Giveaway: DVD Slideshow Builder, A Home Movie Making Software

We are delighted to giveaway 10 licenses of DVD Slideshow Builder free to TWC readers. This software lets you compose movies in minutes with unlimited photos, videos and music!

There are two versions of this software. The Standard version and the Deluxe version.

Features of DVD Slideshow Builder Standard Version:

  • Instant photo enhancements with 250+ movie styles.
  • Burn movies to DVD for TV with good-looking DVD menus.
  • Preset profiles to output videos for all regular mobile devices.
  • Touches up your movies with scene effects like a magic.
  • Includes sound effects to get more fun from photo shows.
  • Edit photo movies with handy editing tools.
  • Create photo slideshows and decorate with animated titles.

Features of DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Version:

  • Does all things that Standard version can do.
  • Suitable for every occasion, including wedding, family, baby, etc.
  • Burn movies to DVD or save HD videos for PC, YouTube, iPhone, etc.
  • 125+ 2D/3D transitions and custom pan/zoom effects included.
  • Captures photos and videos for DVD from TV cards and webcam.
  • Large capability for slideshows with unlimited photos & videos in each.
  • 100+ free menu templates with chapters for DVD enhancement.

DVD Slideshow Builder couldn’t get much easier to use. You just need to import your contents, and it’s ready for creation: one-click to burn to DVD or output as video. The movie styles are pretty impressive, it auto generates Hollywood-like movies. You can read its full review here.

DVD Slideshow Builder costs $49.95 (Standard) and $69.95 (Deluxe) each, but 8 licenses of the Standard version and 2 licenses of the Deluxe version are being offered here for free!

To win a license, the company requires that you visit the
DVD Slideshow Builder page, and simply tell us in the Comments section, WHY you require this product. Thats it!

The giveaway will close in 6 days and the winners will be chosen based on the comment.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Wesley

    Very interesting as the Deluxe version has similar features to that of Nero 9! Impressive that it captures photos directly from webcam and the installation file is small in size compared to Nero.

  2. azziz07

    Thanks for the giveaway, this is a good software and made easy to use such as The pictures can be simply dragged to the timeline view and various effects and elements can be applied to them plus the music can synchronized with the pictures slideshow.

  3. It’s really user friendly i found it quiet easy to arrange photos and put music when saves your time and effort. And the picture quality with music is remarkable. And the wide range of video format it supports is impressive. It’s really a simple product yet efficient.

  4. ROHIT

    Thanks for the giveaway. It would be helpfull for my project slideshow. Please consider me in for the nice giveaway. Best Regards.

  5. Guy In Victoria

    I’m currently using ProShow Producer and while it has many great features, I’ve always wanted to try something similar. This software has unique features which are only available as paid extras in Producer. This is the type of software that would save a lot of time & money. I’d love to win a copy of this software.

  6. SilverGoldi

    I just checked it by downloading from the url posted above the software works great , the output quality is good , but in my opinion there they must add to make audio dts with 6 channel. Or it is already there after getting full version ?? So i want Deluxe Edition Licence. Let me win it …

  7. willieboy

    Thanks for holding this giveaway. Overall, I really like Wondershare products. DVD Slideshow Builder looks like it continues a fine tradition. Shows are easy make using a simple drag and drop to timeline view. I also like the pan and zoom options. A novice user can make professional looking effects and get synchronized audio/music in the slideshow. I find that transition can hold a viewer’s interest, as well. This software boasts over 125 effects, more than enough to keep viewers attentive. I would use this product for some of the stand-alone video presentation I have to make for use at conventions and other public gatherings.
    Please enter me in the contest.

  8. my_immortalize

    Count me in please…Thanks…

  9. Grr

    Hi TWC,
    A big thanks to you and Wondershare for this new giveaway opportunity.

    I have and am using Wondershare products so I also gave this new product a try myself (for trial 6.0). The 1st try was with photos, as I had to prepare a DVD for my Mom from her recent trip to my place. I found that the software does not have any limitations on the number and total size of photos in any given slideshows. It does also allows to have multiple slideshows in one single DVD, which helped me categorize different trips and still have them in a single DVD, but in different slideshows. The transfer and processing of almost 100 photos per slideshow (3-4mb each) was pretty quick on my XP system with 1Gb RAM. Please note that only the Deluxe verion supports TIF, TIFF,GIF formats, Transition Effects and Photo Duration capability. I was very satisfied to find everything built in without having to process my photos before building the slideshows. It has in-built trim, rotate, crop and flip functions, auto-adjust function to customize brightness, contrast- making it the most desirable All-in-One product.

    Not to forget were the funny cliparts (both still and animated) which I added to my slideshows to depict the moods and also add some humor.

    Last but not the lease it has thumbnail preview of photos (and also videos) to see them before adding to a slideshow.

    Appreciate if you count me in for the Deluxe version.



    thanks for this, count me in also.
    you guys always have the best info and up todate sources. love you!!

  11. vhick

    I used only Windows Movie Maker. I try this software and I was impressed.

    It like a movie maker on a steroids. Many many functions, templates, and effects. Maybe I will suggest to support lightscribe for direct printing on disc as this software supports burning on DVD, it will a good compliments to have an option in burning a cover with lightscribe support and templates available to it.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. To win a license : Simply tell us WHY you require the DVD Slideshow Builder license. That’s it! 🙂

  13. Saurabh Garg

    I would really like to have DVD Home Maker. My parents are not computer savvy and I would love to burn pictures of my kid on a DVD and send them to watch on television.


  14. Ram

    I want to capture the video conversations through webcam and
    store the precious moments in image format..
    Please count me for the DELUXE..version..

  15. Gaurav

    I need DVD Slideshow Builder license to convert all the great pictures of my son while he was growing up and combine them with his favorite songs and create a precious gift out of it and present the DVD to him on his 18th birthday.

  16. GT

    I want to be winning DVD Slideshow Builder license as it is to help me making Slideshow which i will put in DVD for presenting and sharing to my customers. it will help me in my work ad creating Slideshows for my family as memories to use.
    Thanks you and please count me in for Giveaway: DVD Slideshow Builder, A Home Movie Making Software.

    Mr. G.T.

  17. victor

    Nice software. i would like to have it as i need to put family photos into dvd s for distribution to my relatives, at the moment they can see only a fraction of what i have as i have to email selected and reduced sized instead. Pls consider me for the deluxe version as i like the features there. Cheers!

  18. alex19100

    I have Wondershare products so I also gave this new product a try myself. The 1st try was with photos, as I had to prepare a DVD for my Girl friend from her recent trip. I found that the software does not have any limitations on the number and total size of photos in any given slideshows. It does also allows to have multiple slideshows in one single DVD, which helped me categorize different trips and still have them in a single DVD, but in different slideshows. The transfer and processing of almost 100 photos per slideshow was quick on my XP system.Please note that only the Deluxe verion supports TIF, TIFF,GIF formats, Transition Effects and Photo Duration capability. I was very satisfied to find everything built in without having to process my photos before building the slideshows. It has in-built trim, rotate, crop and flip functions, auto-adjust function to customize brightness, contrast- making it the most desirable All-in-One product.
    Thanks you and please count me in for Giveaway

  19. john d

    I’m quite interested in this giveaway of DVD Slideshow Builder. I’m not from technical field but was still able to adept to the simple interface and create some video slideshows. It is a good tool to my knowledge & understanding that is going to be handy for my use.

    kindly consider me for this.

    john. d

  20. Tom

    As a President of the local camera club I investigate as many software packages as I can get my hands on to recommend easy to use software to our members for the production of short picture essays. I would like to evaluate this software.

  21. rizal

    yeah…i really miss this kind of stuff.I loved to edit photo movies with handy editing tools.Recently, I already use products from this company, time freeze and flash gallery factory and they all seem so great.So, exactly I really wanna try this out and give feedback.As a student and still learning,I really wanna this stuff to give me some experience and knowledge and mainly I can use it in my club.If can i really want to try DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe Version as it seem more functional and lastly thank thewindowsclub for your great effort to give this fantastic giveaway and hopefully more and more giveaway will follow up cause I really loved to surf this site.Regards.

  22. Lynda

    I have a computer full of photos and would like some simple way to put together slide shows for my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This program lookes like it would be easy to do and would be perfect for my purposes. I am getting older by the minute and need to start this project soon!!

  23. SpudGie

    Man I could have used this program four months ago. I had a family reunion and I was put in charge of making a slideshow from family photos. Tried at least 5 freeware slideshow maker and believe me it was not fun. However, everyone thoughts I did a fantastic job believe I didn’t think the software I used had the bells and whistles that I needed to make it a great slideshow for the reunion. Yes, please put me in because now I have to make slideshows for my wife high school reunion. 🙂

  24. cornjaco

    Installation of this program is a piece of cake, though I intially got an access violation error. Its graphic user interface is very intuitive and pleasant. The building process itself involves three successive stages: 1. Organize, 2. Personalize and 3. Create, which can be accessed by clicking column-like, vertical tabs. The Organize Tab lets you select and arrange the pictures and videos you want to be part of your presentation. Each picture can be edited by scaling its hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. You can add text captions, to which purpose the program has some advanced word-processing facilities. Pictures shot in portrait position can be rotated to appear in their appropriate up-right positions. The selected slides are displayed in a row of decently sized thumbnails at the bottom of the program, which allows you to monitor the effects of your actions. Could not be easier. Want two slides to changes places? No problem, by right-clicking you can easily drag the individual slides to the position you want to assign them in your presentation. The Personalize Tab allows you -among other things- to configure the time intervals between the slides, not just collectively, but also for each transition separately.You can implement the mode and style of each transition by picking the transistion of your choice from a fairly large selection presented in a side-bar window. This gives you the possibilty to set short and remarkably smooth transitions between pictures which clearly belong together, for example because they have been shot at short intervals at the same location. In contrast, the move to a next group of slides can be signalled by a prolonged transition time, which we can endow with, say, visually different 3D-effects. All in all, a lovable option, with lots of potential. In my test, I regularly had to try twice or more before I managed to drag and drop the selected mode of transition to its desired place -I regularly lost it-, but this may be due to my rather minimal hardware configuration, or simply inexperience. You can add music of your taste..When the various choices are ticked, you can proceed to the Create Tab, which will load the template data. It is now possible to preview your presentation, and burn it to a DVD, or save it to your harddisk, for which several options are given (depending on the device on which you want to view the video). You can retain the original aspect ratio, which is nice, or opt for cropping.. My test included some 180 pictures of different formats, in addition to four .MOV videos, but I did not notice any incompatibility error. Not everything worked flawlessly, though. If you return to the Organize tab after already having configured the Personalize stage settings-for example for rotating a slide to portrait-position-, the program may stall, giving you a pop-up that it “Failed to save thumnail”. No big deal, but when you click OK the message just re-appears, with no possibility to exit, so you have to do a cold start to get moving again. The first time this happened, I lost one hour of work, after which I took care to save the project every five or ten minutes. There is an automated restore feature, but it did not work, and anyway I had liked to see a configurable autosave option which writes the progress to file at regular intervals. On another occassion, all portrait-mode slides reverted to a landscape position, so that towers and standing persons were shown as if they were being pushed over by a hurricane. One needs time to get acquainted with a program of this kind, so these problems may well be due to inexperience on my part. All things considered, DVD Slideshow Builder the Luxe is an impressive program with lots of potential, which I would really love to have (and test further).

  25. didier

    Good program. My parents-in-law live far away and they have no computer. I will use this software to put the holiday pictures of their grandchildren in a slideshow and burn that to a DVD, which I will send them, so they can see the kids play on their DVD-player. Would be great.

  26. Evandro

    Initially, I would like to thank for the opportunity to compete to win this fabulous program.
    I downloaded the Deluxe version, and I was impressed with the resources available. The possibilities of multimedia mountings that can be done with this program are virtually endless.

    Though I’ve been found this program wonderful, I’d like to suggest some minor improvements:
    1) The “Motion” option could be customized, allowing the user could set the points of origin and final, as to pan movement or zoom movement;
    2) The cliparts are amazing, but would be more interesting if there was the possibility to include more than one in each slide;
    3) In the output part, it would be nice if there was the option not to soften the videos created. This would allow the images were a little crisper, without becoming artificial.

    As to why I want this program:
    I am a great enthusiast for multimedia programs. I usually use image and video editors, and do many productions at home, from slideshows to small home movies. However, as a matter of principle, I just use free programs or those who could obtain legally. In my country (Brazil) piracy is very common, and many times I’ve been branded a fool to worry about it. However, I believe that a clear conscience is much more rewarding than some illegal programs installed on my computer.

    Again I thank you for this opportunity, and wish a good week everyone.

    PS – Sorry for my bad english.
    Ler foneticamente

  27. aungzeya38

    i would like to enroll delux version
    Here is the simple answer why i require
    – This software allow to make dvd movies from my video and photo in order to save my memorial time.
    – After then i wanna to share this events to all of my friends at the social webpage.
    That’s all

  28. Jerry G

    My wife runs a womens mentoring minitry at our church, Apples of Gold. She takes pictures of the sessions, and we build a 6-7 minute movie to give to the mentees and mentors as a memory maker and a thank you. We have used Windows Movie Maker on our old XP machine that was damaged in an electrical storm last week. If we receive a free licence of DVD Slideshow Builder, we could make better movies, much faster, on the Windows 7 machine we had donated to us.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Jerry G

  29. Grr

    Too bad- someone–>(alex19100) copy/pasted my comment here???
    Not good at all.


  30. SilverGoldi

    Hey last day gien this software but unfortunately i missed it , i hope today when the result will came up i will win 🙂

  31. Steiner

    I would want to win one license please. I love the work you guys do here.

  32. Chelsea P.

    Count me in. I’d just love to have it for my children.

  33. Winners of DVD Slideshow Builder Standard

    Captain Jack
    Saurabh Garg
    Jerry G

    Winners of Winners of DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe


    I have forwarded you email id to the company and they will be getting in touch with you 🙂

  34. willieboy

    Thank you for the giveaway and for all you do with thewindowsclub. TWC is one of my regular stops on the internet surf circuit.
    I’m happy to be a winner.

  35. Hello Anand,

    Thanks a lot for the free license i’ll make sure complete use of it.

    Have a good day

  36. cornjaco

    That is great to hear. Thank you very much for this giveaway.

  37. Evandro

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!
    Good week to everyone!

  38. rizal

    Firstly,I am really thankful to god 4 this opportunity that was given by this site. Actually, I am very surprise and happy to hear that I win this great giveaway….Whoa… although when I go through each comments from other readers..I feel very hard to win cause only 2 licenses available for deluxe version and most of readers had a solid reason on why they need this software.So,from the bottom of my heart I really thanks windowsclub members for your kindness 2 give this chance…and as student this will encourage me to further my knowledge.Regards…rizal

  39. RogerJet6724

    Does anyone know how to switch still photos of a person to make it look loke they!re the person in the movie? Or do they know of a company that will do it?

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