Give your silent keyboards a click sound of their own

If you miss the days of clanky keyboards, or you’d like an audible indication when your keyboard’s keys are recognized, this little utility may interest you.


ClicKey is a portable freeware utility which can give a customizable click sound to your keys, so that every time you press them they make a small sound like for example a typewriter. You can choose from 26 different sounds simply named a, b, c, etc and also decide on their volume.

Here are ClicKey’s features in brief:

Choose from among 26 built-in sounds: ClicKey contains 26 built-in percussive typing sounds. Some are classic typewriter sounds, others are subtle short clicks, beeps, and boops, while others are more attention-getting and might be appropriate for an on-screen keyboard or public kiosk.

Independent volume control: Since you might prefer ClicKey’s clicks to be almost subliminal, its sounds can be made as quiet as you like.

On-screen user-interface, or invisible startup shortcut: To keep ClicKey as lightweight at just 42 kb, and unobtrusive as possible, it is designed to be launched from a Windows shortcut containing its sound specification commands.

If you like the ‘sound’ of it, you can place its shortcut your Windows Startup folder. This way Windows will automatically start ClicKey whenever Windows is started.

Try it … you may like it!

For download and details visit ClicKey HomePage.

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  1. Can’t understand why anyone would want their computer to make noise when they type. I know of some people that type loud as it is, having this amplified would annoy the heck out of me…

  2. Davis Darvill

    Hello Person from 6 years ago :3, I am using Clickey (in 2016 on Windows 10) and enjoy hearing little noises. (I use a custom one ripped from the video game Undertale that is played whenever a character talks.) it is a sound labeled “Sans.wav”.

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