Giveaway: 10 licenses of Radmin, a remote PC access software

Radmin (Remote Administrator) is a fast and secure remote PC access software that enables you to work on a remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it and access it from multiple places.

Radmin Remote Control Software utilizes the ever-present TCP/IP protocol – the most widespread protocol used in LANs, WANs and the Internet. This means you can access remote PC from anywhere in the world. Radmin is deployed on thousands of corporate PCs worldwide.


  • Highest Speed of Work
  • Highest Security Level
  • Intel AMT support (BIOS remote access and more)
  • Full compatibility with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Multi-user Text and Voice Chat
  • Multiple monitors support
  • User-friendly interface
  • File Transfer with “Delta Copy” feature
  • Low System Requirements
  • Multiple Connections Support
  • Free Technical Support

Radmin includes full support for Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), file transfer, multi-user text and voice chats, Windows security, Kerberos authentication, 256-bit AES encryption for all data streams, telnet access, multiple monitors support and unique DirectScreenTransferโ„ข technology.

Radmin costs $49 but 10 licenses are being offered free to TWC readers.

To win a license, simply Follow us on Twitter, Connect with us on Facebook or Subscribe to our RSS Feeds or Subscribe to our daily newsletter and then make a request here in the Comments, stating why you need it. Connecting with us will help you, hear of our giveaways right away! The lucky 10 will be selected randomly after 7 days and their Email IDs sent to the company, who will then forward you the licenses directly.

System Administrators and IT professionals will find Radmin especially very useful! Maybe you know someone who may be interested in this software; he/she sure would love to hear about this offer from you, in such a case!

UPDATE: Radmin software is absolutely free for people with disabilities! So if you are disabled, all you have to do is contact them via web-form from the Social Campaign page. Great initiative by Radmin, I must say!

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Philip_Morris

    I need this program to remotely control my home computer from office network. I have torrent client and different rss feeds which cannot be accessed from office computer.

  2. pongkir

    I need this software for control my cyber cafe ๐Ÿ˜€

    hope I win,.

    sorry for my english ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Rahul Gupta

    Just liked its various features and would love to have one installed on my system too!

  4. primo

    Give me one license please, I need radmin to control my internet cafe from distance. Thanx

  5. anuj cherian

    it will be really grateful if im gettin this software to remotely access ma computer ๐Ÿ™‚ …

  6. Joseph Steele

    I would use this to help me keep my family’s computer running properly.

  7. Paul Gorski

    I’m considered the family computer expert. I’ve got lot’s of ideas of why I need this. First, mother-in-law. Others, in no particular order, son-in-law, son, and all my neighbors. It would be great to troubleshoot problems without having them bring their computers over physically. Please!

  8. Grr

    Hi Anand,
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I want to win to be able to control my PC remotely, as well as help my parents & brother with their laptop. As of now I use free TeamViewer, but Radmin has various useful features which are not available in free TeamViewer.

    Please count me in.

    I’m already subscribed to email newsletter & following on twitter.


  9. Stanislav Zhelyazkov

    I need this tool to connect and manage my home computer while I am at work or not at home. Thank you.

  10. RRegen

    I’m a disabled Vet who does IT work but I miss a lot of work because of pain caused by poor office ergonomics. This program would allow me to work at home on those days as well as show my boss that this product could make occassional telecommuting a viable option.


  11. grandmaniek

    Dlaczego chc? zdoby? ten program? Powiem tak – codziennie ?ledz? witryn? The Windows Club i za ka?dym razem, gdy mam mo?liwo??, polecam j? innym. A teraz, gdy tak wspania?y program jest do zdobycia, mam nadziej?, ?e uda mi si? upolowa? go. Czego te? ?ycz? pozosta?ym Internautom ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Greeting from Poland ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. jay

    I would like to connect to my work pc from home so that i can be more productive. Already a subscriber. Thanks.

  13. john d

    I follow on twitter network and subscribed to daily newsletter

    I will use for remote access, shutdown and execute file transfers, without being physically present. An excellent tool to have for.

    Please count me.

    john d

  14. Bionic

    I’d like a license very much for our home PC.
    This is the snappiest remote control ever…

    Thank you TWC & Famatech for the generous offer

  15. eee

    Like many others, I’d like to set up access to my home PC/network. I’m using TeamViewer for remote support (it’s easier/simpler) but for my own use I’d prefer Radmin. Thank you for this opportunity.

  16. wiz4rd

    Hi Anand,

    Please I need that software ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Chrisandra

    I need this program for my home network. My husband and I have 6 daughters, and the all have their own laptops. In addition to those, my husband and I each have a laptop. We are responsible for fixing all of the accidents and mistakes that everyone in the house makes with their computers – and it seems like something comes up every single day. We aren’t always able to physically get our hands on the machine when problems happen, which results in the girls fighting with each other while attempting to “share” the working machines until we are able to fix them. This program would be such a lifesaver for our family!

  18. Lee@TWC

    Anyone that has never used this should know this application is one of the best there is.

    I had someone peeking in on my teenage daughter through her windows at night and hooked webcams to the computers and used Radmin to monitor outside her windows and eventually caught the criminal!

  19. Carlos

    This software is so complete and easy to use, it is the perfect tool to control remotely any Pc.

    I would like to have one of these licenses. Please


  20. Jeff Mortenson

    I’d like to give it a go. Thanks!

  21. Sam

    I’ve been subscribed to The Windows Club’s RSS feed for a while and I’d love a copy! I regularly use RDP to control my home server both through my local network at home, and via the net. Still doomed to use standard Windows RDP software, so would LOVE to make the switch to Radmin.

    Cheers for the opportunity guys!

  22. Sky

    I would like to win software like this and not be using Teamviewer

  23. Rickz80

    I would like to have one licence of Radmin because it would let me work from my house and I won’t need to stay late at work.
    I’ve subscribed to Facebook and to the daily newsletter–>

    Greetings and thanks!

  24. Johan Gustavsson

    I could have use for that software, Please Count Me In!

    I’ve also tweeted this:!/ecsjjgg/status/31853920921849858

  25. monique jones

    I live in the US. My sister lives in Germany. We have not seen each other in 25 years. She has MS and I can easily see how owning this amazing program could help me teach my siter the computer.

    It would mean a lot to me to know I can enrich her life, even though we live thousands of miles apart. I believe it would mean even more to her to know that she can learn computer skills despite her circumstances.

    Thank you.

    Newsletter subscription confirmed

  26. JCF

    This sounds wonderful, right what u need.

    Shared it!/profile.php?id=665420493

  27. as a systems engineer at a very small ERP, network infrastructure and security integration company, money is tight. sometimes and asking the boss for a 50 spot for a piece of software would require too much justification for it to be feasible right now and for me to spend that much change (only to allow my life be much more efficient from the ability to install a piece of software on a client’s server which is of a distance that would require drive time hindering productivity from what I would be currently engaged in increasing the bill time to benefit my company. (how wordy was that run-on)) isn’t allowable from a tight budget at my current residence. since my company can’t currently afford to compensate for mileage it seems to be a swell notion I could acquire this ability. sure would make my life slightly easier.

  28. GuyinVictoria

    For a rookie like me that often gets asked to help out, this would be a great piece of software..
    Looking forward to a winning email..

    Guy in Victoria

  29. Jeff Cotton

    I want this so I can access two other computers in the house.

    Plus to play around with it.


  30. TheBigOldDog

    I have to control about 8 machines remotely for friends and family for troubleshooting and maintenance. Right now, I have to know 8 different sets of passwords/access codes using the freeware version of logmein. Radmin sure would make my life a whole lot simpler! Please count me in the drawing.

  31. Spun Monkey

    cause i like free stuff, and this would be better than logmein

  32. David Weaver

    I would like to use this to access my home network from school. It would make it a lot easier than the free solutions out there.

  33. sulasno

    I hope to win one

  34. ibheck

    I have long wanted this software, because this software is very useful for me to monitor my home computer, this is the best software for me
    and I thank to TWC for this giveaway, I hope I become one of the lucky ones

  35. Colin

    i hope to win so i may control my laptop from my dad’s machine i’m frequently stuck with out my files when i need them Hope i win

  36. Anthony

    Being in the IT field I would love to get a license. I have never used this remote software, but i would like to try it out. Thanks for this giveaway.

  37. Amanda

    Count me in for one. I will use it to keep up my families computers up-to-date and troubleshoot any problems.

  38. Aaron

    This software would be very useful at my school. Sometimes I store files on the C: Drive of some computers and this software would make it very useful to access this content from other computers in the school.

    Thanks for offering the software ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. rasputin

    i used RADMIN way back in 2007. its very useful in accessing remote pc’s for troubleshooting. i hope to win one this time.

  40. titanium

    this software is very good. i would like to win one to help me in my work

  41. vhick

    I need a this great software to access my machine in office and to do a troubleshooting to my co-workers. Seem to be a simple software with a simple interface to operate it.

    Subscribe to email newsletter and following in:
    Twitter: @vj_onix
    FB: vic.limbo

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Swarup

    Nice giveaway, please count me.

    Already subscribe via email and follow on Twitter!/OtrivinBlog

  43. TestGOTD75

    Thanks Anand for wonderful giveaway. Please count me in.
    I want to use Radmin (Remote Administrator) for helping my family and friends computer and provide them remote support. The biggest trouble I am facing now is that they most of them are infected with latest AVG Antivirus 2011 rouge. Hope to have your lovely email in my box soon.

    1. Already subscribed to your site newsletter
    2. Already following you on twitter (TestGOTD75)
    3. Twitted here:!/TestGOTD75/status/31980948945903616

    Once again thanks for your generous giveaway.

  44. ErnieK

    I have been a subscriber to the daily newsletter for quite a while now (possibly 9 – 10 months) and I do not use social networking sites.

    I have looked at various remote software in the past but always hesitated because of possible speed and security issues as well as others. Recently I have once again been thinking about trying Remote Connection as I maintain several PC’s for family and friends and a few of them stay quite a distance from me but as previously stated I have been wary of the security and reliability aspect[s].

    After doing some research into Radmin Remote Administrator I truly believe I would be secure with Remote Aministrator. I have arrived at this conclusion because as far as I can see it gets either 5 stars or highly recommended from the folks that matter. (I checked out Radmims’ site but looked elsewhere for independent reviews). Also the fact that there is free tech help available is a big bonus for someone like myself who is\would be stepping out into the unknown

  45. DD

    I would like to win this program.

  46. Jason

    As an educator it will be so much easier for me to be able to enter grades, check e-diaries, and write assessments and report cards, if I could connect to my work PC from home. It also allows me to spend more time with my family.

  47. I would use this application to remotely help 2 of my relatives and 6 friends who think I am good at computers and ask me to help them with theirs. It’s not always convenient to assist via the phone. I hope I win.
    Following on twitter and facebook (votrexflame) and subscribed RSS and email.

  48. azziz07

    I first experienced remote intervention when a soft refused to work and the softmaker kidly made the required correction directly to my desktop. So then i realized how its great, this when i noticed Radmin but do not have a full licence, so if speed is all that matters to you then go with Radmin. Fastest remoting application on the market.Extremely stable. The smooth remote refresh is something to behold. Thanks for the contest.

  49. I am using the windows remote desktop application but it is quite frustrating. I would like to have Radmin. It’s better by all means ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS. twitter fan and email subscriptions active

  50. Bob Gately

    Looking forward to using the software.

  51. Ian

    I would love this software, as we have 5 children and all have basic computers, which they are always causing problems on. The problem is I’m disabled and takes me 15-20 minutes to get upstairs, which could be to fix a 2 minute problem.

    This software would really make my life easier and cause me less pain.


  52. Aaron

    Because it’s awesome software. As System Administrator my Kung Fu will only grow stronger with it!!!

  53. SpudGie

    At the moment I’m using TightVNC; however I need something with more features. The FTP module is just what I need for transferring files when supporting my mother’s desktop.

  54. Nick

    Count me in. Awesome administrative software.

  55. k1922h

    Hi great giveaway, please count me in. I currently use free remote services to help solve and fix family and friends computers. The problem I have with free services is that they are not so secure and would like to have a more secure remote application.

  56. Mike

    It would be great to have a copy of this software to manage all my home computers. We have 2 with Win 7 64x and one XP. I am always having to tweak settings on two computers to repair whatever trouble they are having this week,,,lol

  57. Edward

    I am a small computer businessman. I have no employees, not enought business for two, but more at time then one can handle. I have clients that are 45 – 80 miles away from my office. This software would really help my business and allow me to be or work in two to three location at a time. It would allow me to become more effected in the IT market. The software could relly boost my business and allow me to respond to call faster!. Thanks!

  58. siddxxxx

    Thanks for this giveaway.Please count me in.

  59. Heather

    I have used RAdmin at previous jobs and like how it works. I like that it is reliable, lightweight and easy to use.

    I have a small business I am just starting and this software would be great to use to support some of my clients where I provide managed services.

    Hope I can be one of the lucky 10.

  60. mike dopp

    I would love a license so that I can promote as well as use it as a remote software. Can’t afford a good remote software.

  61. kurtumi

    Thanks for GiveAway,I would like to win one

    my twitter fan and email subscriptions active!/kurtumi/status/32130827366174720

  62. deepak

    I’d love to get one to make my helping out friends and relatives to solve their PC problems remotely instead of physically going there or having their system brought to me, ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. qwer0

    I need it because it’s a very useful program to help with managing PCs remotely and I’m using few PCs everyday


  64. myimmortalize

    Count me in please…Thanks…

  65. Tvrtko Andrijanic

    I use to use this app but it was unregistered this win can help me to use it legaly finally ๐Ÿ™‚


  66. Neil B

    I need it because it freakin ROCKS!
    Well that and it is an extremely useful tool for managing my home PCs while I’m out of town. And I’m out of town a lot! I hope I win a license, it would save me so much time and trouble.
    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

    -Neil B

  67. allin77

    I help friends with problems with the software. This program is best for remote support. Thanks you TWC for the giveaway!
    Greetings ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. GT

    thanking you for the giveaway. i Follow us on Twitter, and Subscribe to our daily newsletter

    Please count me in this givingaway as I can remotely help my family and all friends, even not go at their place and help from office PC.

    Mr. G.T.

  69. subgrampus

    Sure could use RAdmin to remotely maintain the family’s computers with Vista & Windows 7. This software would make the task so much easier & faster. Would certainly appreciate receiving a copy of the license for the RAdmin software.

    Thank you.

  70. Paddy


    Just passed my CCNA and recently MCSA and am starting a small IT business servicing various clients around the County and having used an older version of Radmin, i find that the need for remote access and support will be of great need, as a startup business money tends to be tight for the first couple of years as you struggle to build up a client base and so an opportunity to win some first class software would be a hugh bonus for me. Well whatever happens, best of luck to all here with this giveaway.


  71. Rob

    I have multiple computers hooked into two networks. This would allow me to use computers on the other network with out having to physically having to one of the computers.

  72. SilverGoldi

    I want it. Give me 1 copy please.

  73. Basanta kumar

    Excellent software.Please count me……………….

  74. tuiruru

    Hi – I live in New Zealand where the population can be quite spread out. I do voluntary work for the Citizens Advice Bureau and am involved with Grey Power, a National organisation looking after the interest of people over 50. As such I get a lot of queries relating to computer problems where the explanations aren’t too clear. Being able to connect remotely and put things right would be a community service that would benefit a lot of people.

  75. Robert

    I would really love to have this, would make life so much easier then using VNC or logmein, which work well, but being free editions, don’t work near as well as this would work for me.

  76. Raj

    Its a truly great software. Many times i need to remotely access pc of my friends or colleagues in case of any faults or to grab some important documents. Though there are few freewares that does it but not much efficient. Frequent issues with those softwares sometimes leave me irritated. So i would like to use this one and according to your review i find it very useful. Hope to get a license.
    Following The Windows Club in facebook and shared about this giveaway there

    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Right now I work with the free tool TeamViewer. Radmin is for me the ultimate tool, a wannahave. Please pick me out for a giveaway-license. You are the best.

  78. Ian

    Hi everyone,

    I have contact HappyAndyK regarding this great company and thewindowsclub.
    I got in touch with to find how much it would be for me to use the software in our home to keep the childrens computers running. I am disabled and it’s been killing me getting upstairs (15-20mins) due to back problems and needing 2 hip replacements.

    They emailed me a special e-form to complete and submit with proof that I was disabled. I completed this and received the software to help me for free. HappyAndyK is updating things and asked if I could add this, to help other disabled users on here.

    *** Please dont abuse the support this company are giving disabled people, as I for one am extremely grateful the them. It’s a pitty more companies don’t think the same way… GREAT THANKS! to the Famatech team ***


  79. Amit Shreyas

    i would like to use my pc from flying club.
    so i want it. i hope that i can win radmin license.
    —- Amit Shryas.

  80. Ever

    This is a very very useful software and I would like to win one licence key
    Thank you very much

  81. Hi,

    The company will be sending the licenses to the following:

    Stanislav Zhelyazkov
    monique jones
    Doctor Partlow
    Kypros Basileiou

    Congrats ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Swarup

    No luck this time.

    Congrats to all winners.

  83. Lynn Combs

    I always fix all the family’s PC’s and if I had one of these licenses I could do it without leaving home.


    its good

  85. James Bowles

    I need RAdmin to show our tech support staff why they need a Corporate license on the network

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