FunMouse: Add creative and productive shortcuts to Mouse Gestures and Clicks

Mouse utilities are great, they let you perform different functions with your mouse and make it more productive and creative. This time we’ve reviewed a utility that lets you be creative and productive at the same time. FunMouse brings you shortcuts that can be assigned to different mouse strokes or mouse clicks and believe me or not; you can even measure the distance covered and clicks made on your mouse, which seems very interesting to me. FunMouse is Windows 8 compatible too.


With FunMouse, you can add up to three shortcuts each at eight different positions on-screen getting a total of 36 shortcuts. There are eight pre-defined positions on screen and you add a different shortcut for a different action like left click, right-click or touch. For left click and right-click, the shortcuts can be Show Start, Prevent Screensaver, Start Screensaver, Lock Computer, Show Desktop, Shutdown and Mute.


You can even create your desired shortcut by selecting the ‘Hotkey Combo’ option. Moreover you can even make a program run on the desired click. In addition to these shortcuts you get Copy, Paste and Paste2 shortcuts for Touch.

You can also enable Hotspot previews so that whenever you get the mouse pointer closer to a pre-defined position, a window may display the assigned shortcuts. Furthermore you can even enable Hotspot Confirmation so that you get a notification indicating which hotspot shortcut was performed.

FunMouse also supports mouse gestures, you can add shortcuts to 16 different mouse gestures. The 16 different mouse gestures include Up, Down, Left, Right, Diagonally Down Left, Diagonally Down Right, Diagonally Up Left, Diagonally Up Right, Down then Left, Down then Right, Up then Left, Up then Right, Left then Down, Right then Down, Left then Up and  Right then Up.

Shortcuts available are similar to those available for Touch actions. You can even maintain a list of programs in which you do not want any mouse gestures.

Mouse Guestures

Another exciting feature of this wonderful software is MultiTask. MultiTask can be configured with both Touch and Mouse Gestures. It will perform actions depending on which window is in foreground.

For instance, you may want to run calculator when you have a spreadsheet open, but Paste when you have a Word Document open.

You can add different actions for different applications. It is like every windows desktop app having their own ability to recognise gesture.


Paste2 is also a wonderful feature, Paste2 lets you copy some text and paste it to any Web application or a Windows application. There are some predefined entries and you can also create your own Paste2.

FunMouse is a real fun utility. It lets you have fun with your mouse in Windows, and yet makes it more productive. It lets you add Shortcuts to touch, mouse gestures and mouse Clicks and the features like MultiTask and Paste2 are also remarkable. FunMouse is worth downloading and it is free of cost too.

FunMouse free download

Click here to download FunMouse. It is supported by ads but it does not install any adware with the installation.

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