Giveaway: 10 licenses of WinPatrol PLUS

WinPatrol allows you to efficiently monitor programs running on your computer without slowing you down or hogging all your memory.

WinPatrol takes snapshot of your critical system resources and alerts you in real-time to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. You’ll be notified of critical system changes and have access to over 20,000 easy to understand program descriptions.


  • Removing and Disabling Startup Programs
  • IE Helpers IE Helpers – Browser Helper Objects – Toolbars
  • Scheduled Tasks Scheduled Tasks
  • Services Services Manager
  • Active Tasks Removing Active Tasks
  • Expose Hidden Files Expose Hidden Files
  • Cookies Cookie Management and Filtering
  • File Types Monitoring and Restoring File Type Associations
  • Host File/Start Page Monitoring

WinPatrol has a Free version and a Plus version. The PLUS Single License costs $29.95, but 10 licenses are being given away for free here, as a part of our anniversary giveaways.

To win a license simply Tweet OR Share on Facebook the following and post the status url in the comments box:

Get @WinPatrol PLUS license FREE @TheWindowsClub

My MVP colleague Corrine Chorney will pick up the 10 winners randomly from the comments section. The offer will stay open for 4 days from now.

Download Page: WinPatrol.

Incidentally, WinPatrol, is one of the first utilities I install after a fresh Windows install. It tells me then what every program I install subsequently, is doing to my OS, even telling me about the secret start-up locations. Not only is it a great teaching tool, Scotty is a dream dog who guards your PC every second, without asking for food or tugging at your pant, asking you to take him for a walk !

UPDATE: Attention Entrants:Ā  Your entry must contain either a link to your Tweet or be on The Windows Club Facebook page at!/pages/The-Windows-Club/173416331200?v=wall&story_fbid=433658851200&ref=mf .Ā  This will make things easier to verify.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.



    Been using the free version forever now. One of the best programs I’ve ever used. I’d love to win the full version.

  2. I put it on every friends comp I set up so they can keep some control over the madness!

  3. daniel LInebar could not get a link to the post by its self.

  4. Gaurav

    Yes I would like the Plus version please. The main advantage of the plus version is the real-time detection.

  5. springname

    this would be great opportunity for me

    my twitter status
    my ID : springname1985

    Include me in this draw,

    Thank you

  6. bob2010

    congratulations for TWC aniversary…i would like to particpate for this give can use to optimize start up, addition,it shows hidden exes which many softwares unable to show..winPatrol is excellent tool..
    i like to win a genuine license for winpatrol plus..
    here is my tweet..

  7. Kishore

    One of the most favourite programs of mine. Many others came and went. But this program has stood the test of time.

  8. Jon

    Please send me a WinPatrol full license. This is one of the few free programs I rate 10/10. Using the delayed start and other tweaks I got my sisters old XP laptop booting in 4 seconds flat.

  9. Ernie

    I have been using this program on every version of windows (98se upto 7) since it was first released a few years ago. I have it on both my computers and install it onto all the computers I look after. If someone is having problems with their computer and asks me to look at it, I do not even ask the owners I just tell them it is on and then explain what it does.

    A fantastic wee program. Sits in the background a quietly does its job. It also gives detailed info about files etc installed and running on PC.

  10. BillB4

    Tweeted for WinPatrol PLUS license

  11. Francis

    I have been using WinPatrol for quite sometime. It is very helpful in managing start-up programs. It would be great to have a PLUS membership.


    Be a user of the free version for a few years and would love to have the registered version. thanks

  13. kweeny
    Congratulations for the anniversary celebration and many thanks for the great giveaways being offered. I would love to have this WinPatrol Plus, the free version of which I’ve been using till now. Scotty really does a great job.

  14. Abhishek

    Great giveaway! Here’s my tweet:


  15. Linu

    Thanks for the giveaway and congrats again for the anniversary. just want to add the ‘Expose Hidden Files’ for WinPatrol is a biggie.Regards

  16. Attention Entrants:

    Your entry must contain either a link to your Tweet or be on The Windows Club Facebook Page HERE.

    I cannot verify entries on personal Facebook pages.

    Thank you!

  17. vhick

    Very nice addition in security setup…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    my tweet:

  18. FishFearMe

    I’m in šŸ™‚

    Get @WinPatrol PLUS license FREE @TheWindowsClub

  19. Palesati

    Hello guys.

    I’m italian and this is my tweet:

    Hope to win a great piece of software like this.

  20. ebony

    Get @WinPatrol PLUS license FREE @TheWindowsClub 1 minute ago via web

  21. @Jon, Ernie, FishFearMe and ebony:

    You need to provide a link to your Tweet or post on above-lined Facebook page in order to be eligible for the random drawing.

    Thank you!

  22. Kali

    signed up to facebook just so could enter this comp so hope have entered correctly. this is great app thanks for chance to win pro version

  23. Fletch

    Would love to have esp if it will help me fight bloatware !

  24. ebony

    I hope this is correct now.

  25. mathew

    THANK YOU FOR THIS GIVE AWAY…i like to participate for this..i saw this information in Raymondcc forum,,they have mention that TWC is giving pirated licenses …but,i really trust,i would like to particpate for this,,win Patrol is such a nice software that we can monitor our system,,it gives important information about running processses….

    my facebook staus check here

  26. mathew: Pirated ? LOL.

    All these licenses come to you courtesy the respective Developers. But I do know that there are some members there, esp an ex-Mod of this forum who believe in spreading canards about us šŸ™‚

    Rest assured all is above board here ! Thank you for your confidence.


  27. Pratik

    I love its free version and I Should say that it’s a fantastic product..
    Really want premium now..

    Here is my tweet:

    Thanks a lot

  28. @ebony — Perfect! Thank you.

  29. Mike

    Please enter me in this giveaway. Here is my tweet:

  30. alex19100

    Hello guys,
    Iā€™m italian and this is my tweet:
    Please enter me in this giveaway.

  31. TheBigOldDog

    I’m always troubleshooting and beta testing software. I sure could use a tool like this. Looks like it’s a lot better than process explorer which can be a bit difficult to use.

  32. Mani

    The free version is very good, but the pro is even better


    Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. swarup

    Thanks for this giveaway
    Here is my tweet —

    I hope I win a key.

  34. Swarup

    Thanks for this great giveaway
    please count me for this contest
    My tweet –

  35. cmpm

    winpatrol works good as free
    but i would like the full version
    that would be cool

  36. @TheBigOldDog and cmpm — You need to provide a link to your Tweet or post on the above-linked Facebook page in order to be eligible for the random drawing.

    Thank you!

  37. coffee-turtle

    Also have been using the free version for years and love it. I also have it as one of my first installs when I do a new build! Awesome program if you’re one of those guys who can’t stand a hundred processes starting up with Windows. šŸ™‚

  38. coffeeturtle

    A great program for us geeks who can’t stand a hundred processes starting up with Windows! šŸ™‚

    hope entered right this time. thanks hope get license for winpatrol pro as using free version.

  40. We have winners!!!

    The names were collected and selected via random drawing at .

    Winners will be contacted by HappyAndyK to provide the license details.

    Congratulations to the following people who either sent tweeted about the contest or replied on The Windows Club Facebook page.

    troy janda
    Jeremy Green
    Daisuke Barlog Osada
    Dan Teo
    Stephen Oates


  41. Congrats all winners! The WinPatrol Pro licenses have been dispatched.

    Thanks WinPatrol. Thank you Corrine šŸ™‚

    Thank you all for participating; there are many more Giveaways in the next few days including Eset, WinRAR, etc. So stay tuned!