Gadgets Revived: Offers over 900 Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10

We all know that Microsoft removed Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8 due to security issues. Moreover, the Windows development team is currently focused on Modern UI, and so some of the classic UI features were discarded. But some users were missing the discontinued Gadgets, and so were looking for a way to restore these Gadgets. A few months back, we’ve talked about 8GadgetPack. Today, in this article, we would like to share yet another way to add Desktop Gadgets to Windows 10/8.1.

Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10/8.1

Meet “Gadgets Revived“, a freeware tool compatible with Windows 8/8.1/10. It is an awesome way to restore Gadgets. We’ve tested the utility on Windows 8.1 and were impressed with its working.


Following are the features of this free software:

  • It will add the genuine Gadgets option to Desktop right click context menu. Plus it will also add the show/hide gadgets command:


  • Full Control Panel integration with working links inside the “Appearance and personalization” category
  • Full integration with Windows Search, ie wherever you type “gadgets” – in Control Panel, or in third-party Start menus like Classic Shell or StartIsBack, the common gadgets-related tasks will appear in search results

The tool can also be integrated with the online gallery and you can bring your favorite Gadgets from web. The collection of Desktop Gadgets can be accessed from its home page. There you can find over 900 Desktop Gadgets in various categories. You find your favorite gadgets here. If you are looking for stylish battery gadget, you can get good alternatives here:


To avail these gadgets, you need to download and install the sidebar, and you’ve to select Get more gadgets online as shown in the first image of this article. This is beneficial because the native Desktop Gadgets those were provided by officially were limited and with the time, users got bored with them. Thus, from the gallery collections of this utility, you will be able to get trendy and stylish gadgets.

You can download this freeware from here and start enjoying free Desktop Gadgets on your Windows 10/8.1.

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  1. Here are the gadgets that I *STILL* use, through Vista, through Win7, and now on Win8 (in other words, these are on the right side of my screen, always; in this order from top to bottom)…

    * Mini Forecast

    * Hermes (Best news scroller on the planet)

    * Network meter by (and some of its others)

    * Volume Control Reloaded (best sidebar volume control)

    * Display Brightness Vista Gadget (works on Win7/8 too)

    * System Monitor by (and its others, too)

    * Control System by (and some of its others)

    …all of which are still available if you’re good at Googling. If anyone can’t find them, just let me know and I can provide links.

    I have other gadgets installed, but just not on the screen. If I need them — for example, the other excellent ones by and by — then I just load them for however long I need them.

    The various meters by AddGadgets are particularly useful if I’m doing remote desktop control of another machine using something like TeamViewer (or whatever tool like it that I happen to be using). By having those gadgets on the remote user’s screen, I can see his/her computer’s network activity, hard drive activity, etc…. something which someone who’s doing that kind of work needs to know, and which s/he normally can’t see because it’s a remote desktiop control connection.

    I, for one, was heartbroken (and angry) when Microsoft dumped Gadgets. If one has good anti-malware, firewall and HIPS software on one’s machine, and if one keeps ones copy of Windows up-to-date, and if one isn’t stupid about what one does online, then none of the gadgets that at least *I* have installed on my computer poses even the slightest security risk.

    Although I think I have a bookmark already set to it somewhere (either in my current Chrome bookmarks, or in my old IE favorites… which I still need to combine… too busy), I’m nevertheless grateful for the Gadgets Revived link. Thanks!


    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. Doc

    I looked at the website, and there’s no way to ask questions if installation doesn’t go as planned. Is there any way to get support from the folks who developed the app?


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