GIVEAWAY: FILEminimizer Office – Compress Office files by up to 98%


  1. I take classes online and have to e-mail large papers to my instructors all the time. This program would be a HUGE help (much better than putting them into a .zip folder and trying to explain to them how to open it).

  2. I would use the software to compress my complex PowerPoint presentation on Marina Orlova for the “Meet and Talk” conference about the new media which will be held on our journalism department of the Moscow State University on November the 16th! It contains a few videos and other media content which makes it heavy. Reducing its size with FILEminimizer Office would be great!
    Thanks in advance! Hope I win)))

  3. Who Needs FILEminimizer Office?
    You do if you’ve ever:

    * Worked with a lot of Microsoft Office files over email.
    * Used compression packages that required both parties to compress and decompress archive packages before the files inside could be accessed.
    I want it because I’m the one that wrote the blog about FILEminimizer Office.

  4. I run a website that uses a lot of documents in doc and xls formats. This program helps to reduce server space and bandwith.

  5. I work with Word and Excel files on a regular basis. The program will help me minimize the storage required for all my office files. It will also help me send larger files over email easily.

  6. This is a keeper software. so many times .ppt files are way to big when you add music, video or other embedded files. This could be a life saver when sending files using dial up internet as the compression is first class.Plus its future proof with its 2007 docx support. Thanks.

  7. Sharing bulky presentations and documents is a real mess, especially with dial-ups and wireless connections. I tried this trial version and it works like a charm on these bulky files. Ironically the content and quality is same (i suppose with little degradation of images but it isn’t noticeable at all). Its amazing and is unlike zipping the document which requires additional archiving software too.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. What a lifesaver, does what it’s supposed to do. Too bad third party utilities outshine Microsoft when utilities like this one should have been part of it in the first place!!!.

  9. The office documents are big part of my daily work. The accumulated documents eat up a lot of space and big documents are difficult to share over email. The software will help shrink the storage now dedicated to all my document, make it easier to share over email and reduce the bandwidth needed.


  10. Very nice tool, would help me clean up my Hard Drive by freeing up lots of space.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

  11. I find this program very useful. My family sends a lot of pictures and letters to her family and friends overseas, and zipping them still constitutes a large file to be sent and a long time to load it for us. Also my 14 year old has ? numbers of pictures that she saves from friends and herself, about 2 gigabytes now. We only have 30 gigabytes on the hard drive. making them smaller would be nice.

    Thank you,

  12. [Sorry for the long comment; but I want to bring you the reality as a Windows Administrator]

    Two reasons I can see why a person need such a office related files compressor

    Attachment size limitations:

    I know IT companies(specially in INDIA due to lack of sufficient internet BW) keeps a cap on max message size a user can send to internal/external people. If a person has to send a big document/PPT to client, he needs to buzz sysadmin to relax the restrictions for some time. Story is not finished with this. If the other user to whom I am sending the mail also has same limitation, then I will get a NDR(SMTP: 5.2.3) saying that my message is not delivered due to size limitation. So, I have to get some FTP server to transfer the file which is 98% headache than sending the docs through email. Also I cannot trust external FTPs considering my data confidentiality and also technical expertise of other user also matters here as he has to down the file from FTP(I know you and I can do this but all may not). AFAIK, Google is the one which gives max message size limit of 10MB. You cannot send more than that in a email in Gmail.

    Save Disk space:

    One really don’t bother if they have to keep office related files on a local disk; but worry will come if have asked to place them on SAN based home drive(given by admins which is secured and backed up) as their quota limits will exceed and will have to spend their rare weekends re-arranging the files in Quota storage.

    I hope compressing the files with this kind of tools will really save some time and one can have weekends with their friends/family.


    PS: Still one question is lingering in my mind; How do I uncompress a PPT file which is compressed by this tool. Ultimately, I expect my recipient to see all the graphic/colorful work I have made in PPT and acknowledge my efforts.

  13. The following get it. Congrats.:)

    Bogdan Zyryanov
    Jeffrey Fox

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  14. I would like to have one license please of fileminimizer.AS i have a lot of office documents and presentations ic can carry them in my pendrive

  15. I almost never delete a word or excel document so you can imagine after using a computer for 25 years the file space adds up. Being able to compress these file would be awesome. I also love the one click optimization. Please consider me for a license.