gosto dos usuários que, assim como eu, têm anciosamente esperado o laçamento ou liberação do software pela microsoft… ou um grandioso giveaway como este oferecido pelo The Windows cLub site… Assim fico na torcida para ser um dos felizardos.

  28. I have observed by the office in 2010 brings a more friendly interface than its predecessor, Office 2007 … A look lighter, more stable, and has some additional tools … The toolbar offers buttons for direct access, facilitating the user’s work … Certainly this new product to the taste of users who, like me, have anxiously awaited the release of the software or laçamento by microsoft … or a grand giveaway like this offered by The Windows Club Site … So get the crowd to be one of the lucky ones

  29. I want to use office 2010 due to new feature in Microsoft Office 2010 the Social Connector.I want to write emails while keeping track of my family, friends, and colleagues even when I am on work.

    Following You on twitter @vip2200
    Plz give me one, Thanks!

  30. Thanks for this lovely offer. I am not present on any social networking sites but I have subscribed to the feedburner newsletter.

    It is very difficult to pick one feature, I love so many of the new ones. Since its a Home and Student Edition, let me tell about the new feature of OneNote – the Side notes, that I will use the most. I can use this to write a note while using another Office application, like reading a document on Word or seeing a chart on Excel, and it is automatically saved in OneNote just like writing on an actual notebook. I write it and its there.

    As for One Note, I can easily capture information and copy into it, search better, look for deleted notes in the Notes Recycle Bin, track versions of notes through version numbers, search better in a page or sections, or individual notebook or all notebooks. Also the integration of the Ribbon in On Note makes life easy.

    So this is One application that I will use a lot with Side notes being the most used feature for me.

  31. Hi,
    Following on twitter with user pari991 and subcribed to feed burner.
    Office 14 ( Office 2010) will be the first to provide 64-bit version. I am impressed with the collabarotive features of this new office version which will help me in my business and also make it easier to stay connected.
    Thanks and keep up the good work. Please consider me in for this competition.

  32. Office 2010 has been one of the major overhaul MS has given has for years in in its flagship software.. My favourite feature in office 2010 has been in poerpoint which has now got the ability to stream videos and cool editing options. MS word has also got few cool features like image editing and paste preview.

    I am already your email/FB/twitter subscriber/fan/follower and I am looking forward to this opportunity…

  33. Hi. the best feature I like most was it was faster than 2007,UI,best part was in outlook 2010. Sneek preview all the mail of particular sender by just on click.
    Hope a licensed version gives me more!

  34. Hello my experience about office 2010 is faster , better , easier , attractive , loveable than the previous products of office… Also its really great to use it on windows 7 . so hopefully i think i will win this atleast as my first prize

  35. Hi there,
    The feature that impresses me most is that one can now seamlessly collaborate on a project with one’s coworkers using webapps over SkyDrive or Facebook.Besides,the “paste preview tool”,which lets one assess how a copied content would look like while keeping the source formatting intact or stripped or merged without actually pasting it!!,is also very enticing.The more widespread usage of the ribbon interface now across all components of the office is also a welcome move.
    P.S. I have subscribed to the email feeds.I am already following you on twitter and connected with you on facebook.My twitter as well as facebook username is d4dhiraj

  36. I have subscribed to the newsletter, as I believe that I have to do ONE of the above things that you have mentioned in point 1 for participation.

    The feature that I will use most is “Sparklines”. These are small cell-sized charts that I put in my Excel sheet right along with the data. This gives me a quick visual representation of the data.
    I am a home user who likes to follow stock prices of 50 companies. Earlier I had to read all the cells to see if prices are down or up over the last few days. Now I just create a Sparkline for each stock and see its performance over time in a fast, easy to comprehend graphical manner.

    Since this is a new feature of Excel 2010, I would love to get a copy of Office 2007 and upgrade free to Office 2010.

  37. As I had mentioned earlier in the post itself, this Office Giveaway comes from Microsoft India, and would be open to residents of India only.

    Congratulations !


    I have forwarded your details to Microsoft India. They will get in touch with you anytime in June 2010, so you may have to be patient 😉