Giveaway: Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate


  1. Hi TWC, i have to say, you guys are just incredible with software giveaway! I refresh my rss feeds for you guys plenty times a day! Thanks for this. Aimersoft’s software is stable and works great.

  2. hi, would love this for editing my videos for my online store.
    thanks guys you are the best.

  3. Hi, I would really like to have a license for this software! I am also in need of a good videoconverter, for use on my HTC Desire Android phone.

  4. Hi, Video Converter Ultimate can convert to the format that I want now with only one software. I no need to use different software for different format convertion. It also have faster conversion speed. I really hope I could have a full license to test the video conversion on my notebook.

  5. Hi, Video Converter Ultimate can convert to the format that I want now with only one software. I no need to use different software for different format convertion. It also have faster conversion speed.

  6. Video Converter Ultimate includes two features most of its competitors do not have. The first is the ability to edit video before converting (e.g., you can trim, split and even merge video before converting). The second is the ability to burn any video to DVD. Most of competitors do not include these 2 features. You have to use another application to edit the output of the converter and then use yet another if you want to burn a DVD. Nice application I’d love to own. It would save me a ton of time!

  7. This program is very good, the standard is great the ultimate is better than that. The Ultimate has Youtube downloader, DVD converter and many other functions.

  8. hi,
    thanks. I like to use for Hulu download and removing DRM protection. Just amazing to use.
    Please count me in.

    john d

  9. A possible improvement since you do video editing and burning would be video creation from images and audio source ( For say image slideshows or presentations) and the ability to take that video once it is created and edit it with regular video (adding stills to a video or adding video to a presentation of stills).

    Also using CUDA for acceleration is great

  10. Rarely you find up to 7 programs grouped in the same device.

    AmerSoft did it in a clean functional and easy way to use even for a beginner working with videos and editing. Works just fine, the trial version I downloaded. Thanks.

  11. So now I’m really EXCITED. I’ve just started getting into videos & editing and after reading several reviews, I’ve decided Aimersoft is one great software that NO ONE should be without. Aimersoft will end your shopping for the best video converter because it does so much more and does it with ease. This will no doubt turn me into a professional.

    Guy in Canada

  12. hello,
    thanking you for the giveaway. I am liking that it will do so many things from the single software. Now I have to install many softwares to do conversion of my video, burn to the DVD, download from Hulu, Youtube, and sometimes editing. It is very helpful.
    Please count me in this givingaway of Giveaway: Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. I want one license only.

    Mr. G.T.

  13. This would be a great boon to my DVD library. Currently having to use multiple software, some giveaway some freeware, to share my library between devices. A friend gave me a new CUDATM video card,so this software which supports it would be most welcome.

  14. Hello,
    I have tried quite a few video converters over the years and had great difficulty with some of them. I downloaded the trail of this and found it could access video files I have not been able to watch for years, due to codec problems. If I won a license for the Ultimate version I could convert all my DVD’s & Movie files from Video Camera’s, Web Cam’s and my Mobiles to 2 sets of files, some for my mobile and some to watch through my TV or computer. I only installed the trial tonight and it seems like one of the easiest pieces of video software I’ve ever used.

    I really hope I win a license, as I could also use it to download some nursery rhymes and things for our 3yr old to watch while offline, to stop our internet slowing down, as we have 3 computers and 2 PS3’s accessing the web most days.

    Thanks and I really like reading and learning about new software and ways to fix problems on our PC’s on the Windowsclub site’s

  15. I took the trial out for a spin and very much liked the experience. A licensed version would be a great asset to my video library. Thanks for the give away.

  16. hey this looks like the program for all everything there together not all different programs needed.
    Great for people who like to edit and create there own videos and to convert it to something you can burn and watch on tv. Looks great Hope i can get one TA.:)

  17. I cant say much about this software cause this is first time i heard about it. Would love to get its licence & use all function to check how handy it is.

  18. I want to try it to see how good it works, so I hope I’m lucky ^_^
    Thank you for your giveaway ^^
    Please count me in!!!

  19. this program is great, its easy to handle and users friendly. I tried it twice converting my videos and found no hussle for me. Hope to have this software fully license. Thanks. God Speed.

  20. For me the possibility of changing video size and adding effects (including text) to the video is a must have feature, well worth the asking price of the software.
    Really, if I can have it for free, well that is just the icing on the cake.
    Thanks !

  21. For a novice user like me who likes to convert multimedia to various formats for general purpose & personal usage I would say that Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate has all the features that i need plus opportunity for progressing into advanced user requirements in the future.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I have just downloaded and tried out this software, cannot call it a program because of the all the capabilities it has.

    Once installed it was (very) easy to understand and use. No matter what I wanted to do the facility was there.

    Remove DRM thus enabling me to make back-up of my DVDs’.
    Edit content of video.
    Join small videos together.
    Convert videos.

    It has the ability to do much, much mare than I can put down here. I suggest everyone give it a try. On a scale of 1 – 10 it is 10 for content and useability.

  23. I’ve tried others but ran into poor product and customer service. I’m hoping this will be different.


  24. Thanks Windows Club and Aimersoft for the opportunity of winning such a versatile software. My kids have a GoPro camera that videos their Dirt Bike Racing in MP4 format. I have been searching for a software that would allow me to convert to a format that I could make a home movie of and burn to DVD. I downloaded the trial version of Aimersoft and it converted perfectly, no skipping or jerky video as some of the other converters do. I would love a license of this software. Thanks again and good luck to all.

  25. A functional converter with speed, that is reliable and supports accurate conversion is what is needed! To be specific, DVD to AVI with full 5.1 sound. Others have tried and failed.

  26. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Please enter me in the contest. I’ve tried a large number of video converters, but I’m still looking for the “best” one for me. I’ve used Daniusoft converters for video and found it particularly good for DRM removal and fast conversion. However, it fall flat when it comes to outputting the desired video formats (i.e., distorted aspect ratio and choppy playback) and it has problems downloading videos directly from YouTube. I expect similar problems when I tried out the trial version of Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate, but to my surprise, the software handles the video outputs very well (no more distorted aspect ratio or choppy video playback) and best of all, I have no issue downloading YouTube videos. I think I may found the perfect video software that fits my needs and I hope to win a license.

  27. I have been using the std converter and find it perfect for my needs. being able to choose the size, quality and merge are the reason I chose Aimersoft for my main video converter.I would like to have the Ultimate and all its features.Thanks for the chance to enter.
    great software!

  28. hi,
    It is a good Video Converter pack wwhich include many uses. I would love to win it for my daily editing use. Please count me.

    thanks, Cg

  29. It’s good to finally see an all-in-one media solution.
    On top of that:no steep learning curve,lots of features, but not bloated.
    Just what I was looking for.

  30. i very much like this Aimersoft viedio converter ultimate because it like one man army (one software which satisfy all audio-viedio related needs)
    using it very simple and easy


  31. The company informed me that they have selected the following 10 as winners.

    They are:

    jimi2061, Rob, Ryan, HBOY, ErnieK, Jay, Atilio, Ian, GT, and TheBigOldDog.

    You will get your licenses within a week.

    Thank you all for participating. 🙂

  32. Thank you very much Windows Club for Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate license (I have received the license key via email). Sincere congratulations to other winners too and once again thanks.

  33. I really need this program, convert and process a lot of movie clips, please take me into consideration

  34. I have only Any Video Converter free.

    Would love very much to get Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate!!

  35. Hello. . .As someone who, in my ever continueing effort to be able to find a video software program that even I can use, I understand that AimerSoft is highly recommended as an all in one video converter/player. I have tried several packages and as an amateur I’ve not had complete success with any of them. I’ve tried VLC (loaded with potential but danged if I can use it). Windows Media Player (seems like it should be simple but danged if I can download video). HD Video Converter Factory Pro (once again, has great potential but danged if I can download vids). . .and on and on.

    From what I glean from what I’ve read AimerSoft looks like a lot of fun.

    . . .and Thanks to TWC for a terrific internet experience. ‘my goto computer solutions page!