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GIMPshop: An Adobe Photoshop alternative for Windows

I am sure that you will have heard of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation program), a powerful free and open source image editor. Then there is another application named GIMPshop. GIMPShop is a modification of GIMP and is intended to give the users a feel of Adobe Photoshop.

Its developer says that his original purpose for GIMPshop was to make the GIMP accessible to the many Adobe Photoshop users out there and maybe along the way, I can convert a Photoshop pirate into a GIMP user.

The feature list of GIMP and GIMPshop is almost same as they both share some same features such as:

But GIMPshop has modified some features to make GIMPshop resemble Photoshop; such as menu structure. The menu structure of GIMPshop looks just like that of Adobe Photoshop. The software uses  a plugin called Deweirdifyer to combine its numerous operations to the MDI system used by Windows graphics packages.

To compete with Photoshop, GIMPshop uses third-party add-ons which support Photoshop plugins called pspi. All of the GIMP’s plugins remain available on GIMPshop.


GIMPshop interface is quite same as of Adobe Photoshop and you can follow the tutorials for Photoshop if you want. Like Photoshop it can also add a background window to the user interface. This background window had caused some bugs in the Windows versions; it often causes Windows to gray out or become unresponsive. The interface is quite good and is very user-friendly; some features are as same as Photoshop’s.


Rather than spending your money on Adobe Photoshop you can download the GIMPshop, free, fast and feature full. You can even use it for your professional uses. The features are quite same as of Adobe Photoshop. You get more than 40 languages.


UPDATE: In view of the comments, we can no longer recommend GIMPshop for Windows.

GIMPshop was originally developed for Mac OS X but afterwards it was also developed for Windows, Linux, and Solaris and now it is a Universal Binary. It is licensed under GNU that is why it is available free of cost to its users.

GIMP users may also want to check out Adaptable Gimp, which makes using GIMP easy.