GIVEAWAY: Compress photos & images with FILEminimizer Pictures


  1. Well my little son has 4 years and I’ve 4.5 gb of photos and increasing every day with joy…. ๐Ÿ™‚ so i think this tools for me is very important… so please reserve one for me….
    tnx in advance…

  2. I would like a license very much, this to be able to use my website storage space more efficiently. I will soon need to redo my photo gallery and this would be absolutely fabulous. Thank you very much in advance.

  3. amazing software!!!

    i’ve never heard of a software which reach the copression rate 0f 98%. i’ve already heard of similar tool but which cannot reach such amazing rate.

    i’ve TONS of photos on my HD of my partner and this tool is a must for me. with this amazing tool i can reduce the stock on my HD occupied by those photos. if you’ll give me that free license i will be gratefull to you forever!!!
    it would be wonderful.

  4. Sharing of files especially pictures becomes tedious if file size exceeds a limit. Moreover many email service provider doesn’t provide attachment size of more than 10 or 20 MB. Then there’s the problem of uploading and downloading these large files especially when over dial-up or wireless network. FILEminimizer seems to be the solution to all these problems.

    Thanks for the giveaway though.

  5. If I win a copy of this software I would use it to reduce my pictures of my grand babies so I can get lots more pictures on my hard drive. I am 60 years old and disabled so I spend alot of time with my grand kids. I take at least 20-25 pictures everyday of them so I can enjoy them when they are not around. I have over 21,000 pictures now and hope I can take more. I need to make room for many more pictures.

  6. I’m involved with surf groups and high school surf teams. Many of the parents take large numbers of photos in large format. E-mailing these becomes crazy when they open 3′ x 4′. Win XP had an easy image re-sizer readily available, Vista and Win 7 not so much. Your app seems to compress much smaller.
    Float me a sample and I’ll spread the word…please.

  7. This seems like snake oil — the technology to compress pictures this much without visible artifacts would be a much desired ability throughout many industries. Imagine the ability to shrink a full-resolution movie (which is just a series of pictures, after all) to the size where it would fit easily on a CD. The movie industry would kill to have it.

    I have over 100 gigabytes of pictures of my own, and this amount continues growing at an impressive rate. If the claims for this compression tool hold up, backing up my pictures would be much easier. So, if I win, I’d appreciate and put the product to good use.

  8. We currently have an event because of my officemateโ€™s birthday. I have a problem in uploading it to facebook because I need to reduce the resolution in order to get the right size for the file. Now that I found this software and I know this is very useful in my hundreds of pictures in my asernal.

  9. I would like a license. I have one hard drive solely for photos. This could help keep them in check.

  10. this is really cool. I have to many photos on my computer and i need more space can I have a license please

  11. I have 1 gb of images to compress and send in future, of course this software coul be useful for me. I heard great things about this software. Hope to receive it.


  12. Iโ€™ve never heard of a software which reach the compression rate 0f nearly 99%. Iโ€™ve already heard of similar tool but which cannot reach such amazing rate.
    I would like one please. This will help me share photographs with friends and family.

  13. I really wanted this software long time but there was no way to get it, last time I tried but failed. I hope I’ll get a chance to get one this time so that I use it to upload my family pictures to friends abroad and save space on my HDD.

    thank you in advance.

  14. Thanks for your generous offer. I love photo and I’m always taking pictures of everything. I really would appreciate to get a licence of this software, as I’ve been told it makes miracles with compression. If I get one licence, I and my kids will be grateful for the rest of our life.

  15. [COLOR=”Blue”]I’m asking it for my uncle[/COLOR]:
    “As a 55 yr. old grandfather with a 7 yr. old grandchild living with her mother, grandmother and myself while her mother goes to school to enable herself to lead a productive life for herself and her child (dad is a deadbeat dad) I find that I really need to reduce photo size as we now are just short of 2500 photos. (not all are of the grandone, just most!)”

  16. My eleventh-year-old girl has difficulties to upload pisctures to Hyves. We, her parents, want to send our holiday pictures to our friends in Iceland. This program would be great to achieve these things.

  17. I am planning to upload thousand of photos from my family (years of photos). I have convinced my family to use a website to to download some of the photos but I need a way to make it easier: at least a size reduction if not it will be impossible for me and a nonsense for my family

  18. Thanks for your generous offer. And thanks to leofelix, for posting about it in other forums. I really would like to get a licence for this software. I love photo, I take pictures of everything all the time, and me and my kids would be very grateful if we could get one licence, as I’ve heard this software makes miracles compressing images. Thanks in advance.

  19. I would use this program because it let me send power points over the internet without the large file size ๐Ÿ™‚


  20. Being an avid photographer I have tons of pictures but limited disk space. This software would really help. It would help not clogging the mailbox and my friends will still get the pictures I sent without loss of picture quality.

  21. Thanks for your offer. I hope I can get a licence, since I’m always taking pictures of everything and the space is not growing. Thanks in advance.

  22. My boyfriend is a photo freak……..he takes pictures a lot…..even i can expect a flashlight on a sudden sometimes when i come back from my shopping…..:-) He was mentioning about this software saying its very useful to reduce the size and its very easy to use over photo shop……But could not get a license from their last promotion and was sad all day about it….If i can get this license for him….yeaaaaaaaa that would make my day……..please give one license to meeeeeeee

  23. Greetings from the Philippines! I’m a freelance journalist who travels a lot to cover my clients’ activities. In the course of travels, I take loads of pictures to accompany my articles. This software will be very useful in my line of work since it will save me precious computer space and make the sending of photo files easier. Hope you can provide me with a license. Thanks and have a great week!

  24. I heard so much about this software and I am really keen to get this application so that I can store more of my treasured photos and pictures in my ever shrinking harddisk space.

    Appreciate if I can get this and thanks a million!!!

  25. Having used the PPTminimizer which is an excellent product of yours I am looking forward to more good experience with the FILEminimizer.
    Can’t wait to try this!!! Thanks for this great offer.

  26. This is indeed a very good software
    I will luv to have the license of this software plz count me in too

  27. Software like this is neat. I have a slow internet connecting and software like this can really take the pain out of waiting to send emails with photos. My mother has relatives in Thailand and often we like to send photos from here to there. This software would really help.

  28. I maintain a school alumni website probono. A software like this is really cool since I would often have to send event photos to the alumni committee for review.

  29. I would love a copy! I’ve got tons f holiday pics waiting to be resized and uploaded on Facebook!

  30. I currently have over 5000 photo’s on my hard drive. All of my photo’s are taken at the highest resolution my 4 mp camera supports and I will soon get a 12mp camera. Being able to reduce photo size dramatically will help me by saving backup space and the time it takes to backup photo’s.

  31. I take a lot of digital pictures in general and especially now of my newborn. But, each picture is around 2 to 3 MB and I am seeing that my disk storage space is being consumed pretty quickly. I would love to have a license to save on disk storage space and still have good quality pictures.

  32. I would love a copy of it. I have 3 kids under the age of 7 and take alot of photos of them and this program would help me out greatly

  33. We like to make photos and share with our friends all over the world.Please give us a license!

  34. I would like to have FILEminimizer Pictures because I am emailing a lot of pictures to my granddaughter. She is in Texas waiting for a lung transplant and I need this program because I am still on dialup and it would make it easier for me to send her pictures.

    I am not making this up just to get a free license…my granddaughter really is in Texas Children’s Hospital waiting on a lung transplant. Would everyone please say a prayer for my granddaughter Haley. Thank You!

  35. Well after trying the trial version of this program, I’m truly amazed by the performance of the compression….nearly 95% of the size is reduce..
    Personally,i think this software is really useful as I’m a photo freak’s and got lot of photos in my external drive..a whopping of 200GB of high quality pictures…so i really love this software and hoping to get the license as this will help me reducing my pictures size,thus i can take more pictures to be stored in my external hard drive..


  36. I currently have over 5000 photoโ€™s on my hard drive. All of my photoโ€™s are taken at the highest resolution

  37. hello sir,
    I require this license because i have many photos and i need to travel a lot of places taking photographs.It would be great if i can have such license

  38. Hello.
    i could make good use of a licence, because i regularly send digital photos via email but some receipients only have low bandwidth internet connection. FILEminimizer Pictures would make this much easier for me.
    best regards

  39. If this tool has such a extraordinary capability to compress images upto 98%(OMG), then I will prefer using it for my blog and would suggest to my friends who are trying to come online.

    A less sized images makes my webpage load fast.


  40. Need this to share decent quality photos with my folks abroad and get the same from them. Witout such a software, exchanging high res photos with family is next to impossible without sending them a CD or a DVD

  41. Need it to share photos with friends and family the easy way via online services. This software will help me share much more and much faster.

  42. This software will enable me to get much more out of my vanishing space! It will enable me to upload and share many times more than was possible with my bandwidth.

    Thank you

  43. Today I see this message about FILEMinimizer Pictures. I am very excited. because I have a daugther. I take many photos for her and saved in my computer. It takes much space. and At the same time, It will take much time to send these pictures to my relatives in USA. I think this application can solve thess problem.
    Thank very much.

  44. Congratultations to the following. Your mail id’s have been forwarded to the company and they will forward you the licenses ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bob Kobus
    a different phil
    Terry Schultze
    George N. True II
    David Adams

    I will also the announce the Giveaway for the FILEminimizer Office licenses in a day or two, so stay tuned.

    Thank you for participating and have a nice day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I used this software and I was amazed at his strength.
    I had on the old PC that I have stolen and rivorrei!
    It ‘very good!
    It ‘really need it.
    Ugo Caruso

  46. Suhajo: I truly would appreciate your assistance as having ‘had’ to upgrade to office 2013 I am now without Microsoft picture manager. I work with Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, and we need to upload images of all the animals available for adoption but now I am stuck as I don’t know how to compress them so that they can be used on the website. Please, if you would consider us it would be awesome and in doing so, you are helping us “changing lives ONE by ONE”. I see this is an old post but maybe you would consider doing the same offer again ๐Ÿ™‚