Giveaway: ESET Smart Security 4


  1. This would be a massive bonus for me as my current anti virus is about to expire.Im following on Twitter without prompt lol but I dont use Facebook or Id defo use all 3……Newy

  2. Hello TWC,
    This indeed a perfect way to end the galore of giveaways you have giving here on you Anniversary for us.I would sure like to win one ESET Smart Security for its total comprehensive all-round protection.I like the features of Personal Firewall,SysInspector and SysRescue in Eset Smart Security 4 very much.Thank you so much for truly a highly valued security application for all of us.

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    My Forum name: NiceTake.

  3. Nice way to finish please consider me as an applicant for Eset SS4 my

    Twitter @ JohnPAckerley
    TWCF = johnny.rotton
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    thanks a million Jr

  4. After reading the MaximumPC article this month reviewing anti virus programmes, ESET came out on top and seems to be and excellent solution. Count me in!

    Forum Name: stevo
    Facebook: Stephen Poland

  5. thank you for this generous Giveaway
    my TWCF username is : fabald
    I hope i win
    Thanks again

  6. I made a restore point yesterday and was hit with malwares, dont know how got them, avast was helpless, I am sure this one will look also in windows restore point.


  7. Nice giveaway TWC I have been folowing your website of late it;s fantastic.

    And please count me in for the promotion. I am already using NOD32 AV and it’s bigger sibling would be nice..

    Here are my details:
    I’m your follower on on FB/Twitter and Forum member.
    FB: pratikonomics

    Twitter: pratikonomics

    TWC Forum: pratik

  8. Thank you for this generous giveaway
    Please count me in
    Here are my details:
    I’m your follower on on FB/Twitter and Forum member.
    Twitter: alex19100
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  9. While I’m yet to visit the forum, I’m a follower of TWC on Facebook (.com/iHaresh) and on Twitter (@iHaresh).

    So, it’s:

    Name: Haresh Patel
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    I download utilities and softwares from here and expect a lot more articles, tips and softwares for Windows 7 😀

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Hello, I am happy to have found your website because it is filled with great information and utilities. I hope to win a license for the Eset Internet Security Giveaway. Me and my friend have been wanting to try Eset for awhile now. Thanks a bunch, Chad. Oh and I signed up for Facebook, Twitter, and I joined your forumn and I will be participating in future discussions. Thanks again, Chad.

  11. Would love to put this on Windows 7. It’s always been very smooth and light. Nice giveaway. Thanks.

  12. sorry forgot to put my facebook and twitter names-
    facebook is here- rickster2009

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  13. Hi TWC, thanks a lot for this excellent giveaway. I have never tried ESET, but would definitely like to try it, as i have read many good reviews about it. Please count me in.
    Thanks, Grr

    I’m following TWC on twitter:
    twitter name:GrrGrrr

  14. i would like to have an Eset smart security 4 genuine license..thank you so much for this give away..According to ESET, “ESET Smart Security adds a firewall and antispam technology to ESET NOD32 Antivirus”, protecting us from Internet threats while blocking annoying junk email…i never got a chance to use this smart security version..i have heard that it’s firewall protection is extremely good…detection rates are also good…less false possitives…i will be really glad to win a genuine company license..thank you very much TWC..really wonderful give away

    TWCF username :-optimus prime
    first name:-optimus
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    thank you

  15. ESET Smart Security is great and very usefull. I use Nod32 and ESET Antivirus, but trying out ESET Smart Security would be a new experience for me. A perfect giveaway. Hope to win one of these licenses.
    I am following you on twitter.
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    Thanks in advance.

  16. Awesome giveaway sir.. Loved it.. Keep going..
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  17. Hello TWC,
    A very nice giveaway. I am already following you at twitter. I have twitted here about this giveaway:
    Please consider me eligible for ESET Smart Security 4. It’s heuristics is great and have shown above expectation results in almost all tests with minimum (nearly zero) false positives. I love to own a license of this great computer protection software for my personal computer.

  18. Hi there,
    Please count me in.I would love to win a license for my brother.I am following you on twitter and connected with you on facebook.My username for both twitter and facebook is d4dhiraj.

  19. such a wonderful giveaway,

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    please include me,

  20. Hopefully I snuck in under the wire. I would like to try eset as I had to uninstall Avira because of BSOD with the new version. So I am in the market for a new Antivirus to win my over 🙂

    TWC forum name – TeXaCo
    Twitter – TeXaCoSr

  21. HAI

    i have desired to win a Eset in a giveaway, this has been a dream for me, iwould just be so happy to win a license.

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    i just wish and pray that i win this, thankyou a lot for this giveaway

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  23. I’m deeply appreciated your kindly
    for many great giveaway softwares to lucky

  24. Really Biggest giveaway , its really great opportunity to get eset smart security for free on TWC annversary

    Thank you HappyAndyK for the great giveaway

    I want to win the license

    here is my TWCForum username Gentleman

  25. Sorry for repost cause i am not able to edit my reply & i forgot to post my name

    Name : Bill Goldberg

    Username of TWC Forum : Gentleman

  26. Congrats 🙂

    Jamie Newsome
    johnny rotton
    Haresh Patel
    Kay Exa
    Ritesh Kawadkar
    optimus prime
    Vipul Taneja
    Pratik Daga
    Stephen Poland

    I have forwarded your email id’s to the company who will forward you the license directly.

    Have a nice day!

  27. Hello, I have shared this on FACEBOOK and I also Shared REVO UNINSTALLER PRO, I would have commented there under its page, however I was not able to. I would love to win both of these. My friend dogs Revo, but he has never used it. He uses YourUninstaller Pro, but I would love to show him Revo Uninstaller Pro. Everyone tells me Eset is the only antivirus that isn’t a P.O.S and I would love to use that for myself. ESET Smart Security 4 keeps your PC safe with advanced proactive detection that blocks most known and undiscovered threats hours or days faster than other Internet security technologies.