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Genie Timeline 2012 Free: Metro-inspired Backup Tool for Windows

In the past, we covered a lot of popular and widely-used free backup software. Today, we have one more being added to the list – Genie Timeline Free 2012

Genie Timeline Free 2012 is a program that makes the process of backup really simple. It just requires 2 steps to start the backup.

  1. Selecting the backup drive
  2. Selecting the data you want to backup and keep safe

Moreover, the program embraces a Metro look so; all the Metro, or shall we now say Windows 8 UI, lovers should find it as a good pick. Using Genie Timeline Free one can easily backup images, videos, music and of course, documents!

Backup using Genie Timeline Free 2012

The dashboard of Genie Timeline free really sports a clean ‘Metro’ look with options to access tools, upgrade program to premium version, restore and pause or resume backup.

Please note that Timeline Backup 2012 does not offer real-time backup option, which is useful for monitoring and saving files immediately as they change. Also, the time duration for backup may vary depending upon the speed of the drive and the amount of data you would like to back up.

Like other popular back up programs Genie too can be upgraded to premium version. There are 2 paid versions available,

  1. Genie Timeline 2012 Home
  2. Genie Timeline 2012 Pro

Althoughthe free edition of Genie has an improved interface some users reported they had the following issues while using the program:

Genie Timeline 2012 Free supports multiple languages and is compatible with both, 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 7.