Geohot, the famous PS3 and iPhone hacker, set to dive into Windows Phone 7!

Anyone that owns an iPhone or PS3 system and looks to hack their system has heard of George Hotz aka GeoHot. His latest being the PS3 system which he is now in a legal battle with Sony over. GeoHot has now announced he is setting his sights on Windows Phone 7.

GeoHot won’t be the first to dive into Windows Phone 7, when the phone was released a team of developers developed the now popular ChevronWP7 application. The ChevronWP7 project was eventually scrapped after the developers were asked by Microsoft to stop. The developers have since met with Microsoft over the future of opening Windows Phone 7 to developers.

Brandon Watson, who runs developer platform product management for Microsoft, offered Hotz a Windows Phone via a Twitter message saying “#geohot if you want to build cool stuff on #wp7, send me e-mail and the team will give you a phone–let dev creativity flourish #wp7dev.”

Microsoft has confirmed they have exchanged a few notes with GeoHot following the Twitter message.

According to a spokeperson for Microsoft:

“Brandon Watson and GeoHot exchanged a few notes following Brandon’s Twitter posting yesterday. They discussed providing GeoHot with a device. Microsoft is deeply invested in sustaining strong relationships with a wide range of developers and enthusiasts and are always interested in what we can learn from those communities.

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This bodes very well for Microsoft. Instead of legally taking action against ‘hackers’ of the Windows Phone 7, they have publicly tried to meet the developers in the middle to hopefully help everyone involved instead of taking a very negative legal approach.

With results being negative so far on sales for Windows Phone 7, this presents itself with a healthy market if Microsoft continues to show that they are indeed very willing to work with developers to help create an easier experience for owners of the devices to do make the phones truly their own, reports CNET.

GeoHot first gained attention for several jailbreaks for the iPhone as well as a tool that unlocked the iPhone to allow users multiple carriers.

His latest hacks involves a tool he created to allow users to install a different Operating System on the PS3.

Says GeoHot on his blog: I have been served with legal papers … I’m going out to buy a Windows 7 phone. 1st Nov 2011).

One can only imagine what he may be capable of opening up on the Windows Phone 7 devices.

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