Giveaway: Get 10+10 lifetime licenses of Win7Zilla FREE!

In association with Win7zilla, The Windows Club is pleased to offer 10 lifetime licenses to Win7zilla to the readers of The Windows Club.


Win7zilla™ is a security, maintenence, customization, optimization and tweaking software for Windows 7. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one Windows 7 utility to meet all your system maintenance requirements.

Win7Zilla™ is a multi-utility software incorporating hundreds of system and application enhancements and tweaks while also functioning as a deep system cleaning software. Win7Zilla™ offers various customizations to make your Windows® 7 Operating System work the way you want. With all important utilities combined into one handy tool, Win7Zilla™ is a one-of-a-kind, complete system maintenance workhorse.


System information – Hardware
System information – Software
Change OEM and User Information
Optimize Internet Connection
Windows® 7 utilities Easy Access
Tweak and Change Windows® 7 Settings
Optimize Physical Memory (RAM)
Boost Gaming Performance
Change Windows® 7 Logon Screen
Clean temporary Files
Clean Windows® 7 Registry
Manage Windows® 7 Start-up

To be eligible to win a free license you will have to leave a comment or feedback about Win7Zilla, here below in the Comments section. The 10 lucky winners will be chosen randomly. The license otherwise normally costs $15.99. The offer will close 7 days from now.

TWC Forum members have been reserved 10 licenses separately. So if you are our forum member, please head here.

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Have a nice day! Smile

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  1. Geoff Taylor

    It would be great to have a copy of Win7zilla to prune and tune the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft.

  2. Looks like a great piece of software. I went to the website and it has a very large list of functions.

  3. Rajesh Kanuri

    Hope i ll get one copy..

  4. Rajesh Kanuri

    the win7zilla is a very useful utility to boost the PC performance and helps us in managing the system..

  5. This is exactly what I was looking out for to install on my desktop. My dad will be happy!

  6. Rahul

    wonderful tool……. keep up the great work…

  7. Win7zilla’s easy-of-use makes customization a snap, even for those who consider themselves power users.

  8. richie

    I love messing about and tweaking my windows 7 so would love to get my hands on this,looks very Interesting.

  9. Rain

    Great tool. Love the site!

  10. Zeus

    Wooooooow, i want a copy… :p

  11. Linu

    Hello, I would like to win this if possible. Any reviews out there for this? Same as above, tweaking win 7 is exciting…

  12. This is a great utility. I would have spent hours looking for and configuring all the different options that Win7zilla puts in one spot. Not to mention that if you move fast free upgrades for life. Awsome!

  13. GS Pillai

    Love to have a copy!

  14. Les Jones

    Its doing all I needed to do…great utility, Hope to win a copy ….that would be awesome!!

  15. Gary

    Not very user friendly – functionality not obvious. It also does not work on a lot of Win7 settings. I use Win7 Ultimate, fully updated.

  16. Ryan

    There are a lot of utilities out but Win7Zilla seems nice and fresh.Looking at the trial version now and it is easy to use which is good with software like this. I recommend it to people who want software like this.

  17. 212eta

    That’s an Awesome Multi-Tool!
    Really amazing!!!

  18. Murphy

    Very nice and userful offer . Thanks !
    Best regards !

  19. Willem

    Wow, love this!

    Please count me in.

    Thank you very much.

  20. clydeman

    I hope I’m lucky with this.

  21. Legaz

    Let’s see.

  22. vhick

    This is a good companion for my windows 7.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Vinod

    Hope to try it for the first time.

  24. K19s

    Hi, would be great if I had a copy of Win7Zilla to boost my PC performance.


  25. Brian

    A utility for Windows 7 security, maintenence, customization, optimization and tweaking. Win7Zilla, the monster of all utilities.

  26. kevin

    cool windows 7 optimzation product looks stable and easy to use.
    Love to have one!

  27. zyx777

    A good chance to get this great software free 🙂

  28. DJ

    great work guys 🙂

  29. quaker

    I’d also like to join your lottery game 🙂

  30. TheBigOldDog

    Now this is a Black Friday deal worthy of the effort!

  31. ckit

    This is a very interesting offer and I’m going to have a crack at it. Also, joining as a forum member too 🙂


  32. Wong

    I would like have a license of Win7Zilla, my Windows 7 need to tweak much.

  33. Ryan

    Great software and great offer.

  34. Nova

    Thanks for great offer.
    I want to try my luck.

  35. Tom

    A Swiss Army Knife for Windows 7…Great!

  36. phobos

    Win7zilla™ is one of the world’s first security and tweaking software for Windows® 7. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one Windows 7 utility to meet all your system maintenance requirements. Win7Zilla™ optimizes performance and all settings with immediate effect unlike other tweaking software.

  37. makis

    It is great piece of software i’m using the trial and really want the full edition.

  38. Alok

    Great for Windows 7 to avoid it’s minor flaws!

  39. Shahnawaz

    really a great system tweaker software.Desparate to win a liscence

  40. Murugesh

    Wow! Good offer. I hope to be lucky. Thanks!

  41. Bionic

    Thanks Sagitos Ltd & TWC
    Count me in for the Win7Zilla giveaway

  42. Michael

    Great tool to have on hand.

  43. pini

    i would like to get this app.

  44. ra_sh

    My computer will be very happy if I will get he Win7Zilla giveaway…

  45. DuDe

    looks like a very good app..
    would love to have a full licensed version of it..

  46. Jay

    Looks great. Hope to try it.

  47. van M

    Haven’t tested it yet, but Seems to be a serious contender to the rest of all-in-one software in its category.

  48. Matteo

    Looks like a fun application to play around with windows 7 with. Although I hope an inexperienced user or someone that is not good with computers can use it and not totally destroy their computer.

  49. MerleOne

    Seems a very comprehensive application, nice to have. Thanks !

  50. windowsboy

    Windows 7 is great but with Win7Zilla, I can tweak its settings comfortably and optimize its performance, making it a truly powerful OS beyond your wildest dreams. In short, Win7Zilla is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to make the most out of Windows 7. That’s the reason why I desperately need this and I really hope to win.

  51. Daniela

    I would like to have the full version of Win7Zilla…….great foe win7.
    Un bacione from Italy

  52. My lappy will be very happy to get this amazing tool.

  53. Paddyo

    Any offer of good value Win7 compatible software has to be good and worthy of a response!!!

  54. sam martin

    wow……..great offer hope i get lucky

  55. Victor Gnanaraj

    would love to have one

  56. Mezan

    Thanks for this nice offer. WinZilla is a good software and I will like to win a license of it. 🙂

  57. sunkumarspace

    very nice and wonderful offer and would love to have one hope I get lucky.I can tweak the settings of win 7 and make it more wonderful, a comprehensive and wonderful application ,love to have full license for it.It is the best tweaking software.

  58. Unlucky One :S

    Count me in, too!!

  59. Samm

    I would really appreciate getting a full license for your application. I think it’s really a boon for those of us that need something easy to help make our machines run at their best.
    Thank you for considering me.

  60. joel

    The win7zilla is a very useful utility to boost the PC performance. It’s just like a all in one utility to clean up and speed up my computer.

  61. MinhTan

    i hope have a license

  62. stammer

    This should make a great addition to my Win7. Thanks for the chance to win a Win7 utility. Mircrosofts new OS is great already. Anything that will help it along should make even better.

  63. Frank Warren

    A wonderful app, any serious win7 user can not do without this program. I’t will replace all those other apps you’ve collected and promply forgotten. A real winner.

  64. Maria

    Software great, i like use it

  65. louman578

    I tried Win7zilla and found it excellent for improving my Windows 7 performance.

  66. darkfox276

    sounds amazing hope i get a copy

  67. yikai

    It is a supernatural windows tool. I wish I can get it.

  68. indep

    This is an excellent multifunctional application. I would greatly benefit from it.

  69. Gonzo

    Looks really promising!!
    I could definitely use a license for it!

  70. Duncan

    The trial version is great Look forward to getting the full version when I can afford it.

  71. Clay

    good luck to everyone. this is a great software

  72. I tried to enter when the contest first opened but couldn’t. Now I know why. I would love to get the tweaking utility as I haven’t selected one as yet for Win 7.

  73. sammy was

    win7zilla looks good to me. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  74. Meena

    Windows 7 is the future and so is Win7Zilla.

  75. Kwvin Alexander

    This product looks as promising as the OS itself. I’d love to put Win7Zilla to use someday!

  76. Tiger Singh

    Indeed a gud soft for Win7 smooth working
    Plz count me in

  77. Chad Harris

    Looks interesting. I wonder how the “registry cleaner” compares with SubInACL.

  78. RAH

    I would like to have a serial of software…

  79. RC

    Great giveaway and good luck for everyone,

    count me in to =p

  80. Lucky

    Win7zilla is all in one utility for Windows7 operating system.

    Thanks alot for for this Great giveaway

  81. David

    Windows7Zilla is a tweaking utility designed for Windows 7.

  82. Congrats 🙂

    Geoff Taylor
    Craig Duckett
    Rick Rodriguez
    Frank Warren

    The winners have been selected randomly from among those who left a feedback/comment.

    I will forward your email id’s to the company.

  83. Rysat

    Looks as if this is just what I need.
    Let’s give it a try.

  84. Gnome McGnome

    It would be great to win a copy of Win7zilla because vista 2, sorry windows 7 needs all the help it can get

  85. Vanya

    great piece of software!!

    this sw let to manage different setting of your browser/os to achieve a system which use only what you need. for example you can set the browser to achieve optimal performance (and not the default who is set for older pc) or disable the service you don’t need. it act even as deep system cleaner eliminating all the garbage files/registry keys.

    moreover you can customize windows (i’m always a fan of windows modding). this is great!!!

    another interesting function is the optimization of ram and of internet connection.

    so it has the function of many system software all in one!! this let me to uninstall many other sw.

    i hope to win this great sw!! my desktop too!!!

  86. The licenses have been dispatched by company to the winners, mentioned above.

    Thank you for participating and stay tuned for our next giveaway.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  87. P W H

    I have tried win7zilla. It has a lots of functions and seems to be ok!

  88. P W H

    I have tried win7zilla. It has a lots of functions and seems to be ok!