Giveaway: Daniusoft DVD Ripper lets you rip DVD to MPEG, Xvid, AVI, WMV, MP4


  1. Hello guys,

    I’ve just noticed that you’re giving away 10 free liceneses of Daniusoft DVD Ripper. I’m living with a good friend of mine and we just got our Windows Home Server. We are planning to archive all of our DVD’s to be able to watch them on our MediaCenter Extender (XBOX 360) in our living room.

    So Daniusoft DVD Ripper would be great for us to rip all of our DVD’s and have them available at a central place on our WHS.

    Best Regards

  2. Daniusoft DVD Ripper looks great! If I win, I’m gonna rip the virtual aquariums from “Finding Nemo” and use them as backgrounds on my triple monitor setup!

  3. I’m up in Northern British Columbia, Canada and would love to take this ripper for a spin. Daniusoft makes great software. It would be appreciated.


  4. This is just what I’m looking for!! I want to rip a movie to my Ipod Touch for a trip I have in two weeks and was researching apps for that purpose. I was hoping to have this rip for my Ipod before I break down and watch the movie on my DVD player. Winning this will give me the incentive not to watch the movie on my DVD player but on my Ipod Touch for my travel. It seems that everything I saw was for ripping movie for the Iphone and not the Ipod Touch. This seems like a winner for me.



  5. I will take video’s that I have made of my son jamming with his uncle and cousin and make video’s for grandma’s and grandpa’s! They never get to see him play the drums. He is 13 and is doing really well. I think that this would be a special gift for all of them.

  6. Awesome Giveaway.
    pls Count me in for d giveaway.
    As my HDD is full with Movies..i’ll Conserve Some Disk Space my Ripping all my Movies.
    Thank you

  7. Thank you for conducting the nice giveaway. I’m a fan of animation movies and also have lot’s of cd’s and dvd’s. But the problem is after using many time the cd or dvd might became unreadable or damaged. So I might lost the one form my collection. By the help of Daniusoft DVD Ripper I can easily rip the movie and also store to my hard disk as a backup. This will be very much handy for me. Please consider me in for the nice giveaway. Best Regards.

  8. If I win I will be so happy that will start spinning more than my dvd drive while ripping with Daniusoft DVD ripper…!!!!

  9. Would love this for my son’s business. Thanks again for all your great info and freeware! You are the best.

  10. What seems to set Daniusoft DVD Ripper apart is its ability to edit as part of the ri[ping process which would be a huge time saver for me. Now as I work through my DVDs, I have to manually edit the AVIs after they are created which has dampened my motivation to do it. This would allow me to do it all at once!

  11. Hello TheWindowsClub!
    I am really enthusiastic about watching movies on my iphone,Xbox and other mobile phones,etc.I have read very good reviews about Daniusoft DVD Ripper,unlike other rippers it’s fast and convert good high quality videos into various formats,it’s GUI is also very simple and easy to use.Hence please do consider for a license as well 😀
    Thanking You.

  12. Thank you TWC for the awesome and highly recommended Daniusoft DVD Ripper Giveaway.Please count me in too as like many others I have huge collection of movies and other videos that I would like to watch on many devices,this would help in portability of watching in pleasure.

  13. As someone who works with youth (Cub Scouts and Bot Scouts) I’m planning on using this in two ways. First with the younger boys to provide them with some fun, portable entertainment and to spark their interest in digital media. For the older boys, to help them explore and understand digital media more in depth. Something like this can help them towards passing off requirements for the photography merit badge. This can also be used for the troop historian to archive video from past activities.

  14. Wonderful giveaway. Would use this to back up DVD collection to portable drive and give as a present to my 88 year old mother for viewing on the media player connected to her TV.. Too hard for her to get up and change DVD’s, but can handle searching with her remote.

  15. Hello ,

    I would like to try Daniusoft DVD Ripper .Till now I was sticking to winx dvd ripper for all my needs and was not willing to change .I am now interested in using Daniusoft for ripping after reading its great features .I can back up all my dvds collection and also convert to iPod .Mkv support is another advantage which i would like to make use of .

    Thanks for the giveaway and please count me in ..

  16. My main use for this would be when I am traveling and away from home overnight or a few days. To be able to rip DVD’s to either my Laptop (preferable) or to my phone (this would be mainly short videos).

    The ability to rip to different formats would allow me to see which is best for viewing whilst on the road. The cost of DVD’s is not cheap and this fantastic wee program would enable me to keep my movie DVd’s safely at home.

  17. Thank you for the opportunity of winning this great software. I have tried several times at different promotions to win this, hopefully this will be the one. The main reason I would like to have this software is to edit out specific scenes and language in some of my DVD so the kids can watch them. You buy a movie thinking it will be fit for the family and then when you start watching it you have to cut it off. Thanks again.

  18. Well, I have over 5,000 DVD discs and the ripper would go a long way to reducing the clutter in my little granddad flat. Hope you will consider me.

  19. Thanks a lot TWC! for the Daniusoft DVD Ripper giveaway.
    This is would come really handy for ripping many movies I like to watch in different formats.Please count me in too.


  20. Hi thewindowsclub,
    I would like try my luck here for the opportunity in winning a Daniusoft DVD ripper license too since I truly believe it is the best ripper compared to other rippers out there.I have iPhone phone which could really use the services of Daniusoft DVD ripper;)
    Thank you.

  21. Hey, this would help putting some of our DVD’s onto a MP4 player for our daughter to watch in hospital (she’ll be out soon but has seen all of the movies in the ward).

  22. Congrats 🙂

    Jan Thewes
    Kavin Seth
    Jeff Oldham
    Paul Reinke

    You mail id’s have been forwarded to the company and they will send you the licenses directly. If you do not receive them in a weeks time, please revert back here.

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