Garmin Street Pilot – A GPS Navigator App For Windows Phone 7

Good news for the users of Windows Phone 7 handsets. Garmin, one of the best firms in terms of GPS technology has stepped in and released their Street Pilot, a good turn-by-turn navigation software for the Windows Phone 7 platform and is now available in the Windows Phone 7 Market Place.


This piece of software is offered to the customers at a cost of $40. A handy tool which might prove to be of more value than having to pay a monthly subscription with a carrier branded service. Garmin Street Pilot is equipped with lots of features that will definitely be your travel guide.

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And in case you are not surrounded by 3G network this app is ready to work on an EDGE network – downloading relevant data to your device according to the route you have put in a query for. Perfect for those who are traveling to remote areas where no 3G connections are available!

Other features include voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, street names, real-time traffic updates, Local Search, speed limit and a comprehensive database of points you like in maps, lane assist, address book integration, current weather conditions, and much more.

Unfortunately, the application does not come with the maps in-built; instead you need to download the route as per your demand. You can also opt in for an advance downloading of maps of particular route before heading out and if needed the app will assist you to download rest through your network provider’s technology (either 3G, EDGE or Wi-Fi).

This also gives you the advantage, that you just carry what you need after you download your maps you can save it on your computer and transfer them on your device when needed or update on the go via Wi-Fi or 3G.  You can download regions, continents, countries, states etc. The maps are bit heavy but are in very detailed.

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