Giveaway: 50 licenses of iSkysoft Video Converter for Windows


  1. I would like to have one. I mainly use it to convert video to my mobile device.
    Many thanks and please count me in

  2. I need to find a video converter just like this, somehow I wasn’t satisfied with free solutions, and I’m not able to give out 40$ for it…

  3. Just downloaded it & it looks good program . Will love to use it more to get video converted so i can use them on my cellphone. Give me one licence

  4. This is great for converting home video to PSP so Granny can watch the kids growing up when we visit.

    Guy in Victoria

  5. Seriously need a video converter that works well, I have 4 minute videos that take up 4gb each and I’m running out of space…

  6. I need to get a license in order to stop using all the mediocre freeware programs for my video editions. Besides, everytime I submit my request in the Windows Club, I never get picked! 🙁

  7. video editing is my favourite occupation, and this promotion ,I think, is for me, because with this exellent converter I will be able to do what I like. And more than that, it will be otstanding present for My favourite holiday Christmas. Thank you and Happy Christmas!!!

  8. I always transfer my files between my PC, laptop and mobile. Audio/Video transfers are not always compatible and the best way is to convert these files. This tool will be great for that purpose. Please count me in. Thanks.

  9. I need it because I have a PSP and I like to watch my videos on the go, and because I can’t always take my computer with me. I also need it to convert videos into DVD format so I can burn DVDs for my girlfriend’s DVD player.

  10. Hello,

    I am waiting for 2 hip replacements and have a pocket PC (old ipaq 5500) and have just had my mobile change to a C6, as my E72 was faulty. I would like to convert some of my films to work on them, as I cannot always sit in-front of my computer. Please consider me for a license.

    Thanks, Ian

  11. it’ll be nice to have stuff from my PC on my mobiles (Android and iPhone)
    More so, TheWindowsClub is a great source of information, not coz of the freebies, I really think that TWC is enough to stay tuned with the Windows trends and utilities. keep it up !!

  12. I need this to make it easier to convert videos to use on my Windows laptop, Mac mini, Zune and iPod Touch.

  13. I’d like to have it, because I am in need of a decent Video Converter, to be able to burn my home-videos to DVD, and also to be able to use them on my Android Phone!

  14. I always transfer my files between my PC, laptop and cell phone(android). Audio/Video transfers are not compatible so the only way is to convert these files to usable formats. This tool looks great for that purpose. Please send me a license.

  15. I’d like a copy as I’ve been having quite a lot of trouble converting files from one format to another which is quite often slows me down when I’m trying to edit a video whose format doesn’t play well with my editor. Since buying Adobe Premiere is out of the question, I have to stick with barely working software to try and get the correct codec and format for my editor. iSkysoft’s got just what I need and thus, I’d like one. Thanks for considering me.

  16. Hi.

    First THANKS! I would love to have that software to easily convert videos from my digital camera and from my phone, or PC to Nokia phone.
    The batch conversion option is great cause sometimes we take a dozens of small videos from portable devices. This software will make things much easier to convert them all at once!

  17. Hello there,
    i have just bought my first computer,and a 67 years old it would certainly be a nice software to put in there.
    Thank you all,
    Merry christmass and a safe and happy New year.

  18. I’ve been looking for a replacement for my current video converter due to constant crashes and slow conversion times. Not to mention free stuff is always good. Happy holidays.

  19. Hi guys, please consider me for this free software as i have lots of home videos that i would love to be able to edit and convert into different formats to play on dvd player and transfer from camera or computer to others. Also i am an impoverished student and would love free software to use as it is always so expensive 🙂
    Happy Christmas!!

  20. Pls consider me for this giveaway.
    I’ve many hq video songs which i want to convert to mobile friendly format to watch it on the go as the original ones take much space.
    And happy christmas.

  21. I have never heard of or tried iSkysoft Video Converter before today and this is my loss.

    A video editor that allows you to convert and edit [virtually] all video formats is a must have for folks who work with videos. At present I use two or three different programs to do all this.
    With iSkysoft Video Converter I would be able to do everything and cold then uninstall those [now] defunct programs.

  22. It is a good news for me. I can use it convert some of my movie to good format to save if I can get the iSkysoft video converter. I really like it very much!!!

  23. Thanks for this giveaway.Iskysoft’s Video converter is really a great video converter covering almost all popular audio and video formats for conversion.I really want a license for that.Hope i win.

  24. I have several older computers and when I am working on my newer main machine, I have to transcode and downrate video so those old dustbuckets can play them. This is even more neccisary now that my TV is down and all my TV shows are PVRed on my main machine off cable until my TV is up and running.

    The majority of freeware transcoders are difficult or buggy and money is in kinda short supply at the moment (but then where isn’t it nowadays?) and something stable, easy and an editor would be great.

    Did I mention my Birthday was the end of November and and Christmas is comming up… ;-P

  25. Hope I’ve entered in time, as I would really like this software, so I could convert some of my films onto my mobile. With being disabled the wife normally goes into shops for 5 minutes (more like 20-30 minutes) and I could use my mobile to watch movies, instead of sitting bored

    Please consider me, Thanks

  26. Hello
    i have a big need for this pogram becose im like to download an fix movie.s
    best reagards greven18

  27. I am a Windows intense user, a fan of The Windows Club, and a user of many files of multimedia, that need to cenvert into each other, and plis, need a free license of this goo program.


  28. The product I currently use is reliable, but (IMO) very slow. For the conversion/transcoding tasks I do, I really need something as reliable but much faster. Hoping this is it…