Give Microsoft feedback for SkyDrive,, People, etc.

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  1. Peter Curtis

    Don’t worry, they won’t listen anyways. Microsoft ignored us when we complained about removing the start button from Win8. Now that customers are voting with their dollars and Win8 is selling worse than Vista, it sounds like they are still ignoring us based on rumors of Windows Blue. Such a shame. They could still do both, in an elegant way. 3rd party developers have.

  2. Benjamin

    Yeah, they’re useless. I fixed a problem in outlook by myself after posting in microsoft answers and waiting for more than 7 months. Hundreds of users have the same problem. They couldn’t fix even after getting access to my account. I did it myself using techniques and gave them a reply they’d never forget. 😀 I wonder what other users are gonna do. 😀

  3. Andrew Encore

    we have a democracy or communism. Why Microsoft is forcing us to use Outlook.

    Why do I have to use something that I hate. I think this is illegal and violates the rights of democracy.

  4. eforman

    The new calendar is terrible. Totally unprofessional and non user friendly.

  5. Haiweepp

    Windows 8.1 sucks on so many levels. For personal reasons I can’t talk on the phone and I need time to organize my thoughts so chat doesn’t work. All I want is a simple email address for support but, of course, MS decides not to offer that anywhere. Even in chat I ask a simple question like can I play card game apps offline and all I get is “That’s how it’s designed.” which answers nothing.

  6. Nilo


    My team and I are from Informatics College Northgate, Philippines and we are
    developing a Windows 8 App intended for our school entitled (ICNG App for
    Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8). The application’s goal is to provide customer
    service for students, connecting them to the school with comfort, and updates
    them about events or activities instantly. We are avid supporters of Microsoft
    and are currently using Windows 8 as the operating system in our personal
    computers and laptops. We believe in its capabilities that is why we chose to
    make an app that runs on Windows 8.

    For our upcoming defense, we need a supporting document, article, or confirmation which states that the Windows 8 app we are developing will run on Windows 10.

    We are hoping for your response regarding the confirmation or article or
    documents that will help us defend our case.

    Thank you and God bless!

    Nilo Sabillo
    Developer of ICNG App
    (for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8)

  7. wmagg

    the new outlook is a total piece of worthless crap
    leave it to microstupid to take a working program and totally screw it up and then totally ignore the people who use it everyday. That is just the way they work
    screw it up and then lie to themselves about how great it is. Morons

  8. Abdulrahman

    This is garbage. Who do I have to bribe to get some real help from you Microsoft!!!!!

  9. Mekronid

    I just called their customer service, asked for a manager, and then directly told him the technical flaw I’d found in Windows 10. No idea if it worked but they did fix the issue.

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