Gigantic game for Xbox One has potential

Gigantic is one of the exclusive video games coming to the Xbox One. We have managed to play around with it for a few days. The idea was to find out if the game is fun and worth a buy when its release date comes around.

For those who are not aware, Gigantic is a MOBA type game so it is focused squarely on multiplayer. Players can choose from several characters before entering the game, but bear in mind, once that character has been chosen, it won’t be possible to change until the round is over.

Gigantic game for Xbox One

Gigantic game for Xbox One

We should point out that players can accumulate points that go towards purchasing new characters or monsters that act like partners.

The first thing folks should expect is to go through a fairly long tutorial. We saw no way to exit the tutorial in order to go directly to the full game, and you know what? That was a good move on the part of the developers because Gigantic requires some learning curve.

Even after playing through the tutorial, we still didn’t fully come to grasps with the game.

We had one huge problem with Gigantic in the short time we played the game. You see, it took us nearly 2-minutes the matchmaking to set us up with other players. But that is not all, it took another 60-seconds for the game to begin, so in all, expect to wait 4 to 5 minutes before being able to play.

The long wait could mean that not many Xbox One gamers are playing the beta at this time, still, it is something folks should note before jumping in.

When it comes down to the controls, we didn’t like using character that specializes in close combat. The game is so fast paced that when attacking several enemy players with teammates, things can get confusing. You’ll end up fighting wildly in hopes to land a few blows and escape with your life.

One-to-one combat is much better for close quarter fighters. When things get hectic, we find that having a character that can fire projectiles from a range works best.

How to win a match in Gigantic

Each team has a creature known as the Guardian. Teams must protect their Guardian because it is the key to winning any battle. Play well and your Guardian will advance to attack the enemy Guardian. When this happens, the enemy Guardian will be weakened, and this is where the team must push in force to attack it while the creature is down.

Kill the enemy Guardian, win the game, that’s it. But as usual with these type of games, it is easier said than done.

Overall, Gigantic game in its current form is not bad, and have to give the developers praise for the art direction, really beautiful stuff. The animation is also great as well, probably the best in its genre, but we could be wrong about that.

It is currently in beta.

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  1. MmeMoxie

    Thank you for sharing this new game, with your review. I have a grandson, age 27, who has both XBoxes. He is wanting to setup his XBox One, again. I think, he just might like this game. Can’t wait until it comes out officially. Do you happen to know, what the age limit is on this game?

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