Giveaway: Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

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  1. juanky

    Hello and Good day “The windows Club” I like to have a license of this important and award-winning software, hope to get lucky in that they provide an opportunity I would be very grateful heart.

  2. Evasn Noxferato

    Give to me, Dear team =) … I will take some test with this for anti-hacking purposes ^^ …

  3. GuyinVic

    I just recently downloaded the Free version of Bitdefender and I’m very impressed. I did a lot of reading on various sites and Bitdefender receives very good ratings. I deleted my other software including MS Security Essentials and as yet, there are no problems. Like many others I don’t get involved in the social network but would very much like to be entered for a license on the full version. I highly recommend your readers give the Free version a workout…. you’ll be glad you did.

  4. randy thiesen

    shared on Facebook for Bitdefender giveaway on July 26

  5. Ed

    Shared here on Facebook.

    Would like to win a copy of Bitdefender 2013, it is one of the best security solutions around!

  6. Kaushik Medhi

    Thanks for this Awesome Security suite Giveaway ! Its really an awesome security suite and the new version comes with a brand new feature which is photon. I am really looking forward to use the latest version of this tool which is possible and accessible only after having a Genuine License key ! Please count me in too ! I like to win a Genuine License key too 😀 ! Love and Best Regards !!!

  7. Kevin John D'Sylva

    Bitdefender is a robust and trustworth product, I’s like win a copy if I could. If you think about it – doesn’t cost you a thing….

  8. arie

    great giveaway!
    please count me in, thank you 🙂

  9. HBOY

    Thanks for the giveaway. My subscription of Bitdefender will expire in a few days and I would love to win a new license.

  10. Ash

    I’m using two freeware programs to protect my laptop (MSSE and MBAM) but I’m really interested in using BitDifender too. I’ve heard so much about its success and I’ve always been curious to see why it usually wins top spot in AV-Comparatives tests.

  11. birendra

    I need this to replace built in windows defender in windows 8.1

  12. Aryan Gupta

    I waited for this contest
    Thanks you.Count me in

  13. Abdullah Gümü?o?lu
  14. k19s

    Wonderful security tool. My tweet is:


  15. bill ehm

    BIS is highly regarded and tests well. I do much surfing daily so having a proven IS tool such as BIS is essential. Please count me in the drawing. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. blu hart

    One of the best security software…

  17. Danny

    I planned to replace my existing internet security to bitdefender cause it really is slowing my system. Heard that bitdefender is the best around. Cant wait to get one, thanks.

  18. Richard

    Bitdefender obviously needs an Australian advocate 🙂

  19. spygupta

    Thanks for the great contest. Please count me

  20. Fahad

    This antivirus gonna save my pc forever.Thanks windows club introducing some great offer for readers

  21. mlboss80

    Great giveaway of an awesome product! I have tried this product on a friends computer and would love to have my own copy as I spend alot of time online!!

  22. Jason Driver

    No one will read my comment, because it’s not interesting…. I want a copy.

  23. Rolland Mckee

    Well, I would love to get one, but not for me, I’m already using Bitdefender Windows 8 Security. But my cousin can’t afford it, and she’s left with free options like Avira, which while not terrible, are nowhere near the security level Bitdefender provides (or any good paid product).

    So this could be my birthday gift to her :]

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Johan Pigari Costa

    I always recomended the free version to my friends, I deserve the full! =)

  25. MrMunshun

    I currently use the free version on one of my computers now, I’ll take a stab at the giveaway.

  26. David Sekirka

    Right now I am using the free version of Avast with Zone Alarm and would like to win a license for Bitdefenfer.

  27. Roystan Ang

    BitDefender, one of the top antivirus I have tried and still impress me over the past few years and not let me down once. Passed AV test and got Advanced+ in AV-Comparatives (March 2013). Recommended!

  28. Ameer Afham

    Shared here : & here
    I need this software because it is very powerful antivirus software for this year! and if I got this lisence, I will support this product faithfully! thanks 🙂

  29. Clifford Waldron

    This would be *really* useful, not for me but for my wife! As a polytechnic lecturer she often finds her laptop infected with all sorts of little nasties because she often has to transfer files between her machine, and those used by the students (both personal and polytechnic owned), via flash disks.

    And then of course there are the many 100s of spam messages (with the occasional phish and dodgy e-card thrown in for good measure!) that she gets each week because her email is in so many student address books, and we all know how good students are at keeping their computers clean 🙂

    Many thanks for giving us, your readers, a chance to win a license!

  30. Jenny

    My current internet security is expiring soon and i hope to get Bitdefender. According to
    reviews, Bitdefender is the best around…thanks windows club.

  31. Allen

    i have just installed the trial version of Bitdefender and boy i am impressed. Hope i can get a
    license key soon. Thanks a lot.

  32. Ian Crick

    I would love this as my F-Secure Internet security runs out in 20 days and I’d like to try different software for a change.

  33. Martik Panosian

    Thanks for this Awesome Security suite Giveaway! Shared on Twitter as well as Facebook and G-plus.

    The Interface of Bitdefender is always simple enough for the average user to be able to pretty well set it and forget it, but if you do Like to tweak your settings they have made it simple enough for that.

    I need this software because it is very powerful antivirus software for this year!

  34. Thaddeus Kinney

    My company currently use Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and will expire in less than three weeks. If I win this license, I will gladly convince my boss to switch to your other product, Bitdefender GravityZone.

  35. Ed

    My email shown for the contest Bitdefender is the BEST ANTIVIRUS AROUND!

  36. Ash

    “The giveaway will close after 10 days, We will select the winners names
    after 10 days and announce their names here in the comments section of
    this post.”

  37. shiwangi peswani

    Congrats 🙂
    Here are the five winners of the giveaway.

    Clifford Waldron,
    David Sekirka
    Para Siddhu

    Please send me a mail, within 15 days, at ‘thewindowsclub at hotmail dot com’, mentioning your name and subject line as ‘Bitdefender Internet Security license’, and I will reply to that mail and send you the license right away.

  38. zeff

    thanks for choosing me winner. I have sent email.

  39. David Sekirka

    I was one of the winners. I have sent you an Email yesterday, but have not recieved the license yet.

  40. zeff

    i also didn’t received serial key yet . I hope will get Today.

  41. The licenses will be forwarded to the winners within 7 days, since I am out of town.

    Thank you for your patience.

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