Giveaway: 10 Licenses of Auslogics File Recovery 3


  1. I am the nerd of my family, so having a useful program in the arsenal when my Mom deletes one of her documents from her external disk…again, would be great.
    Friends of friends, I make buy a license then I will recover their files.

  2. Once again Auslogics to the forefront.

    The peace of mind having a program like this installed is priceless. There has been times in the past when we have all gone “oops!” [or words to that effect] when we have deleted a file to the bin for temporary storage and then emptied it without thinking. Auslogics File Recovery is the answer to this. Just run the program, selct the type of file you are looking for [photo, text etc.] and BINGO! Once again we can get access to the file.

    The other very good thing is the secure wipe facility. If there is a confidential file that we definitely do not want others to seeread then this program will erase it in such a way as to be totally unrecoverable.

    Another good feature of this program the ability of making a disk image where the entire drive partition information is “compress” and then mountable thus enabling an easy way of recovering an individual file.

  3. Hi everyone, the author Abhishek will announce the names of the winners here soon. Once he does that, steps can be initiated by me to forward the licenses to the winners. Thank you for your patience. 🙂

  4. Well, I am declaring the following as the winners:

    Pradeep Singha
    Juan Figueroa )
    Trevor Halsey )
    Rob Guerriero )
    Jeffrey John )

    The LAST 4, need to send me their email IDs to me at thewindowsclub(at)hotmail(dot)com mentioning in subject line: Auslogics File Recovery winner.

    Congrats all 🙂

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