Get a 3 months Zune Pass Free with Windows Phone 7 pre-orders!

In an event held in New York yesterday,  Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 7 Launch with more than 60 mobile operators and over a 30 countries worldwide. When the Windows phone 7 made available  for public in coming weeks they will be able to  choose from as many as 9 devices which Microsoft unveiled yesterday.

Those people who just  can’t wait and  want to catch it soon, well there’s yet another reason for you to pre-order a  Windows Phone 7. All the pre-orders will get a 3 month Free Zune Pass. This means, 3 months of unlimited music for your Windows Phone7 device!

“Sign-up to be notified to pre-order the new Windows Phone, and we’ll give you unlimited music for 3 months with a Zune Pass—FREE.

When Windows Phone is ready to pre-order, use the same e-mail address you sent to us, and when your Windows Phone ships, we’ll send you a 3-month Zune Pass, free. So not only will you get pictures, people, games, music and more, all in the palm of your hand—you’ll get as much music as you want for three months, on us”.

You can sign up to be notified when the pre-order starts in a few days.

Head over to the Microsoft Stores and  sign up to avail the Zune Pass offer.

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